bathroom heater wall mounted

Bathroom Heater Wall Mounted – The Perfect Heating Solution for Your Bathroom


Stiebel Eltron 074058 Bathroom Heater is the perfect wall-mounted solution for keeping your bathroom warm and cozy! With a frost protection setting for cold regions, a heat output of up to 5122 BTU per hour, and an easy-to-use switch, you can trust that your bathroom will be warm and inviting any time you want it to be!

Quick Summary

The Stiebel Eltron 074058 bathroom heater is the perfect heating solution for your bathroom. Its convenient wall-mounted design allows maximum space utilization, while the frost protection setting is ideal for cold climates. Whether you need to add warmth on chilly mornings or to control humidity levels, this heater delivers an impressive 5122 BTU per hour of heat output. The easy-to-use switch adjusts quickly and accurately to the desired temperature, allowing everyone in the home to enjoy a more comfortable environment. With a sleek, modern design, this bathroom heater is sure to provide an aesthetic upgrade to any bathroom.

The safety features built into the Stiebel Eltron 074058 bathroom heater also make it an ideal heating solution. With an adjustable overheat protection setting and a fan delay switch, it ensures that the heater will shut off after a certain period of time, helping to keep energy costs low while keeping your bathroom safe. In addition, its lightweight construction makes the unit easy to install and maintain. It is also Energy Star certified, making it a smart choice for your home.

In conclusion, the Stiebel Eltron 074058 bathroom heater is the perfect wall-mounted heating solution for your bathroom. With an easy-to-use switch, frost protection setting, high heat output, safety features, and Energy Star certification, it provides maximum comfort with minimal effort. In addition, its modern design ensures that you are adding style as well as warmth to your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater: A Smart Heating Solution for Your Bathroom

Do you feel the chill in your bathroom? Can’t go to the bathroom without extra clothing on? It’s time to install a wall mounted bathroom heater. A wall mounted bathroom heater provides a smart heating solution for your bathroom both cost and energy efficient. Stiebel Eltron 074058 Bathroom Heater goes a long way in solving many of your heating problems. Let’s find out what makes Stiebel Eltron 074058 Bathroom Heater the best choice for bathroom heating.

Features of Stiebel Eltron 074058 Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

  • Easy-to-use switch
  • Heat output up to 5122 BTU per hour
  • Frost protection setting for cold regions

Benefits of Using a Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater

  1. Cost and energy efficient
  2. No need of bulky space heaters
  3. Advanced features like frost protection
  4. Easy to install

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1.) VOVGUU Indoor Space Heater 1500W Electrical Wall Mounted Floor Remote Control Bathroom Heater With Towel Rack, Waterproof

The VOVGUU Indoor Space Heater 1500W Electrical Wall Mounted Floor Remote Control Bathroom Heater with Towel Rack, Waterproof is an energy efficient and reliable option for your bathroom heating needs. This compact, wall-mounted unit is perfect for any bathroom, with its waterproof and anti-frosting design making it safe to use in wet conditions. The easily adjustable and powerful 1500W heating element will keep your bathroom warm and comfortable, and with a remote control and timer option, you can easily set the perfect temperature for your needs. The built-in towel rack also allows you to keep your towels warm and toasty. With low noise levels and durable construction, this bathroom heater wall mounted is the perfect choice!

2.) Broan Wall Heater, White Grille Heater with Built-In Adjustable Thermostat, 1500W, 120/240V

Introducing the Broan Wall Heater: a white grille bathroom heater wall-mounted heater with a built-in adjustable thermostat. With 1500 watts for 120/240 Volts, this wall heater is not only efficient but also reliable. With a range of possible settings and the ability to adjust the temperature, this unit provides an ideal solution for keeping any bathroom warm and comfortable.

  • Built-in adjustable thermostat
  • White grille bathroom heater wall-mounted
  • 1500 watts/120/240 Volts power
  • Range of possible settings
  • Regular Temperature Control and Monitoring

You’ll be surprised at how effective and easy to install this wall-mounted bathroom heater is. Whether you need a quick heat fix for an unexpected cold night, or you’re looking for an ongoing wall heater system, the Broan Wall Heater offers a convenient and cost-effective solution. Invest in the Broan Wall Heater and enjoy warmth, comfort and peace of mind.

3.) Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall Mounted

The Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater is the perfect solution to warm up your bathroom this winter. It is a wall-mounted, safe and energy efficient heater, with convenient wifi control. This makes it easier than ever to adjust the temperature for complete comfort.

  • Infrared Heat: Penetrates the air for quick, balanced warmth without drying the room or making it stuffy.
  • Safe: Safe to the touch grill with no exposed heating elements.
  • Energy Efficient: Can save on your energy bill!
  • Wifi Enabled: Ideal for remote temperature control with your smart phone or tablet.
  • Bathroom Heater Wall Mounted: Perfectly designed for bathrooms with a sleek and modern wall mounted design.

Don’t let cold bathrooms ruin your winter, get the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater today!

4.) Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater, White

Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater, White: The perfect bathroom heater for any wall! This wall mounted infrared heater has an extra long cord that makes it simple to install wherever needed. The sleek, white finish fits in with any bathroom décor and heating needs. With an adjustable thermostat, this heater is ideal for bathrooms or anywhere a targeted spot of heat is needed. It boasts 1500 Watts of power and is great for warming up a cold winter day. Unlike other heaters, the Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater is so small that it can easily go unnoticed, yet still provide a comfortable temperature.

  • Extra long cord for easy installation
  • White finish that fits any bathroom décor
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 1500 Watts of power
  • Small and discreet, yet powerful

Bring warmth and comfort to your bathroom with the Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater, White. Don’t let your chilly bathroom bring you down in the winter months–this bathroom heater wall mounted is just the thing to make staying warm a breeze!

5.) HUNTER 750W Wall Mount Space Heater with Remote Control-12 Hour Timer, Two Heat Settings, Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, White

The HUNTER 750W Wall Mount Space Heater with Remote Control is a must-have for any bathroom due to its adjustable thermostat, digital display, and two heat settings. With its 12 hour timer, this wall mounted bathroom heater is the perfect way to keep your bathroom comfortable and warm throughout the day. Featuring its 750 watts of electric power, it is strong enough to maintain the optimal temperature levels in your bathroom, while still being energy-efficient.

  • 750 watts of electric power
  • 12 hour timer
  • Two heat settings
  • Digital display
  • Adjustable thermometer

The HUNTER 750W Wall Mount Space Heater with Remote Control is an ideal bathroom heater wall mounted solution for your home. Get the warm and cozy feel you need with its adjustable thermostat, digital display and two heat settings. This wall mounted heater will make sure that your bathroom stays comfortable and warm in any temperature. Get the perfect bathroom heating and comfort solution with the HUNTER 750W Wall Mount Space Heater with Remote Control.

Personal Experience

  Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater: A Smart Heating Solution for Your Bathroom

Having outfitted my home with the Stiebel Eltron 074058 Bathroom Heater, mounted on the wall, I can vouch for its dependability and user-friendly features. This heater is perfect for rooms in cold climates and comes with a frost protection setting to maintain a comfortable temperature. From my experience, the Stiebele Eltron is more than capable of providing heat output up-to 5122 BTU per hour. Despite its powerful performance, I find it easy to use, even with my son’s help. The switch design is user-friendly and it heats the room up in no time! What I truly appreciate about this wall-mounted heater is its compact design and the fact that it is mounted higher up, out of reach of curious kids.

In addition, the Stiebel Eltron features a corrosion-free, stainless-steel construction which makes it a durable, long-lasting product. It is exceptionally safe for children’s bedrooms as it is certified for dust resistance. My son sleeps peacefully, thanks to its whisper-quiet operation that is not disturbed by any noise. For me, this wall-mounted heater is a fuss-free long-term solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have a portable heater in the bathroom?

No, it is not safe to have a portable heater in the bathroom. Following three recent fatalities, government safety experts are warning consumers not to use portable electric heaters in bathrooms or near other sources of water in the home due to the potential of electric shock. To ensure the safety of you and your family, it is strongly advised that you do not have any electric heaters in the bathroom.

What type of heater is best for a bathroom?

The best type of heater for a bathroom is one that gives you the necessary power, safety features, and design that fits your needs. For an oscillating heater, the Lasko Ceramic Space Tower Heater is a great choice. For a large bathroom, the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater is an excellent option. If you’re looking for a design-oriented solution, the AmazonBasics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater is a great choice. And if safety is your number one concern, the Honeywell Surround Fan Forced Heater is the best option. Finally, if you need a wall heater, the Broan-NuTone Grille Heater is an ideal choice.

What type of room heater is allowed in a bathroom?

A portable space heater with an ACLI safety plug is allowed in a bathroom. ACLI safety plugs are designed to cut ground faults in a fraction of a second, making them ideal for use in wet and humid environments. OSHA has approved this type of heater as safe for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

What is the best heater for a small bathroom?

The best heater for a small bathroom is the Opolar Space Ceramic Bathroom Heater. It is a lightweight and portable electric space heater that is well suited for smaller bathrooms. The ceramic construction helps to keep the room temperature comfortable even on the coldest days. It also has an adjustable thermostat and can be safely used around children and pets.

What kind of space heater is safe for bathroom?

The safest space heater for bathrooms is one that is designed with an ACLI safety plug. This plug has been designed to cut ground faults quickly and effectively, in as little as 1/40 of a second. ACLI safety plug-equipped space heaters can be used safely in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement.

Is it safe to have a space heater in bathroom?

No, it is not safe to have a space heater in the bathroom. Electric heaters pose an electrocution hazard if they come in contact with water, and most electric heaters do not have protection to prevent the shock. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, electric heaters should not be used in bathrooms for this very reason.

What is the safest type of space heater?

The safest type of space heater is a sealed combustion heater. Sealed combustion heaters do not draw in the heated air from the room, do not exhaust the air to the outdoors, and are less likely to backdraft and affect indoor air quality. This makes them safer to operate than other types of space heaters and more efficient.

What is the most efficient way to heat a bathroom?

The most efficient way to heat a bathroom is through radiation rather than convection. Convection is a form of heat conduction where heat is transferred through the air. Radiation heating systems are more effective as they transfer heat directly to the bathroom, resulting in fast and efficient heating.

How many heat settings does a wall mounted electric heater have?

A wall mounted electric heater typically has two heat settings. This is typically specified in the product specifications, such as a voltage of 230V-50Hz and a power of 1200W. It’s important to read and follow the instructions to safely and correctly operate this type of heater.

What is a bathroom heater Heat Mode?

A bathroom heater Heat Mode is a feature of some bathroom heaters that allows for the selection of either a low or high heat setting. The wattage indicates the amount of electricity needed to power the unit and will vary between the heat modes. Low heat mode may have a 750-watt output and high heat mode a 1500 watt output.

Can you use a wall mounted heater as a stove?

No, you cannot use a wall mounted heater as a stove. This type of heater is designed to safely provide heat, so using it for cooking purposes could be dangerous. It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not to ignore the warning that states not to use this type of heater as a stove.

What is a portable bathroom heater?

A portable bathroom heater is a small, lightweight device that can be easily transported and used in confined spaces. It is usually more affordable than other types of heaters and provides a reliable, convenient heating source for seasonal use. Portable bathroom heaters are ideal for those who don’t have a traditional heating source in their bathroom.

Final Thoughts

The Stiebel Eltron 074058 Bathroom Heater is a great wall mounted heating solution for any bathroom. Its frost protection setting makes it an ideal option for cold regions, and its 5122 BTU per hour heat output makes it perfect for providing adequate warmth. It is also very easy to use, with a simple switch to control its heat output. Overall, it is a great heating solution for anyone looking to add warmth and comfort to their bathroom.