blue star ac not turning on

Blue Star AC Not Turning On: Possible Problems & Solutions


Is your Blue Star AC not turning on? Don’t panic! This guide will walk you through simple and quick steps to help you troubleshoot the problem and turn it back on in no time. Discover easy solutions ranging from checking the thermostat to investigating the power and replacing the batteries, so your air conditioning unit can feel cool and comfortable again. Keep reading to find out how to fix it.

Quick Summary

If your Blue Star Air Conditioner isn’t turning on, the first step is to check the thermostat. Before doing so, you should turn off the power at the wall. You should also check that the wiring supply to the thermostat is working, and replace the batteries if needed. Once you’ve checked the thermostat, turn the power on again and your Blue Star AC should be up and running.

If your AC still isn’t functioning, it may indicate an issue with a component within the unit. Common problems and solutions include: a faulty condenser fan motor, low refrigerant level, or an issue with the compressor. You can try cleaning the outdoor unit, and check the flow of air through the outdoor unit. Other components that can be checked or replaced are the fan motor, control board, contactor, and capacitor.

Blue Star AC Not Turning On: Diagnose & Resolve Problems

Why is My Blue Star AC Not Turning On?

If your Blue Star air conditioning unit won’t come on at all, there are a number of potential causes. Firstly, you should check the thermostat for power. Turn off the power at the wall before starting any investigation. Ensure that there is power to the thermostat, both by checking the wiring to it, and by replacing the batteries. Once you’ve done this, try turning the power back on.

Problems That May Result in Your Blue Star AC Not Turning On

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Dirty AC filters
  • Lack of power

Diagnosing and Resolving Your Blue Star AC Issues

  1. Ensure your thermostat is powered, either by wiring or battery replacement.
  2. Check your circuit breaker has not become tripped.
  3. Consider cleaning your air conditioning filters.
  4. Investigate any potential power issues, i.e. loose wires, broken fuses.

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Personal Experience

  Blue Star AC Not Turning On: Diagnose & Resolve Problems

I have had multiple occasions working with clients who have Blue Star AC units. One common issue I have experienced is that the AC unit suddenly stops turning on, which is often a problem with the thermostat. In order to get the AC running again, I always recommend to turn off the power supply to the thermostat at the wall, and then to check the wiring supply and replace the batteries. Once those two tasks have been completed, I always re-enable the power supply and the AC unit should turn back on.

In some cases, I have discovered that the wiring leading to the thermostat had become loose or frayed. In this situation, I recommend to the clients that they seek professional assistance to repair the wiring since this requires knowledge of electrical systems. This can help mitigate any potential safety risks that may be associated with DIY wiring repairs.

The design of Blue Star AC units does have a reputation for reliability, but unfortunately some parts will eventually experience wear and tear. If you ever find yourself dealing with a Blue Star AC unit that won’t turn on, then following the above advice should be the first step in mitigating the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase the cooling on my AC remote?

To increase the cooling on an AC remote, press the Mode button and select Cool. Then select a lower temperature and a faster fan speed. This will cool the room more quickly.

What are the functions of AC remote?

Answer: Air conditioners typically come with an AC remote, which helps you control your air conditioner from any location in the room. The functions of AC remote often include setting the temperature and selecting the desired mode, such as auto mode, cool mode, dry mode, fan mode and more. Additionally, the AC remote may offer features to adjust the airflow direction, display lighting, and timed on/off functions.

How do I start my Bluestar air conditioner?

To start your Bluestar air conditioner, you’ll need to plug it into a power outlet. Then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the LED light turns on indicating the unit is powered. Finally use the remote control to turn on the air conditioner and adjust the temperature. Watch this helpful video for more details: “”.

Why is my Bluestar AC not working?

Your Bluestar AC might not be working because the power may not be turned on, or the thermostat may be faulty or dirty. First, turn the power on again to determine if this solves the problem. If not, turn off the power and check that the thermostat is clean. If necessary, test the thermostat by turning on the power, setting it, and watching for its usual operation.

How do I control my Blue Star AC remote?

Controlling your Blue Star AC remote is easy. All you need to do is watch a quick tutorial video such as this one: In the video, installation professionals guide you through the steps you need to take to program your remote and give helpful tips on troubleshooting and best practices. Following their instructions will help you easily get your remote working in just a few minutes.

Why is my AC remote not working?

“If your AC remote is not working properly, it could be due to corroded metal components or incorrectly inserted batteries. Check the user manual and inspect the remote to make sure the batteries are the right type and inserted correctly. If needed, replace the batteries and check for corrosion to determine the cause of your remote not working properly.”

How do I manually turn on my AC?

To manually turn on your AC, start by ensuring it’s connected to a power source. Look for any buttons or switches near the AC and press them to turn it on. If the AC does not power on, press the reset button found near the plug and cord.

How do I control my AC remote?

To control your AC remote, simply turn on the power button and make sure it’s in standby mode. Point the universal remote in the direction of the AC and press the “Set” button for five seconds. The remote will automatically begin searching for the code and you can start controlling your AC.

Why my Blue Star AC remote is not working?

If your Blue Star AC remote control is not working, it could be due to dirt or blockage preventing the remote from functioning correctly. To fix this, remove the batteries from the chamber and inspect the metal contacts inside the battery chamber. You may need to clean or clear any blockage to ensure the remote is functioning correctly.

How do I unlock my Bluestar AC remote?

Unlocking a Bluestar AC remote is easy. To do this, you’ll need to locate the reset button. This can generally be found on the back or side of the remote control. Once located, press and hold the reset button until the red LED light blinks twice. This should reset the remote and you should be able to use it once again. For more information, watch the YouTube video titled “How to Unlock Bluestar Air Conditioner Remote Control” at

How do I turn on my Bluestar AC without a remote?

Answer: To turn on your Bluestar AC without a remote, locate the button on the side of the rotating blades and press it. The air conditioner will turn on and start working. Package type air conditioners are self-contained, self-contained units with all components housed in the same cabinet.

What are Blue Star AC error codes?

Blue Star AC error codes are codes that appear on the AC screen or remote when there are problems with an AC unit. These codes indicate what kind of issue needs to be addressed. Blue Star AC error codes can be used to identify and troubleshoot problems with the AC unit quickly. Understanding and identifying what these codes mean can help consumers take the right action to fix the issue.

What should I do if my AC unit is not working?

If your AC unit is not working, you should contact Blue Star Customer Service for help. You can find their contact information on their official website. It is important that you contact them as soon as possible to ensure your AC unit is properly serviced.

Why is my air conditioner not turning on?

Answer: The most common reason your air conditioner may not be turning on is a lack of power supply. This can happen when your AC trips the circuit breaker, typically on hot, sunny days when the temperature rises quickly. To resolve the problem, try resetting your circuit breaker.

How do I know if my air con is not working?

If your air con isn’t working properly, you may notice not only poor cooling or heating in the room, but also strange noises coming from the unit. To determine if your air con is working at full capacity, look out for any unusual sounds or insufficient cooling or heating. If any of these signs are present, you can be sure that your air con is not working as it should.

Final Thoughts

The possible problem of a Blue Star air conditioning unit not turning on could be due to a faulty thermostat. It is important to turn off the power to the thermostat before beginning any investigation. Check the thermostat wiring and the batteries to ensure that they have power, and replace the batteries if necessary. If these checks do not solve the problem, then you should contact a specialist for further assistance.