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Carepod Humidifier Review: Is It A Good Choice?

Due to the popularity of humidifiers and the benefits it brings, there are literally hundreds of models to choose from in the market. Each one promises various features, but not all live up to the hype. And in this Carepod humidifier review, we will see where the brand stands.

The Carepod humidifier is gaining traction among humidifier users for good reasons. It’s invented by a doctor, it’s built with durable materials, and it’s equipped with an ergonomic design. Overall, it’s one of the rising brands in the large humidifier market.

With the pursuit of quality, Carepod claims to be the “cleanest humidifier for everyone”. It’s an attractive pitch considering that humidifiers can be pretty notorious for molds and bacterial growth if not maintained well.

The brand takes pride in its CarePod One model. It has a minimalist design that makes it easy to open, operate, and clean. And unlike cheap humidifiers, the one from Carepod is made with durable stainless steel and high-quality plastic. This is aside from the useful and practical features it comes with.

In this Carepod One humidifier review, we will discuss the unit’s features and functions to help you decide whether it’s the best choice for your home.

Carepod One Humidifier Review

Overview of the Carepod humidifier

Carepod Humidifier photo via Amazon - Carepod humidifier review
Carepod Humidifier via Amazon

Carepod is invented and founded by a Korean dentist, Dr. Hyung Joo Kim. He used his medical experience and expertise to create a humidifier with a simple and easy-to-clean design.

Moreover, Carepod has a minimalist design without the bells and whistles of its competitors. The best part is that this humidifier can be sterilized by putting the stainless steel tank on a stove and boiling water in it.

Through this process, most pathogens inside the removable tank will be neutralized, including the dreaded molds.

Overall, it does the job of restoring moisture into the air without the complicated assembly.

Key features of the Carepod humidifier

The Carepod humidifier works the same way as other models on the market. Still, the following features set it apart from its competitors based on our Carepod One humidifier review.

1.    Three-piece design

The Carepod humidifier’s interior disassembles into three parts. There’s the stainless steel tank, oscillator, and stainless steel cover. All of these are washable and can be boiled for intense cleaning.

These parts are also washable with soap. Just remember that only the lid and tank are dishwasher-safe. The oscillator should never be cleaned in the dishwasher as it will get damaged.

2.    Patented ultrasonic oscillator

The patented ultrasonic oscillator detects the water level inside the Carepod tank. Once the oscillator has achieved a low position inside, the unit will shut automatically. This is to prevent the humidifier from running dry and causing a fire or injuries.

Overall, half a liter of water will be left when the unit shuts down. It serves as a buffer to prevent damage and to keep the oscillator floating. 

This is a proprietary design of Carepod, which you can’t find on other humidifiers. It’s a simple design without too many tiny parts, but it works wonders in terms of safety.

3.    High-grade stainless steel material

The water tank of Carepod is made of premium 304 stainless steel. It’s the same food-grade material you’d find on pots used for cooking. This means that you can also put the tank on a stove and boil water in it for sanitization.

Overall, the tank has a 4-liter capacity, which gives you up to 30 hours of moisture for every refill. This is also suitable for room sizes of up to 500 sq. ft.

4.    Adjustable mist settings

For this Carepod review humidifier, we tested all three of the model’s mist settings. You can adjust the humidifier to produce moisture at 100 ml/hour, 250 ml/hour, and 300 ml/hour.

This is a great way to match the humidification with the current humidity level of your home.

5.    Reusable filter/aroma pad

This humidifier is also fitted with a washable and reusable foam filter. You can also use the filter as an aroma pad, where you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

With that, the Carepod works as a humidifier and a mild diffuser. When used during bedtime, this feature will be a great calming tool.

6.    Leak-proof construction

One of the most common problems with humidifiers is the risk of leaking. But since Carepod uses a solid stainless steel tank, there’s no way it could leak water.

We also like its top refill design and wide opening, so you won’t struggle to pour water into it.

7.    Minimalist and simple design

True to the principle of Korean minimalism, the Carepod has a simple yet sleek design. It has a decorative touch that can blend with most motifs.

The controls are also straightforward. There are three buttons at the top of the lid, which allow you to set the timer, choose the mist setting, and turn the device on and off.


  • Easy and efficient cleaning. The Carepod humidifier is easy to clean since it only has three parts. This reduces the risk of mold growth. You can even boil the tank right on your stove, which is something other humidifiers can’t offer.
  • Durable materials. One thing that really stands out in this Carepod humidifier review is its durable materials. It’s made of food-grade steel and tough plastic that will last for years.
  • Safety features. The oscillator of this humidifier has a simple design yet it delivers a very important safety feature. This prevents the unit from running dry and overheating. There’s also a timer in case you’re running the humidifier as you sleep.
  • Designed by a doctor. The Carepod humidifier is designed by a doctor, so rest assured that it’s created with health in mind. Dr. Kim specifically designed Carepod to eliminate or reduce the risk of bacterial growth in the water tank.
  • Quiet operation. This humidifier has a whisper-quiet operation, which suits nurseries and baby rooms. It’s also a comfortable choice for light sleepers who are easily bothered by the loud whirring sounds of humidifiers.


  • You can’t use tap water. Since Carepod is an ultrasonic humidifier, you can’t use tap water in it due to its high mineral content. If you do so, it will release white dust, which can cause respiratory irritations. To prevent this from happening, you should only use distilled or purified water every single time.
  • Water drips when you open the lid quickly. Also, we noticed that water will drip from the lid if you open it quickly while in use. It’s due to the cold mist that forms on the lid. The easy fix is to open the lid slowly, so the water won’t drip around.
  • Condensation accumulates on the tank. Since the tank is made of metal, condensation tends to accumulate around it. Over time, this will pool outside the base of the tank. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compromise the humidifier and you can simply wipe it with a clean cloth when the unit is unplugged.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for a clean, straightforward, and reliable humidifier, Carepod would be an awesome choice. It skipped the unnecessary bells and whistles and focused on its job efficiently, which is releasing moisture into the air. It has a solid build and easy controls that anyone, even non-techie persons, can use. While the upfront cost is a little intimidating, every dollar is worth the splurge. 


Is the Carepod humidifier safe?

Based on our Carepod review humidifier, Carepod is safe to use. It’s also cleaner than other models since it has a washable metal tank that you can also boil. Thanks to its safety features, the Carepod humidifier can be used in nurseries and baby rooms. 

Still, just like any humidifier, proper use and regular cleaning are necessary to ensure the safety of this unit. Make sure that you place it on a stable surface and at least 3 feet away from the nearest person.

Why do humidifiers leave white dust?

Humidifiers leave white dust because the owner used tap water. The mineral content of tap or hard water will be dispersed, which will appear as white dust.

Take note that white dust from humidifiers can cause irritations, especially for people who are suffering from respiratory problems. It can also make your skin itchy in the long run.

Make sure that you use distilled water to avoid this or switch to the Carepod humidifier.

Is my humidifier making my house dusty?

A humidifier can make your house dusty if you’re using tap water on it. The dust is actually the mineral content of the water, which was released into the air. Over time, this white dust will settle on surfaces around your home, including furniture, floor, bedding, and so on.

To prevent this, you can consider using the Carepod humidifier. Based on our Carepod review humidifier, this unit helps reduce white dust as long as you use distilled water.


There are many humidifier options in the market and Carepod is one of the leading brands to try. It has a durable build, quality materials, and convenient features. Overall, this humidifier does its job well in releasing clean and soothing moisture into the air.

You’ll also enjoy bonus perks like diffusing your favorite scents using the reusable aroma pad. Aside from that, cleaning is a breeze and the unit is easy to use.

We hope that our Carepod humidifier review helped you decide whether this is the right choice for you and your family. If you’re planning to upgrade your old humidifier, Carepod might be the replacement you’re looking for.