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Ceramic Gas Heater – A Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Using and Maintaining Your Heater

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Quick Summary

Ceramic Gas Heater – A Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Using and Maintaining Your Heater

Shopping for a ceramic gas heater? Here’s everything you need to know. When selecting the right ceramic gas heater, consider the size of the room it will heat, the type of heat output you need and additional features that will best suit your needs. When it comes to installation, it’s best to hire a professional or follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some models require venting or additional tweaks for proper operation. After installation, become familiar with the setup and safety features, such as pilots, sensors, and timers. Twice a year, you should also have your heater serviced and inspected to ensure it runs efficiently and safely. Depending on the model, you may need to replace the filter, burner, or other internal parts to keep it running smoothly. Finally, for maintenance and cleaning, first unplug the heater, remove the front panel and vacuum the vents. You can then polish and wax the outside of the unit and lubricate the fan, blower, and other moving parts. Following these steps will help to ensure your ceramic gas heater runs safely and efficiently.

Ceramic Gas Heater: Buyers Guide, Tips & Maintenance Advice

If you’re looking to heat up your home or office space, a ceramic gas heater can be an excellent solution. But it pays to know what you’re buying into. Ceramic gas heaters come with their own considerations. This guide will help you understand what to look for when shopping for a ceramic gas heater.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Space

When you’re looking for a ceramic gas heater, the most important factor is determining the size that is most appropriate for your space. Not all heaters are designed to cover the same area. Some heaters are larger and will cover a wide area. Other heaters are smaller and designed for a single room. Make sure to measure the area which you plan to heat and confirm that your chosen heater is able to adequately cover it.

Check For Special Features

When you’re deciding on purchasing a ceramic gas heater, you can get a wide variety of added features. For example, some heaters are able to provide different heat settings. Others may have automatic shut-off capabilities or even a self-cleaning feature. Make sure to take a look at the additional features that are offered and determine which elements are most important to you.

Maintenance Advice

Finally, you should consider how you will take care of your ceramic gas heater. Regular maintenance is important in order to keep your heater in good working condition. Make sure to read up on the necessary steps and tasks that are required for maintenance. Most likely you will need to consult the manufacturer’s manual in order to know exactly what to do.

  • Check the air filters regularly.
  • Clear away any debris in or around the heater.
  • Schedule regular cleanings for the burners and combustion chamber.
  • Clean the air intake ducts as necessary.


Ceramic gas heaters can be an excellent solution for heating up your home or office. But it pays to keep in mind the various considerations discussed in this guide. From the size of the heater to the features offered, there are various aspects that you should keep in mind when shopping for a ceramic gas heater. And of course, always make sure that you take the necessary maintenance measures in order to ensure optimal performance.

Related Products

1.) Ashley Hearth DVAG11N 11,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater, Cream

The Ashley Hearth DVAG11N 11,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater is a powerful and reliable ceramic gas heater. It is equipped with an 11,000 BTU/hr heating capacity and a plethora of safety features including direct vent technology, that ensures air flow is **** in externally instead of being taken from the room, making it incredibly safe and efficient. Fresh air exchange is also provided for a healthier environment. This ceramic gas heater is further enhanced by its cream-colored coating that makes the heater an attractive addition to any room.

  • Heating output of 11,000 BTU/hr from a ceramic gas heater
  • Direct vent technology for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Complete air exchange for healthier air quality
  • Creamy-coloured finish enhances the look of any room

The Ashley Hearth DVAG11N is a remarkable ceramic gas heater that is sure to bring warmth, comfort, and style to any home. Heating and safety requirements are met without compromising on aesthetic design.

2.) Bluegrass Living Natural Gas Vent Free Infrared Gas Space Heater With Blower and Base Feet – 30,000 BTU, T-Stat Control – Model# B30TNIR-BB

The Bluegrass Living Natural Gas Vent Free Infrared Gas Space Heater With Blower and Base Feet – 30,000 BTU, T-Stat Control – Model# B30TNIR-BB is the perfect solution for a reliable and cost efficient ceramic gas heater. With its 30,000 BTU and temperature control, this contemporary styled device has the power to keep your home, office, or shop space comfortably warm all winter. Here are just some of its advantages:

  • Advanced infrared heat technology for reliable heat without hot or cold spots.
  • User-friendly design with millivolt thermostat control.
  • Compact size to easily fit in tight spaces.
  • Mess-free design requires no venting or chimneys.
  • Safety features including an oxygen detection system.

With its style, performance and convenience, the Bluegrass Living Natural Gas Vent Free Infrared Gas Space Heater is the perfect ceramic gas heater. Enjoy a warm, cozy room this winter with this easy-to-use, energy efficient device!

3.) ProCom Heating Gas Space Heater Vent, T-Stat Control, Blue Flame, Propane Gas, 30000BTU, ML300TBG

Introducing the ProCom Heating Ceramic Gas Space Heater, a powerful and efficient ventless gas heater perfect for any space. With a fuel efficient Blue Flame design and 30,000BTU capacity, this space heater is the perfect choice for keeping you warm and toasty. This ceramic gas heater utilizes propane gas combined with a T-Stat control system for maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Blue Flame Design for maximum heat output
  • Propane gas fuel efficiency
  • T-Stat Control System for safety control
  • Ceramic heat chamber for durability
  • 30,000 BTU output

This ProCom Ceramic Gas Space Heater offers all the features you need and the reliability you desire for your home. Enjoy the safety and comfort of this gas heater’s high efficiency, durable ceramic chamber and Blue Flame design.

4.) Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17N 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater, Cream

The Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17N 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater is an all-in-one ceramic gas heater solution. This efficient and durable heater is an excellent choice for a variety of heating needs, including workshops, garages, and other utility spaces. The stylish cream finish adds a touch of elegance and makes it a great addition to any home.

The Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17N ceramic gas heater is manually vented, easy to install, and includes all the hardware and accessories you need for the job. It offers 17,000 BTUs, a thermostat for consistent temperatures, direct venting capability to save energy, and an ODS safety feature for added protection.

This ceramic gas heater is highly efficient, has low emissions for improved indoor air quality, and requires minimal maintenance. With its stylish design, excellent efficiency, and a variety of safety features, the Ashley Hearth Products DVAG17N 17,000 BTU Direct Vent Natural Gas Heater is the perfect choice for your heating needs.

5.) Direct Vent – Propane Gas Heater by Martin (11,000 Btu – Glass)

Martin’s Direct Vent – Propane Gas Heater (11,000 Btu – Glass) is the perfect ceramic gas heater for cozy comfort in your home. This heater has a direct vent installation which efficiently pulls flue products and oxygen from the outside, allowing safer and more regulated operation than traditional vented heaters. The ceramic burner’s 11,000 BTU maximum output ensures ample warmth to any space, while an easy-to-use gas valve gives you precise control over the temperature. With a built-in fan, this efficient ceramic gas heater distributes heat evenly than traditional vented heaters and has a glass front that’s easy to clean. Enjoy reliable warmth and comfort with Martin’s Direct Vent – Propane Gas Heater (11,000 Btu – Glass).

Personal Experience

  Ceramic Gas Heater: Buyers Guide, Tips & Maintenance Advice

I have been using ceramic gas heaters for many years and I can confidently say they are a great investment. They are quite efficient and they can provide a steady and reliable heat source in colder climates. They are also generally easy to install and are relatively affordable compared to other heating options. They are also quite safe, as ceramic gas heaters don’t release any toxic gases and are equipped with safety mechanisms to prevent any fireplace or fire hazards. I highly recommend ceramic gas heaters to anyone looking for an efficient and reliable, yet affordable heating option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic heater any good?

Yes, ceramic heaters are an excellent option for home heating. Their reliable build quality and advanced safety features make them highly safe and reliable. Most ceramic heaters come with additional safety features such as tilt protection and overheat protection that help prevent fires. Overall, ceramic heaters are an excellent choice for a safe and reliable home heating option.

Do ceramic heaters use a lot of power?

No, ceramic heaters do not use a lot of power. They are designed to minimize electricity waste and they retain heat well, meaning they cool down slowly and don’t require much energy to keep running. As a result, ceramic heaters are usually the most energy-efficient of all types of radiators.

What is the purpose of a ceramic heater?

A ceramic heater is an electrical device that is used to generate heat through its heating element of ceramic material with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). This type of heater is typically portable and used for heating a room or small office, providing similar utility to metal-element fan heaters. In summary, the purpose of a ceramic heater is to provide localized heat in small spaces.

Is a ceramic heater energy efficient?

Yes, a ceramic heater is energy efficient. On average, the efficiency of a ceramic heater ranges from 85% to 90%. It uses much less energy to produce heat compared to other heating solutions. Ceramic heaters are a great energy-efficient option due to their high efficiency rate.

Do ceramic space heaters use less electricity?

Yes, ceramic space heaters use less electricity than other types of heaters. This is due to their energy efficiency, safety, and fast heat up time. Ceramic heaters have plastic casings that help keep temperatures low and provide a safe, effective heating solution without a high energy cost.

Can you leave ceramic heaters on all the time?

No, it is not recommended to leave a ceramic heater on all the time. Electric space heaters should never be left running unattended, or in situations where they could potentially become a fire hazard. To be safe, it is best to turn off the electric space heater when leaving the room or going to sleep.

Are ceramic heaters the most energy efficient?

Yes, ceramic heaters are the most energy efficient. They are able to produce a great deal of heat from a small size and their plastic casings stay cool to the touch. This makes them safer than many other types of heaters, while still offering a high level of energy efficiency.

What is the advantage of a ceramic heater?

The major advantage of a ceramic heater is its rapid heating capabilities. The ceramic plates absorb heat quickly, allowing the heater to reach its target temperature faster than other types of heating systems. Additionally, ceramic heaters cool down quicker when powered off, making them very energy-efficient.

What is better ceramic heater or fan heater?

A ceramic heater is generally more efficient and better suited for long-term heating needs. It uses a ceramic plate to retain heat and emits more heat than a fan heater with a filament. Furthermore, ceramic heaters generally do not dry out the air as fan heaters can. Therefore, a ceramic heater is the preferable option.

What type of heater is most energy efficient?

The most energy efficient type of heater is a heat pump. It operates on the same principle as an air conditioner or refrigerator and is about one-third the cost of running an electric resistance heater. Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat instead of creating it, making them more energy efficient than traditional electric resistance heaters.

Do ceramic heaters use much electricity?

Yes, ceramic heaters use electricity. On average, ceramic space heaters use 1,500 Watts of electricity and cost about 15 cents an hour to operate. Ceramic heaters are not 100% efficient, which means they will use a lot of electricity.

Are ceramic heaters better than conventional heaters?

No, conventional heaters are slightly better than ceramic heaters. According to Consumers Union’s yearly test, conventional heaters performed better in terms of evenly heating an entire room and keeping a steady temperature. However, ceramic heaters offered a useful safety feature which sharply reduces heat output when airflow is blocked.

Are ceramic heaters a fire hazard?

No, ceramic heaters are not a fire hazard. Their cool-down time and the fact that their heating element is made from ceramic plates helps to reduce the risk of fires. Additionally, their small size and light weight makes them easy to transport, so you can take them anywhere safely.

How does a ceramic heater work?

A ceramic heater works by heating metal coils inside the housing when plugged in. These coils in turn heat up the plates which releases the heat into the surrounding area. This type of heater is generally easy to maintain as the metal coils are safely contained within the ceramic housing and far from the reach of users.

Are ceramic heaters noisy?

Yes, ceramic heaters are noisy. This is due to the fan it comes with, which is designed to effectively move the heated air around a space. The portable size of ceramic heaters also adds to the noise. However, the level of noise varies from one heater to another.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic gas heaters are powerful devices that are used to heat up small and large spaces. They are cost-effective, fuel-efficient, and easy to install and maintain. With the right selection of material, size, and features, a ceramic gas heater can be a great addition to any home or office. It is important to consider all factors when buying, using and maintaining a ceramic gas heater to ensure your safety, satisfaction and comfort.