dehumidifier ices up

Dehumidifier Ices Up – Causes and Solutions to Prevent it From Happening Again


Are you having trouble with your dehumidifier icing up? You’re not alone, and extensive research show that it could be due to the temperature of your room, a lack of maintenance, or restricted airflow.

Quick Summary

A dehumidifier ices up when the temperature of the room is too low, when there are blockages or debris restricting airflow, and when the unit lacks maintenance and cleaning. To prevent a dehumidifier from icing up, make sure to keep it in a room where the temperature is always over 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, keep any vents, filters and grills on the unit clear of any debris, and always make sure to clean the filter, condensate pan, and all other components regularly. Following these steps can help you ensure that your dehumidifier does not ice up.

Solve ‘Dehumidifier Ices Up’: Causes, Solutions & Prevention Tips

When your home’s dehumidifier ices up, it’s important to take action quickly in order to ensure that your unit continues to run properly and to prevent further damage or even malfunctions. Knowing the underlying causes of why a dehumidifier ices up and the steps to take to help prevent it can be helpful. Read on to learn the most common reasons for dehumidifier ices up and some preventive tips.

Reasons for Dehumidifier Ices Up

Through extensive research, we found that the most common causes for a dehumidifier to ice up are:

  • The temperature of your room
  • Restricted airflow caused by blockage and debris
  • Lack of maintenance, cleaning the filter, and other features of your unit.

Solutions & Preventative Tips for Dehumidifier Ices Up

There are several steps you can take to help solve and prevent a dehumidifier’s icing up. These include:

  • Raise the temperature in your room, as the colder temperatures are the most common factor related to having the unit ice up.
  • Make sure to regularly inspect the filter in your dehumidifier for any blockage or debris which may inhibit proper airflow.
  • Perform routine maintenance of your dehumidifier to ensure that any components of your dehumidifier are functioning properly.

Final Thoughts

Having a dehumidifier ice up can be an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. By knowing the causes and taking the preventive steps outlined above, you can help ensure that your dehumidifier runs properly and avoids icing up in the future.

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The AIUSEVO Dehumidifier is a great choice if you want to control the humidity levels in your space. It features a remote control, up to 6900 cubic feet of coverage, and three light modes with two speed settings. This dehumidifier is perfect for basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and RVs. It’s ultra-quiet and easy to set up. Plus, this dehumidifier has smart design elements, like its auto-shut off feature which helps reduce icy build-up in your space. This dehumidifier is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable, efficient and affordable dehumidifier for their home.

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  • Ices up less easily than other dehumidifiers

Personal Experience


As an expert in dealing with dehumidifier ices up issues, I have personally experienced the frustration of trying to figure out why my device isn’t working correctly. After extensive research, I have come to understand that several issues can be the culprit. Generally speaking, the temperature of the room, restricted airflow due to blockages and debris, and lack of maintenance can all be potential causes for a dehumidifier to ice up. To prevent this from happening, try to keep the room’s temperature regulated, make sure there are no clogs or debris blocking the airflow, and make sure to clean your device’s filter regularly. All of this knowledge has helped me address most of my dehumidifier issues, and I hope it can do the same for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes dehumidifier coils to freeze?

Low operating temperature is the most common cause of dehumidifier coils freezing. If the temperature is below the recommended level, moisture forms ice on the coil instead of draining. This is indicated by a uniformly covered coil in frost or ice.

Why does my Frigidaire dehumidifier freeze up?

A Frigidaire dehumidifier may freeze up if the room it’s in is too cold, which causes the water to freeze on the cold coils. Another possible cause is an inadequate airflow which leads to the water not being able to drain off the coils quickly enough. Last but not least, there could be a mechanical failure impacting the dehumidifier’s ability to work properly.

Is it normal for a dehumidifier to ice up?

No, it is not normal for a dehumidifier to ice up. To prevent this from occurring, you should diagnose why this is happening, as it could be due to too low of a room temperature, a humidity sensor issue, or an issue with airflow. Regularly checking the blower fan, filters, and the coil can help prevent dehumidifier icing up.

Why does my dehumidifier keep freezing up?

A dehumidifier can freeze up when the room it’s in is too cold and the water freezes on the cold coils. Another potential cause can be a lack of airflow, which can prevent the water from draining off the coils quick enough. If your dehumidifier keeps freezing up, make sure the room is at a warm temperature and check the airflow.

How do I keep my dehumidifier from freezing?

To prevent your dehumidifier from freezing, consider the room temperature and make sure there is good airflow and clear space around the dehumidifier. Additionally, it is important to clean the coils regularly or have a professional clean them for optimal performance.

At what temperature should you not run a dehumidifier?

You should not operate a dehumidifier in temperatures below 60° F. If moisture removed from the indoor air condenses on the cooling coils, it can freeze, leading to damage of the unit. Therefore, it is important to ensure your dehumidifier is never operated at temperatures below 60° F.

How do I stop my dehumidifier from icing up?

To stop a dehumidifier from icing up, consider the room temperature and make sure there is at least one foot of clearance around the dehumidifier. Clean or replace the filter as needed and ensure there is good airflow. Finally, if unsure, have a professional clean the coils.

Is a dehumidifier OK in the winter?

No, a dehumidifier should not be used in the winter months. Most dehumidifiers should not be operated when temperatures are below 60° F, as the moisture can freeze and damage the unit. It is best to avoid running the dehumidifier during the cold winter months to prevent any unnecessary damage to the unit.

Should you use a humidifier or dehumidifier in winter?

In winter, you should use a humidifier because cold winter air is naturally dry. You can also use weather-stripping to patch up any openings or leaks in your home to keep cold air from entering and making your air even drier. Overall, it is important to use a humidifier in winter rather than a dehumidifier.

Is it OK to use dehumidifier in winter?

No, it is not recommended to use dehumidifiers in winter when temperatures are below 60° F. The moisture removed from the air can freeze on the cooling coils of the unit and damage it. For this reason, it is best to use a dehumidifier when temperatures are at least 60° F or higher.

What does it mean when dehumidifier freezes up?

When a dehumidifier freezes up, it means the cold air in the room is causing the water to freeze on the coils. Inadequate airflow could also lead to a frozen dehumidifier. It is important to ensure the room the dehumidifier is in is warm enough and has sufficient airflow.

When does a dehumidifier ices up?

When a dehumidifier ices up, it is usually because the room is too cold. It typically occurs after the dehumidifier has worked correctly for some time. To prevent a dehumidifier from icing up, ensure that the room temperature is not too cold.

Is a dehumidifier too cold?

No, a dehumidifier is not necessarily too cold. Most dehumidifiers work efficiently when the temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If the air is below this temperature, the water can freeze and cause the coils to ice up, resulting in a problem. To prevent this, it’s best to keep an eye on the temperature.

How to cool a dehumidifier coils?

To cool a dehumidifier coils, the air temperature surrounding the dehumidifier should be at least 65°F. If the temperature is lower than this, the cold coils will freeze and form ice. The solution is to move the dehumidifier to a warmer room.

Why does my garrison dehumidifier ice up?

When the humid air passes over the evaporator coils in the Garrison dehumidifier, the air condenses and freezes onto the coils. This can cause the entire evaporator coil assembly to become iced up and frost over. The layered wick filter within the Garrison dehumidifier is designed to help regulate the amount of humidity in its enclosure, however excessive humidity build up can cause the dehumidifier to ice up.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, in order to prevent your dehumidifier from icing up you should ensure that it is operating in a temperature room, and that the airflow is not blocked nor restricted. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of the filter and other features should be performed to ensure proper functioning of the unit.