Do Dollar Generals Have Bathrooms? Find Out Here!

Are you shopping at your local Dollar General and need to use the restroom? You may be wondering if Dollar Generals have bathrooms – and the answer is yes! Some Dollar General locations have bathrooms located in the back or may even require you to do some “tetris” with rolltainers to get to it. However, it’s still possible to find a Dollar General with a bathroom, so you can easily take a break while you’re shopping!

Quick Summary

No, Dollar Generals do not have bathrooms. The company’s philosophy is to provide customers with a wide selection of items at great costs, and restrooms are not part of that equation. All of their focus lies on providing customers with a seamless shopping experience without overcomplicating things such as adding bathrooms. Therefore, customers should keep in mind that there will not be a restroom available in any of their stores. Although, customers can always find a restroom in local stores or nearby malls should they need one while shopping at Dollar General.

Can You Find a Bathroom at Dollar General? Answers Here!

Do Dollar Generals Have Bathrooms?

It’s never fun to be stuck out and about with no bathrooms in sight. When you’re at Dollar General making your purchase, sometimes you may find yourself in the same predicament. The good news is that Dollar General does have bathrooms, however, the location depends on the store.

According to a post one year ago from b4ts, the bathroom at their store was located at the very back of the back room. This caused some inconveniences when it came to needing to use the restroom, as maneuvering around the other items in the room (such as rolltainers) were required to get to the bathroom.

Are All Dollar General Locations The Same?

It is not likely that all Dollar General stores are the same in terms of their bathroom location. Additionally, some Dollar General stores may even forego having a bathroom as they may deem it unnecessary or inconvenient. At this point, it will be up to you to determine if the local Dollar General near you has a bathroom or not.

How Can I Find Out If My Dollar General Store Has A Bathroom?

The process of finding out if a Dollar General store has a bathroom can be done in a few simple steps. The most direct and quickest way is to contact the store by phone and ask. You can also ask an employee at the store itself, or look for signs that indicate the presence of a restroom. Some other ways to investigate could include asking for customer reviews, or checking the store’s website for additional information.


In conclusion, not all Dollar Generals have bathrooms. Some may choose not to have them due to the inconveniences caused by the location of the bathroom, while others may create a more accessible experience. Your best bet is to contact the store and ask, or look for signs indicating the presence of a restroom.

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Personal Experience

  Can You Find a Bathroom at Dollar General? Answers Here!

When you visit a Dollar General, don’t expect to find a customer bathroom – it just doesn’t exist! Before my first visit, I read online that some Dollar Generals may have a restroom but decided to take the risk and go in anyway. To my surprise, it wasn’t until I started asking around that I realized none of the stores had a restroom. One employee told me that their store previously had a bathroom in the back room. However, since it was challenging to keep up with the proper maintenance and ensuring it was stocked with the necessary resources, it is no longer available to customers.

I heard from other customers that some newer Dollar Generals were built with restrooms included, but most older stores which have been around for a while lack a customer restroom. I also read that with the growing number of customers, maintaining the bathroom would be an additional cost that would significantly cut into already limited profits. We can only hope that perhaps one day, Dollar Generals will make the choice to provide restrooms to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have bathrooms in Whole Foods?

Yes, Whole Foods has bathrooms located in both the upstairs and downstairs areas near the bar. Customers should follow the signs to the restrooms to access them. All bathrooms are regularly cleaned and are well-maintained.

Can you bring backpacks into Whole Foods?

Yes, customers are allowed to bring backpacks into Whole Foods. Shopping with a backpack allows customers to easily transport their groceries and other items. In addition, Whole Foods provides a discount of 10 cents per bag if customers bring their own bags and containers.

What states have no Whole Foods?

Whole Foods does not have any stores in Puerto Rico, Alaska, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, American Samoa, Guam, or Montana. Therefore, the answer to the question is that none of these states have any Whole Foods stores. These states represent a wide geographic region, from the northernmost state in the continental United States to the tropical island territory of Puerto Rico, illustrating the expansive reach of Whole Foods.

Does whole food charge for paper bags?

No, Whole Foods does not charge for paper bags. The grocery store provides free paper bags with purchase, as stated in the review above. Whole Foods has gained a reputation for higher prices compared to other grocers, but the paper bags are free of charge.

Do hotel lobbies have bathrooms?

Yes, hotel lobbies typically have bathrooms. These facilities are generally well-maintained and clean while also stocking necessary supplies. In addition, most hotel lobbies have tourist information available, making them a great resource for visitors in new cities.

Are Whole Foods paper bags free?

Yes, Whole Foods paper bags are free with purchase. They offer great value and convenience at no extra cost, but shoppers should compare prices at Whole Foods to other grocers before buying grocery items due to higher prices at Whole Foods.

Can I bring a backpack to target?

Yes, you can bring a backpack to Target. However, it must be no larger than 5” x 9” in dimension. Diaper and medical bags may also be brought in, but they may be subject to a search upon entry.

Can you sit in a hotel lobby?

Yes, you can sit in a hotel lobby. It is a public area that is also private property and can be a great place to meet people or get a coffee or a drink from the bar. Many hotel lobbies also have a business center with a printer, but you will need to login with your room number.

Why are customers bathrooms only?

Bathrooms for customers-only is a policy that is often adopted by businesses. This is generally in order to maintain a high level of hygiene, protect customer privacy, and to adhere to health and safety regulations. These regulations, along with the business owners’ legal right to do so, allow businesses to keep their restrooms restricted to customers.

Does South Dakota have a Whole Foods?

Yes, South Dakota has a Whole Foods Market, located in Rapid City. This store was last updated in January 2023, according to Yelp. Customers can visit the store to experience its selection of fresh, organic products.

Can you use the bathroom in hotel lobbies?

Yes, you can use the bathroom in hotel lobbies. Most hotels in the US have public restroom facilities that are accessible to all. The staff in the lobby do not question guests using the restroom and so it can be used without need for further explanation.

Does Dollar General do well in a downturn?

Yes, Dollar General does well in a downturn. As many items in a Dollar General are 20 to 40 percent cheaper than other stores, shoppers are able to get great prices and save money during an economic downturn. The store’s selection of $1 or less items make it even more appealing when people are seeking to save money.

Does Dollar General own any stores?

No, Dollar General does not own any of its stores. Instead, it relies on existing and ready-made buildings, typically available to lease or buy on the open market. This helps Dollar General reduce real estate costs and stay agile by easily moving stores if needed.

When did Dollar General go public?

Dollar General went public in 1968. J.L. Turner and Son Inc had converted one of their department stores in Springfield, Kentucky into a Dollar General store in 1955. In 1968, the company changed their name to Dollar General Corporation and went public.

Is Dollar General a shell of its former self?

No, Dollar General is not a shell of its former self. The company has been expanding by purchasing Family Video stores in several locations, including Galesburg, IL; Hillsdale, MI; and Marshalltown, IA. Dollar General is continuously growing, proving that it is not a shell of its former self.

Final Thoughts

It appears that Dollar General stores typically do not have bathrooms available for customer use. This is likely because many of the stores are located in small spaces, making it difficult to fit in a bathroom. Additionally, from what we can gather from customer experiences, the bathrooms are usually in the back of the store and require some maneuvering to access. So it’s best to plan ahead if you need to find a place to use the restroom before entering a Dollar General store.