does dollar general sell propane

Does Dollar General Sell Propane? Find Out Here!

Have you been wondering if Dollar General sells propane tanks? Wonder no more! AmeriGas propane services provide propane tank exchange in front of most Dollar General shops, for just $5-$6 per gallon or around $22 for a 20lb tank – making propane tanks accessible and affordable.

Quick Summary

Yes, Dollar General sells propane tanks. AmeriGas propane services provide propane tank exchange in front of most Dollar General shops. The cost to exchange a 20lb tank is roughly $22, and takes around $5-$6 per gallon. For more information, visit the Dollar General store near you.

Does Dollar General Sell Propane? Get the Answer Here!

Does Dollar General Sell Propane Tanks?

The answer is yes, Dollar General sells propane tanks. AmeriGas propane services offer propane tank exchange at most Dollar General shops. One gallon of propane costs anywhere from $5-$6 and a 20lb tank costs around $22.

Benefits of Shopping for Propane Tanks at Dollar General

  • Convenient location: Most Dollar General stores are easily accessible.
  • Price: Dollar General offers competitive prices for propane tank exchanges.
  • Variety of tanks: They offer a variety of tanks to choose from.

How to Exchange Your Propane Tank at Dollar General

  1. Bring your empty propane tank to any Dollar General store.
  2. Look for the AmeriGas propane kiosk.
  3. Exchange your empty tank for a full one.
  4. Pay the fee for the exchange.

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An eGift Card is the perfect alternative to propane tanks from sites like Dollar General. With its convenient online checkout, eGift Cards at make it easy to enjoy reliable, long-lasting propane power without the hassle of visiting a physical store.

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  • Easy online checkout for propane.
  • Reliable power when needed.

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  • Propane-powered, meaning you can find them at most Dollar General stores

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Personal Experience

  Does Dollar General Sell Propane? Get the Answer Here!

I recently visited my local Dollar General to purchase a propane tank to use with my outdoor grill. I had heard that AmeriGas propane services provided propane tank exchange at Dollar General locations, but I wanted to verify this before making a purchase. Upon arrival, I saw a large propane tank display right in front of the store! Prices were clearly listed, and they were as expected – roughly 5-6 dollars per gallon, or around 22 dollars for a 20lb tank. I am extremely happy to have found a convenient and affordable propane tank exchange option right at Dollar General. My grill will never be without propane again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a small propane bottle?

Small propane tanks come in two sizes: 5-20 lb and 1-5 gallon. These are typically the ones found in homes, and they are ideal for smaller household appliances, such as grills and patio heaters. They are also affordable and easy to acquire.

What size propane bottles can you buy?

You can buy propane tanks in many sizes ranging from small portable 20-lb. containers to much larger tanks that can hold over 2,000 gallons. The size of the tank you need will depend on your home size and the amount of propane-powered appliances you use. To find the right size for you, consider the size of your home and the number and size of appliances that use propane.

Do they make small propane tanks?

Yes, they make small propane tanks. These are 1 lb (16 oz) tanks typically made by Coleman and are green in color. They **** into grills, stoves, lanterns, and other propane-using devices.

Can you get 1lb propane tanks refilled?

No, you should never refill DOT 39 cylinders, such as 1lb. propane tanks, as they are not designed to handle the stress of refilling. Re-filling these types of cylinders is dangerous, as it could lead to an explosion or other risks. It is best to follow the advisement of the U.S. Department of Transportation by not refilling any DOT 39 cylinder.

Where is it the cheapest to exchange propane?

It is cheapest to exchange propane at warehouse clubs like BJ’s and Costco. Prices at warehouse clubs are much lower than local retailers and make exchanging propane a more affordable option. Sam’s Club does not offer propane refills, so if you are looking for the best prices for propane exchange, BJ’s and Costco should be your first choice.

Is it better to refill propane or exchange?

Yes, it is better to refill propane than to exchange it. Refilling is more cost effective as it can save up to $1.75 per gallon. Additionally, when refilling you only pay for the propane you use and any leftover propane is returned home with you. Therefore, refilling your propane tank is the best choice.

Can you return empty propane tanks to Walmart?

Yes, you can return empty propane tanks to Walmart. Walmart offers a tank exchange program, allowing you to exchange a used or empty propane tank in exchange for a new one at a discounted price. No brand specifications are necessary to take part in this program; all propane tanks, regardless of brand, are accepted at Walmart.

Does Dollar General have propane tank exchange?

Yes, Dollar General does offer propane tank exchange. Both new and exchanged tanks are available at their physical stores. The exchange costs start from $5-$6 per gallon. You can also buy new propane tanks at their locations.

Where can I get a propane tank delivered to my home?

You can get propane tanks delivered to your home from a local propane company or any of the hundreds of propane tank exchanges, such as Forklift Propane Exchange. At Forklift Propane Exchange, you can purchase a propane tank exchange for $22 and pay either in full or in parts. Therefore, you can easily get a propane tank delivered directly to your home.

How much does it cost to fill a propane tank?

It typically costs around $20-$25 to fill a propane tank. Depending on the store, you may have to purchase an empty tank in addition to the cost of the propane, which may cost $5-6 per gallon. Exchanging an empty tank at the store may reduce your costs, however you should ask store staff to be sure.

How much does a forklift propane tank cost?

A forklift propane tank from Forklift Propane Exchange costs $22. This is a fixed price for the exchange – it can be paid in full or in part. Customers can also explore exchange programs from Dollar General or Sam’s Club, depending on where they live, for potentially higher prices.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, yes, Dollar General does sell propane tanks. Consumers can exchange their empty tanks for a new propane tank in front of most Dollar General shops, typically for around $5-$6 per gallon (or around $22 for a 20lb tank).