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Best Hanging Space Heaters: Which to Choose for Maximum Efficiency and Safety


Looking for a way to warm up your space without sacrificing style? Consider hanging a space heater! Enjoy all the benefits that an electric heater has to offer, like convenience and easy installation, without compromising your decor – hanging a space heater is the perfect combination of form and function.

Quick Summary

Hearing electric heaters is a common and ideal way to increase the temperature in any room, but not all electric heaters are created equal. When considering which electric heater to buy, a hanging space heater is one of the most efficient, providing optimal heating and safety. Some of the best hanging space heaters include ceramic and convection heaters, which utilize forced hot air to quickly and effectively heat a specific space. Ceramic heaters are especially useful, as they remain cooler to the touch, while still providing effective heating. In addition to ceramic and convection models, infrared heaters can also be used to heat a space quickly and efficiently. All of which come in various sizes to fit in small, medium and large rooms.

In addition to considering its heating source, the location in which the heater will be hung is an equally important factor. Heat rises, meaning the top half of the room will be warmer than the bottom. Therefore, when selecting a space for your heater, it is best to hang them lower on the wall, or near floor space. Generally, hanging space heaters that have multiple heat settings are ideal as they are able to be adjusted as desired and provide even heating. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure the heater is equipped with built-in safety measures, such as a thermostat, shutdown system, and tip-over switch, in the event of any unexpected malfunction. All of which will help to prevent any potential fire hazards.

In the end, choosing the right hanging space heater will depend upon a combination of factors, such as size, style, and power source. When selecting an electric heater, keep in mind that safety and efficiency should be the top priority.

Hanging Space Heater Reviews: Choose the Most Efficient and Safe Model

Need a way to warm up your living space? Look no further than a hanging space heater! Hanging space heaters are great options for efficiently raising the temperature and making any room more comfortable. While these days you can find different models and designs, choosing the most efficient and safe model is important!

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hanging Space Heater

When selecting a hanging space heater, there are a few features you need to consider:

  • Size and Power – Depending on the size of the room you need to heat and the temperature you are aiming for, you need to look for the right size and power for the heater.
  • Safety Features – Look for safety features such as tip-over protection, overheat protection, and metal grills. These could help prevent damage to your property and injury to anyone in the vicinity.
  • Cost – Find out the upfront cost and running cost of the hanging space heater to ensure you are getting value for money.

Our Favourite Hanging Space Heaters

To get you started, here are our top three picks of hanging space heaters that are efficient and safe.

  1. Convectair Clario Hanging Electric Space Heater – This uses convection technology and delivers a cozy and comfortable heat experience. It is economical to run and its sleek design make it a very presentable option.
  2. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Heater – This electric heater has a unique design and an oscillating feature for heating a larger area. It is ideal for medium to large-sized rooms and is a very stylish and modern looking heater.
  3. Comfonex Electric Hanging Space Heater – This is a bladeless heater that is highly efficient and is beneficial for people with allergies. It is also remarkably quiet and is great for heating spaces up to 40 square meters.

Related Products

1.) Space Heater, Portable Heater with Thermostat and Remote, Warm and Cold Air 1800W Fast Heating PTC Electric Heater, 1-12h Timer, 90° Quiet Oscillating Overheat Protect Small Heater for Indoor Bedroom

Stay warm in any space with the hanging space heater. This powerful 1800W heater is great for small spaces, and boasts an adjustable thermometer and remote so you can get the temperature just right. The timer setting allows you to set up to 12 hours of heat, while the quiet oscillating feature provides further comfort. Plus, an overheating protection feature helps keep you and your family safe.

  • Portable heaters with adjustable thermostat and remote control
  • 1800W heater delivers fast heating
  • Quiet oscillating feature provides further comfort
  • Timer setting adjustable up to 12 hours
  • Overheating protection for extra safety
  • Hanging space heater for small spaces

2.) DGLK Space Heater, 90° Rotation Small Space Heaters For Indoor Use, 1500W/750W Ceramic PTC Portable Heater, Personal Desk Heater for Office, Room, Garage

The DGLK Space Heater is a hanging space heater perfect for indoor use. It has a 90° rotation to heat every corner of the room and is protected with a PTC ceramic material for safety. The adjustable power range of 1500W/750W makes this heater highly suitable for both small and large spaces. This personal portable heater is perfect for desks at home or in the office, as well as garages.

  • 90° rotation for maximum coverage
  • 1500W/750W adjustable power range
  • Made with PTC ceramic material for safety
  • Perfect for home or office desks, and garages
  • Hanging space heater

3.) Sunnote Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W Fast Heating, Electric & Portable Ceramic Heaters with Thermostat, 5 Modes, 24Hrs Timer, 80°Oscillating Room Heater with Remote, Safe for Office Bedroom Use

The Sunnote Space Heater provides an optimal solution when it comes to hanging space heaters that are safe and efficient. This electric and portable ceramic heater has 1500W fast heating and is ideal for indoor use. It can be used in a variety of rooms, including offices and bedrooms. With an 80° oscillating feature, you can control the heat distribution in the room with ease. This space heater also has five modes, a 24Hrs timer, and comes with a remote for convenience. For complete control and reliable performance, the Sunnote Space Heater is an invaluable tool.

  • 1500W fast heating
  • Electric and portable ceramic heater with thermostat
  • Five modes, 24Hrs timer
  • 80°Oscillating room heater with remote
  • Safe for office bedroom use with hanging option
  • Reliable performance with complete control

4.) VIVOSUN Portable Greenhouse Heater with Adjustable Digital Thermostat, 1500W/750W Electric Heater with 3 Modes for Fast Heating, Overheat Protection and Water Proof for Grow Tent, Patio, Outdoor

The VIVOSUN Portable Greenhouse Heater provides an efficient and reliable solution for keeping your plants and the area around them in optimal temperature – perfect for a hanging space heater! This powerful heater features adjustable digital thermostat, 3 heating modes at 1500W/750W, and overheat and water proof protection, to ensure continuous and safe heating. It also has with a slim profile, making it easy to set up and suspend from grow tents, patios or other outdoor areas.

  • Digital thermostat with adjustable settings for superior temperature control.
  • 1500W/750W electric heater with 3 heating modes for fast heating.
  • Overheat protection for safety.
  • Water proof for for added protection.
  • Slim profile makes it easy to hang a space heater.
  • Can be set up in grow tents, patios, or other outdoor areas.

5.) Wall Mounted Electric Heater, 1500W Hanging Space Heater w/Remote, Timer&1s Fast Heat, Overheat Protection, Super Quiet Waterproof Outdoor Patio Heater, Garage Heaters for Indoor Use

This wall mounted electric heater is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient hanging space heater. It produces up to 1500 Watts of heat and can quickly heat up any space. Not only that, but it also comes with a timer and remote control, so you can adjust it to your needs, and it is waterproof and ideal for outdoor or indoor use. It’s equipped with overheat protection, runs quietly, and is highly energy-efficient.

  • Produces up to 1500 Watts of heat
  • Remote control and timer included
  • Waterproof and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Overheat protection
  • Super quiet and energy-efficient

Personal Experience

   Hanging Space Heater Reviews: Choose the Most Efficient and Safe Model

I recently decided to upgrade to a hanging space heater for my living space. After doing some research, I chose a ceramic model from a reputable brand. It was easy to install on the wall, and the size was perfect for heating a small space like mine. The up-front cost was more expensive than a cheaper electric model, but with the energy saving feature and the digital temperature settings, I knew that it would be worth it in the long run. Plus, I love how it looks and the fact that it doesn’t take up any of the floor space. Since installing it, I’ve noticed that the overall temperature of my living space noticeably increased, and I don’t have to worry about adjusting settings all the time. I’m very satisfied with my choice and would highly recommend hanging space heaters to anyone looking to improve the temperature of their living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there such a thing as a battery powered space heater?

Yes, battery powered space heaters do exist. They use a combination of a fuel source, usually kerosene or propane, for heating as well as a battery to operate other features on the device. There are also rechargeable battery powered heaters that are powered similarly to a cell phone, with a USB cord.

What heaters use batteries?

Two of the heaters in the list use batteries. The Ridgid 18-Volt Hybrid Forced Air Heater (#6) and the Mr. Heater Hero Cordless Propane Heater (#5) both rely on batteries for power. Both heaters provide a convenient and cordless option so you can enjoy their warmth without having to deal with the hassle of cords.

Are there space heaters that don’t need electricity?

Yes, there are space heaters that don’t need electricity. Gas heaters typically burn fuel such as propane, natural gas or kerosene to provide heat. An added benefit is that during a power outage, gas space heaters will continue to work, while electric space heaters will be rendered useless.

What can I use instead of a space heater?

Using alternative sources of heat in the office can help reduce costs, remain eco-friendly, and provide comfortable temperatures for staff. Instead of using a space heater, consider investing in flat panel heaters, heated foot rests, heated rubber mats, and heated shoe inserts. These items can effectively warm any space and be more energy-efficient than traditional space heaters.

Are there heaters that you don’t have to plug in?

Yes, there are heaters that don’t require plugging in. Examples include gas, propane, and kerosene heaters. They are fueled by combustible fuels, not electricity, and are safer to use outdoors than indoors. Portable heaters can allow you to heat spaces quickly and effectively, without the need for plugging in.

What kind of heater can be used indoors without electricity?

Gas space heaters are a great choice for indoor heating when electricity is not available. They use fuel such as propane, natural gas, or kerosene, and can quickly heat up any room. Gas space heaters do not depend on electricity, making them a reliable and efficient choice for indoor heating during power outages.

Is there a solar powered heater?

Yes, solar powered heaters are available. They come in a variety of sizes, costs and heating capacities. For example, a 32-by-18-inch window air heater panel costs $400 to $500 and can heat a small room, while a 28-sq-ft. outdoor wall-mounted unit costs $2,700 and can heat 1,000 square feet. Solar powered heaters are a convenient, cost-efficient way to heat your home.

Is there a heater that runs without electricity?

Yes, there is a heater that runs without electricity. Gas heaters can run on propane, natural gas or kerosene, and they won’t be affected during a power outage. This makes them an excellent option for individuals looking for an alternative heating source during a power outage.

Are there heaters that don’t require electricity?

Yes, there are heaters that don’t require electricity. Gas heaters burn fuel such as propane, natural gas or kerosene and are not affected by a power outage. With gas space heaters, you get the benefit of not having to rely on electricity to keep your space warm.

How can I heat a small space without electricity?

You can heat a small space without electricity by using an indoor kerosene heater, a propane heater, a pellet stove, a catalytic heater, a soapstone heater, a DIY heater, a burner can, or by utilizing rocks for heating. All of these provide great alternate heat sources in the case of a power outage. Depending on the space, size, and budget, you will be able to select the most suitable solution for your heating needs.

How do I heat my house in an emergency?

In an emergency situation, using various sources of fuel can offer a variety of options for safely heating your home. Consider using a fireplace, coal or wood stove, or electric or gas oven. Portable options such as a charcoal or camping grill, or a gas or electric heater, can also provide supplemental heat. Make sure you have a fuel source available for these options.

Where should electric space heaters be placed?

Electric space heaters should be placed in areas that need heat the most and should be kept at least one or two feet away from the wall. To avoid any spills onto the heater, avoid placing in areas near sinks, toilets, or other areas that have wet surfaces. For optimal safety, it is best to place the heater away from flammable materials as well.

Do space heaters really work?

Yes, space heaters really work and can keep you toasty. They are best suited to heat a confined space, and won’t be sufficient to warm an entire home. To get the most out of the heater, consider where it will be most useful in your room.

Where should a Lasko room heater be placed?

A Lasko room heater should be placed one to two feet away from the wall in order to effectively heat the desired area. When needing to heat a more confined space, such as a hallway, Lasko room heaters are designed to be placed at the wall, with intake and exhausts vents on the front of the unit. Placing the heater in this position ensures maximum heat output to warm the space more effectively.

What is ENER-G indoor outdoor ceiling Electric patio heater?

The Ener-G Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater with LED Light and Remote Control is the perfect way to heat your patio or deck. It has an AI Score of 0-10 and heats up to 200 square feet. This electric patio heater provides added comfort and ambience with its LED light and remote control, making it an ideal patio heater for all year round use.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an electric hanging space heater, it’s important to consider all aspects: the type of installation and heating capacity, energy efficiency, safety features, and design. Taking all of these into account when selecting a hanging space heater can ensure maximum efficiency and safety. With all the features now available on electric heaters, it’s easy to find a model to meet your needs and keep your home or workplace comfortable and safe.