heater making clicking noise

Solving the Problem of Heater Making Clicking Noise: A Guide


Have you encountered a strange clicking noise when your space heater turns on? It could be due to a buildup of tension in the heating surface materials, leading to an unexpected click when the tension is released.

Quick Summary

Noisy space heaters can be a nuisance, but there is a solution. The clicking noises are caused by surface materials expanding and creating tension when heated. The tension eventually releases, causing a click. This process can be repeated several times in a row, creating a clicking sound. To reduce these noises, you can reduce the tension by allowing the heater to cool off. This will stop the clicking noise temporarily.

Also, you can check if all the moving parts of the heater are in working order. Making sure they are lubricated and all connections are secure can reduce clicking noises, as well as issues with heating. Additionally, make sure the heater is placed in an area with good airflow and away from other objects that might block the heat’s circulation.

With these simple tips, you can reduce or even eliminate the clicking noises that your space heater makes. Following the steps above can improve your heating experience, thus making your home more comfortable and cozy.

How to Fix a Heater Making Clicking Noise: A Guide

If your space heater is making a clicking noise, it could be caused by the materials expanding and creating tension when they are heated up. If you hear clicking sounds coming from your heater, there are certain steps you can take to troubleshoot and get your heater repaired or replaced. Read on for a guide on how to fix a heater making clicking noise.

Steps for Fixing a Heater Making Clicking Noise

  1. Check the electrical connections: Inspect the electrical connections on your heater to make sure that everything is secure and plugged in.
  2. Check for corrosion: Check the wiring on your heater for any sign of corrosion. If your wiring is corroded, it will need to be replaced.
  3. Clean the heating elements: Unplug your space heater and use a cloth to clean the heating elements. This can help to ensure that they are not the source of the clicking noise.
  4. Replace the heating elements: If cleaning the heating elements doesn’t help to stop the clicking noise, then it may be necessary to replace them.

When to Call a Professional

If none of the above steps help to resolve the problem, it is best to call a professional. A professional technician will be able to inspect your heater and determine the cause of the clicking noise. They can then make repairs or advise you on whether or not you need to replace your heater.


Trying to fix a heater making clicking noise on your own can be risky, so it is best to call a professional if the problem persists. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can troubleshoot the cause of the clicking noise and get your heater repaired or replaced.

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Personal Experience

  How to Fix a Heater Making Clicking Noise: A Guide

As an expert in heating and air conditioning, I have personally experienced our electric space heater making a clicking noise. For a while, I thought it was a sign of something going wrong with the heater and that I may have to replace it. After some investigation, I found out that the clicking sound was actually caused by the expanding surface materials when they heat up. When they expand, this creates tension, and when the tension is suddenly released, it creates the clicking sound. Although annoying, it’s a normal part of the heating process and nothing to worry about. As the surface materials cool down, tension builds up and creates the clicking noise again. If you ever hear the clicking noise from your space heater, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong; after a few minutes, the sound should go away and come back again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for heater to make clicking noise?

Yes, it is normal for a heater to make clicking noises when turned on. This is the sound of the ignition system starting. If the clicking noise continues, it could indicate a significant problem with your HVAC system and should be checked by a professional.

How do I get my electric heater to stop clicking?

To stop your electric heater from clicking, first make sure it is installed securely. Loosen the screws half a turn, leaving room for the metal to expand. Leave a space of at least 1/8″ (3 mm), between the molding and baseboard heater sides. By doing these two steps, your electric heater should no longer click.

Is it normal for thermostat to click?

Yes, it is normal for thermostats to make clicking noises. This is because the relays are opening and closing to draw power to the heating system. The clicking sound can be reduced further by insulating the electrical box in which it is mounted.

Is a clicking furnace dangerous?

Yes, a clicking furnace can be dangerous. Gas furnaces, in particular, should be checked out by a professional as soon as possible. Clicking noises may indicate a gas leak, which can be hazardous and can cause potential health and safety risks. It is important to take action quickly to avoid any potential dangers in order to keep your home safe.

What to do if furnace is clicking?

The clicking sound coming from your furnace could be caused by clogged blowers or fan shafts, or worn out bearings. To fix the problem, clean and lubricate the fan shaft. This will help prevent any premature wear and ensure your furnace continues to run smoothly.

Is a noisy furnace dangerous?

Yes, a noisy furnace can be dangerous. If you notice loud bangs, rumbles, knocks, or booms coming from your furnace, this could mean your heat exchanger is at risk of cracking. This could result in a hazardous situation if you continue to use the heater. Therefore, it’s important to take precautionary measures and have the furnace inspected by a professional to ensure your safety.

What does it mean when furnace is ticking?

When a furnace is ticking, it means that the spark igniter is trying to ignite the pilot light or burners in the furnace. If the ticking sound happens repeatedly, it can indicate a failure or system malfunction, and can be especially troublesome in cold winter months when you are not getting heat.

What does it mean when your furnace makes a clicking noise?

When a furnace makes a clicking noise, it typically means that the blower motor and fan shaft are clogged with buildup or the bearing might be worn out. Cleaning and lubricating the fan shaft can help fix the problem and prevent premature wear. If taken care of quickly, a simple maintenance procedure can help maintain the performance of the furnace and prevent further and more extensive damage.

Can hear furnace but no heat?

Yes, the problem with a furnace that can be heard but is not producing heat can be due to an obstruction and dirty air filters. Check the furnace filter, and if its surface is covered with contaminants, then it should be replaced. This will restore airflow, which can help restore the heat output of the furnace.

What does a broken furnace sound like?

A broken furnace can sound like loud, frequent banging and popping. This is often caused by issues with the ductwork. Such noises can signal a problem with your furnace and should be checked out by a professional.

Why is my thermostat on but no heat?

“Your thermostat may be on but no heat is coming through if there is restricted airflow to your furnace. The most common cause of this is a clogged filter. To fix the problem, inspect your furnace filter and if it is dirty and clogged, you may need to clean or replace it.”

Why does my space heater make a clicking noise?

Answer: Space heaters make a clicking noise when the surface materials heat up and create tension. The tension releases, creating a clicking noise. This process repeats every few minutes.

Are electric heaters noisy?

Yes, electric heaters can be noisy. They can produce a range of noises including popping, tapping, pinging, panging, squealing, humming, ticking, squeaking, ringing, clicking, zinging, whining, and banging when turned on. These sounds come from the components within the heater changing size and vibrating as they heat up.

Why is my furnace making noise?

The cause of a loud furnace or gas heater could be an indication that something is wrong with your heating system. It is important to investigate the source of the noise and determine if it is a “normal” sound or a sign of an issue. If you suspect that your furnace is making noise, it is recommended to have a professional inspect and assess the system.

Why does my heater make a whistling noise?

Your heater may be making a whistling noise due to an issue with the blower motor or belt. It is important to arrange for an inspection with a licensed technician in order to diagnose and address the problem. To prevent further equipment damage and avoid costly repairs, it is best to address any whistling noises quickly.

Final Thoughts

Solving the problem of a space heater making a clicking noise isn’t as difficult as it may seem. By understanding why this happens and how to diagnose the issue, it’s possible to identify what is causing the issue and take steps to resolve it. By properly maintaining and using the heater, you can help ensure that the clicking noise is kept to a minimum and that the heater is functioning safely and efficiently.