How To Cool A Room Without Windows: 10 Easy Ways To Try

Rooms with no windows can get uncomfortably hot during the summer season. The lack of ventilation will trap humidity and high temperatures, which can be dangerous for the people inside. Knowing how to cool a room without windows is possible, but you have to do it right.

Take note that it’s not just about bringing the temperature down. With no windows, ventilation in your room will be little to none. This will allow toxic gasses to accumulate and put your life at risk.

To help you out, I listed here some 9useful tips that you can use to cool your windowless room.

How To Cool A Room Without Windows

Having no windows inside your room is a struggle. To keep the room cool, you can try the following steps:

1. Use a ceiling fan

how to cool a room without windows

Ceiling fans can do so much inside a windowless room. It will allow the air to circulate inside and escape through the door.

With no windows, the air is stagnant, which will make the room feel hotter. The body temperature of the people and pets inside will also make the heat worse. While ceiling fans don’t blow as much wind as box fans do, they still do you a big favor.

Ceiling fans are an excellent first step in cooling a windowless room. You can also pair that with the other tips I discussed here.

2. Run portable coolers

Portable evaporative coolers are another option to cool down your windowless room. It’s budget-friendly, convenient, and easy to use than full-sized air conditioners.

Most portable coolers look like standing fans, but they release moisture into the air. Many units can be topped up with ice, and the cooler will evaporate the cold water. This will give you a cool and misty feel, which is a good way to beat the heat during summer.

If you’re looking for a reliable evaporative cooler, I highly suggest the BREEZEWELL 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner. You can use it as a typical fan or a humidifier by adding cool water. Ultimately, you can speed up the cooling process by adding ice into the tank.

Another great thing about the BREEZEWELL Portable Air Conditioner is its 65-degree oscillation. It’s also equipped with 360-degree swivel wheels for easy mobility. This cooler is also offered for a very competitive price.

3. Install a ductless air conditioner

how to cool a room without windows

If the heat is unbearable inside your windowless room, you can invest in a ductless air conditioner. With this system, the indoor unit is mounted on the wall, and the condenser is located outside. These components are connected with electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. It will only require you to make a small hole in the wall.

There are no ducts needed here, and you can install one unit for every room. Just make sure that the condenser outdoors isn’t located in direct sunlight.

Overall, this a very effective way to beat the heat indoors, but it will surely consume a lot of power. Make sure that you seal gaps and cracks to prevent cool air from escaping.

4. Switch to LED lights

Do you outdated incandescent bulbs inside your windowless room? If so, you should swap it to LED bulbs right away. Incandescent lights are notorious for producing excessive heat, not to mention that they also consume a lot of electricity.

Incandescent bulbs emit around 90% of their consumed electricity as heat. This is way higher than modern LED lights that only use 20% to 50% of consumed energy to create heat.

There’s no reason not to switch to LED bulbs. For one, LED lights last longer than incandescent and even fluorescent counterparts. It will let you save more money while reducing the heat inside your room.

5. Use some ice

If you can’t afford an evaporative cooler, you can improvise with some ice in front of an electric fan. This will also provide a misty relief inside your room. You simply have to place ice cubes in a bowl then letting them melt in front of your fan.

However, make sure that you won’t accidentally tip the bowl over. Also, this method offers more relief if you’ll stay closer to the fan. This will let you feel the coolness better.

6. Reduce heat-producing appliances

All appliances produce heat to some extent. Televisions, sound systems, and computers will also convert a certain amount of electrical energy into heat.

Also, you should avoid using stoves, portable grills, or ovens inside a windowless room. Although these are electrically powered and unlikely to produce carbon monoxide, they will still produce a lot of heat. In no time, your windowless room will feel like a sauna.

If you need run appliances inside your room, make sure that you keep a fan on. This will allow the heat to dissipate while keeping the door open.

7. Minimize furniture

Too many pieces of furniture will prevent airflow inside your windowless room. It’s best to minimize anything that will block the airflow, especially if you don’t really need specific fixtures.

Also, you should remove clutter that prevents the air from moving. Aside from that, clutter will make your room look unkempt and uncomfortable.

You should be wise about your choice of furniture, too. For example, if you’re placing a couch inside a room with no windows, you should choose fabric options. Unlike leather, fabric couches are cooler to touch. Just avoid wooly types since it gets linty and will chafe your skin in warm conditions.

8. Use the two-fan method.

With the two fan method, you’ll point an electric fan to the ceiling then another toward the door. The concept here is that the one-pointed on the ceiling will disrupt the hot air. Remember, hot air rises.

Next, the fan pointed to the door will suck out the hot air from the room. This will help reduce the heat inside a windowless room as well as aerating odors and gasses.

With this setup, the fan directed towards the door will act as an exhaust fan. This will help replace the air inside your room even if you don’t have windows.

9. Add indoor plants

Indoor plants are a great way to have more oxygen inside a room with no windows. It will also help purify the air to some extent, which will boost the benefits of your air purifier.

Some of the best picks are snake plant, weeping fig, rubber plant, palms, and Chinese Evergreen. However, you should be careful if you have pets because some of these plants are toxic to both cats and dogs when ingested.

10. Cool down your internal temperature

Another way that can help you feel cooler inside a windowless room is by keeping easing your body temperature as well. Drink iced tea or simply cold water to help you cool down. Never drink alcoholic drinks as this will make you feel warmer and uncomfortable.

Aside from that, a quick shower will also make a big difference. Dried sweat can make us feel warmer than usual, so a quick cleanse should help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it bad to live in a room without windows?

A: It’s unsafe to live in a room without windows because it traps gasses and irritants. While there’s a workaround to avoid such hazards, it’s still best to design your home with proper ventilation. You also have to put safeguards in place, including carbon monoxide alarms, humidistat, and so on.

Q: What will happen if you sleep in a room without ventilation?

A: Sleeping in a room without ventilation can cause suffocation, especially if the room is sealed. Repeatedly sleeping inside this room will also expose you to a higher risk of mold poisoning as well as carbon monoxide exposure. If possible, opt for a room without ample ventilation, or better yet, construction on a window on it.

Q: Why does my bedroom smell in the morning?

A: If your bedroom is stuffy in the morning, it’s usually the accumulation of body odor, sweat, and lack of ventilation. And if you tend to fart while sleeping, you shouldn’t be surprised if your room will stink in the morning. Keeping the air flowing while you sleep will help prevent this.

Q: Does putting a towel over a fan make my room cooler?

A: Putting a damp towel over your fan can help cool the air. However, make sure that there’s still proper ventilation as the moisture may transfer to your walls. For better cooling, you can soak the towel in cold water first.

Q: What happens if you never open your windows?

A: Keeping your windows shut can cause condensation problems in the long run due to the temperature differences indoors and outdoors. Also, you’re missing the chance to aerate gasses and irritants that could be harmful to your family. Volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and smoke must be ventilated immediately before it accumulates in high levels.

Q: How do I stop my house from heating my windowless room?

A: The high temperatures outdoors can make a windowless room scorching hot. In this case, you should maintain continuous ventilation through the use of fans. Planting brushes nearby your house will also offer shade that will block direct sunlight.

Final words

Knowing how to cool a room without windows is possible with a few hacks. You should always aim for ventilation with the use of electric fans, air conditioning units, and more. It’s also crucial to put safeguards to prevent noxious gas from being trapped inside your windowless room. Reducing heat sources and being smart with your furniture options will also help.

Do you have other tips to share? Let us know below in the comment section!