how to hide campfire smoke

How to Hide Campfire Smoke – Tips and Strategies to Prevent Excessive Smoke

Are you looking for an effective way to hide the smoke when making a campfire? Learn how to build a fire hole and reduce the smoke billowing out of your campfire with these simple steps.

Quick Summary

Campfire smoke can create a nuisance and spread health risks, so it’s important to know how to hide it. The first and most effective step in hiding campfire smoke is to build a fire hole. A fire hole is a shallow pit dug into the ground and sized large enough to hold several logs. This helps to keep ash and glowing embers contained. Burning dry, seasoned wood generates longer-lasting, hotter fires that create less smoke. Start with small logs and gradually build larger ones as the fire grows. Keeping a low fire reduces smoke and enhances efficiency. Raising the fire above the level of the fire hole helps direct the smoke away from the pit. Make sure to keep the fire away from dense foliage or structures that can catch ablaze. Having a tarp or blanket on hand to cover the fire when needed also keeps the raging flames contained and prevents smoke from billowing out. Lastly, remain mindful of weather conditions that can cause smoke to dissipate more slowly.

Reduce Campfire Smoke: Tips and Strategies to Keep the Air Clear

Building a Fire Hole

The first step to hiding campfire smoke is to build a fire hole. This is a shallow pit dug into the ground where the embers will burn out. The size of the fire hole should be large enough to hold several logs for a longer and smokier fire. It’s important to be mindful of surrounding trees and plants when digging into the earth. Those close to the fire may catch fire, so create an appropriate distance between the fire and its surroundings.

Firewood Management

One of the best ways to reduce campfire smoke is through firewood management. Burning dry and seasoned firewood produces fewer embers and smoke than green or unseasoned wood, so stock up on dry firewood if you’re looking to avoid uncomfortable smoke. Also, using smaller pieces of wood will help because they will burn quicker, releasing fewer ashes and smoke.


If you’re trying to minimize campfire smoke, then ventilation is key. The heat and smoke should be drawn upwards and away from the fire. Position the fire away from walls, tents, trees, and shrubs that will block the smoke from escaping. In circular or open areas, create a windbreak or place a stack of rocks in a semicircle to divert the airflow and reduce the escape of smoke.


When your campfire is done burning and you are ready to put it out, using water is the best way to reduce smoke. As you pour the water, cover each ember and piece of wood with a thin layer of dirt to suffocate the fire until you’re sure it’s all put out. An ember is capable of starting a fire if left unnoticed. In addition, use your shovel or a stick to spread the ashes around and speed up cooling process.

Tips for Effective Smokeless Campfire

  • Avoid burning green wood and other wet materials.
  • Use small pieces of wood for a shorter and quicker burning fire.
  • Create an air channel away from the fire.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and take extra precaution for nearby trees or shrubs.
  • Always douse with water and cover the embers with dirt.

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Personal Experience

  Reduce Campfire Smoke: Tips and Strategies to Keep the Air Clear

Personally, I’ve been out in the wilderness plenty of times having to hide campfire smoke, and I can tell you that having the right plan in place is critical. The first step to limiting the visibility of campfire smoke is to build a fire hole. This is a shallow pit dug into the ground where the embers will burn out. Typically, the fire hole should be about twice as wide as the length of the log you’re burning and a few inches deep, but you can make it as large as you’d like. Lastly, make sure there are no flammable items nearby and build a protective rock wall around the fire pit using rocks or stones.

The next step to hiding the smoke is to add water to the pit. Before you do this, get your fire going and feed it some logs. Once the logs start burning, add some water to the pit and keep adding water while stirring the embers until there aren’t any embers visible anymore. This will help not just reduce the smoke, but also generate more heat. You can also add some damp foliage and debris to ensure that the smoke levels stay as low as possible.

Lastly, if you have materials like moss, dirt and sand on hand, then you can use them. Simply throw these materials over the fire hole to contain the smoke. Of course, once you’re done with the fire, you should ensure that the fire hole has been filled in so that it does not pose a hazard to anyone. Following these steps will help you create a campfire safely and effectively with minimal smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put out a smoldering campfire?

The best way to put out a smoldering campfire is to first drown it with water. Then mix the ashes and embers with soil, scrape all partially-burned sticks and logs to ensure there are no hot embers remaining. Finally, stir the embers once they are covered to ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

Can you leave a smoldering fire unattended?

No, you should never leave a smoldering fire unattended. It can quickly become a safety hazard if left smoldering or not properly extinguished with water, dirt, and stirring. Ensuring that your campfire is completely extinguished is the safest way to prevent fires and protect yourself, your spot, and the environment.

Can you see fire smoke at night?

No, you cannot see fire smoke at night. Illumination levels are usually too low to detect smoke and any fire that is smoldering cannot be detected promptly. Overall, it is not possible to see smoke from a fire in the dark.

What blocks block campfire smoke?

Answer: Trap doors are an effective way to block campfire smoke. They are thinner than slabs, but can still prevent smoke from spreading. Trap doors are the best way to effectively block campfire smoke and keep smoke from floating up.

How do you put embers out without water?

The most effective way of putting out embers without water is to use sand or dirt. Use a shovel to shovel the sand or dirt onto the embers and the fire will go out. This method is a fast and safe way to extinguish a fire.

How far away can you see smoke at night?

At night, smoke columns can typically be seen up to 10-20 miles away. If the smoke columns appear closer than this, it is safest to evacuate the area. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and stay alert to any potential danger.

How far away can you see campfire smoke?

You can see campfire smoke from up to 10 miles away. Individuals who are sensitive to smoke should take extra caution and reduce prolonged or strong physical activity. Camping with campfires can be enjoyed safely as long as smoke can be seen from no more than 10 miles away.

How do you put out a Smouldering fire?

To put out a smouldering fire, use a shovel to pile sand and dirt on the coals. Then, mix the cinders, sand, and dirt together with a shovel or stick. Ensure the fire is out completely by stirring the dirt. Finally, wait for the fire to cool down before you leave.

How far away can you see smoke from a fire?

You can see smoke from a fire up to 10 miles away, depending on the visibility range. This is usually considered to be in a moderate health category, meaning that people with sensitivity should be aware and minimize heavy or prolonged exertion. In these cases, it is always best to be mindful of your health and ensure you stay a safe distance away.

How long can a fire smolder?

A fire can smolder for several days. According to Rein (2016), smoldering is a type of low-intensity fire which spreads slowly and releases a small amount of energy over time. As an example, the Kippure Estate section of a fire was still smoldering after 6 days (Keeley, 2009).

How do you put out a bonfire without water?

Using dirt or sand is an easy way to put out a bonfire without water. Using a shovel, scoop dry sand or dirt into the bonfire to extinguish the fire. This method is a simple and effective way to put out a bonfire without the need for water.

How do you prevent campfire smoke?

To prevent campfire smoke, you can dig two pits connected by a small tunnel. Place the wood in one pit, while the other provides the necessary oxygen for the fire to keep burning. This method provides enough airflow for the wood to burn without creating a lot of smoke.

Can you put Wood in a campfire?

Yes, you can put wood in a campfire. However, it is important to do it in stages to prevent producing too much smoke. Start by adding small sticks and twigs and slowly add larger pieces of wood as needed. Remember, adding too much wood at once can hinder the fire’s ability to burn it efficiently.

Can you stop a fire from smoking?

No, it is impossible to stop a fire from smoking altogether. However, using techniques such as using dry wood, keeping a steady flame, and using a proper airflow can help keep the smoke to a minimum. It is best to remember that all fires will produce at least some smoke.

How do you keep firewood from smoking?

The best way to keep firewood from smoking is to allow it to season or buy kiln dried firewood. Additionally, it is important to avoid tossing leaves, grass clippings, pine straw, or other debris into the fire, as this may cause more smoke. To avoid smoke while burning firewood, make sure it is properly dried or kiln dried.

Final Thoughts

After following the tips and strategies mentioned in this article, you can effectively hide campfire smoke and prevent excessive smoke. Building a fire hole is an important step that can help to contain the embers and minimize the amount of smoke released. Additionally, adding wet leaves and other organic material to the fire has proven to be an excellent way of reducing the smoke produced. Finally, when possible, build your campfire during windy times of the day. This will help dissipate the smoke better. By using these steps, you can help to protect yourself and the environment from dangerous campfire smoke.