how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally

How To Keep Bathroom Smelling Fresh Naturally – 15 Easy Tips!

Bathrooms are notorious for unpleasant smells. Still, you shouldn’t have to endure the stink every time you’re using the loo.  There are ways on how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally, and your can of air freshener isn’t the only answer.

In this post, I will share easy solutions that will save your nose the next time your bathroom starts smelling bad. The best part is that these solutions are readily available in your home.

But before we dive into the fresh tips, it’s important that we know first why bathrooms stink.

Why does my bathroom stink?

how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally

It’s not really surprising that bathrooms stink. Besides, we use it to relieve and clean ourselves regularly. Paired with trapped moisture, a slew of body products, and darkness, bathrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.

In a nutshell, here are the common reasons why your bathroom stinks:

  • Clogged drains. Clogged drains can harbor soap suds, dirt, and bacterial growth. For one, your shower drains can have trapped hair, soap, dirt, and so on. Over the days, this concoction will start to emit a bad smell. The same goes for your bathroom sink if you fail to clean them.
  • Toilet dirt. Bathroom toilets are the leading cause of the bad smell. Poop and pee go in there, so this one isn’t really surprising. If you don’t scrub the toilet seat, bacteria and mold will grow, causing a very foul odor.
  • Trapped water. Trapped water underneath your bathtub liner or leaks from pipes will lead to a foul smell later on. This is because trapped moisture allows the proliferation of bacteria and fungi left unnoticed for months.
  • Blockage on the sewerage system. Is your bathroom smelling like a sewer? There’s probably a problem with your sewerage drain. It’s best to hire a professional plumber to inspect this part and to receive the proper solution.
  • Dirty towels. Sometimes, it’s not your bathroom but your towels that are emitting an unpleasant odor. If you can’t remember the last time you wash your towels, don’t be surprised if your bathroom will be stuffy. Worse, it will also make your skin itch due to the dirt on the towels you keep using.

How to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally

Personally, I hate cleaning bathrooms with a passion. Still, someone has to do it. With a few tips from my friends, I found out that the hacks below can make your bathroom smelling fresh.

However, you should remember that proper cleaning is still necessary. Otherwise, you’ll just mask the bad odor and not really solve the root of it.

Once you’ve removed clogs, blockages, and trapped dirt, the following tips will help freshen up the bathroom air:

✔️Clean the bathroom regularly

how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally

The only way to remove the bad smell in your bathroom is to clean it regularly. You should perform deep-cleaning in your bathroom every week to disinfect the toilet, sink, and other surfaces.

In general, you have to deep-clean the bathtub twice a month. You can do so more frequently if there are more people using the bathroom than usual. 

Remember that bacteria and viruses can spread up to six feet from the toilet. This is why you shouldn’t neglect your bathroom floors, door, and other surfaces within the six feet radius.

Keeping all surfaces clean and dry will prevent the proliferation of smell-inducing microorganisms.

✔️Observe proper ventilation

Without ventilation, your bathroom will smell stuffy as the stagnant air remains trapped inside. This is why it’s wise to swing your bathroom windows open to let the fresh air in.

Also, opening the windows will allow moisture to dry, preventing the onset of mold infestation. It will also help in dispersing bad odors to keep the air smelling fresh. It’s also good if direct sunlight will enter the bathroom as it will act as a natural disinfectant.

Moreover, I suggest installing an exhaust fan on your bathroom wall if possible. This will suck out the air and bad odors right away.

✔️Wipe all surfaces daily

You should make it a habit to wipe all surfaces in your bathroom right after a bath. By doing so, you’re removing an unnecessary moisture source where odor-producing bacteria may grow.

Use a clean towel to wipe these surfaces. After that, wash the towel for your next use. This will prevent the spread of bacteria you’ve collected from your bathroom. It will also stop odor from forming on the fabric.

✔️Hang activated charcoal bags

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A natural way to remove bad odors in your bathroom is by hanging activated charcoal bags inside. Activated charcoal will adsorb malodors to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

You can get these charcoal bags in various sizes. Unlike typical charcoal, activated types are about three times more effective in adsorbing odors and irritants.

Remember that activated charcoal bags adsorb, not absorb. This means that the activated charcoal material will just trap the odor-causing particulates. This is why you need to replace them regularly to prevent the irritants from recirculating in your bathroom.

Overall, activated charcoal bags are cheap and easy to come by. Also, it would be faster to remove the smell by hanging large charcoal bags. This is also an effective solution for any room in your house.

✔️Use some essential oils

Do you want your bathroom to smell like an aromatherapy salon? If so, you should diffuse some of your favorite essential oils.

Since diffusers can be a hazard inside the bathroom, there are other ways to utilize the oils. First, you can add a drop on the tissue roll. You can also place two drops of your chosen essential oil into used tea bags. You can hang these tea bags on your shower head, so you’ll enjoy the smell as you rinse your body.

If you want to keep things simple, you can place several drops of oil on cotton balls. You can place these cotton balls inside a mason jar right next to your sink. 

✔️Light a scented candle

If you find essential oils a bit messy to deal with, the best alternative is scented candles. Like essential oils, scented candles are available in various scents. You can use lavender, lemon, or mint for a refreshing smell.

While you use the bathroom, you can light up your favorite scented candle to remove any bad odors. Make sure that you place it away from combustible items. I usually place mine in the middle of a bowl with water to prevent the risk of fire.

Also, you should avoid leaving a lit scented candle inside the bathroom if you’re not using it. This is a fire hazard, especially if you have kids around.

✔️Leave aromatic soaps inside

how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally

Leaving aromatic soaps inside your bathroom is a good way to keep it smelling fresh. I do this even if I’m not really using the soap. It’s a safe method, and your guests will also have an option to use the fragrant soap you placed inside the bathroom.

I prefer floral soap since they tend to have a strong scent that wafts all over the bathroom. You can place one by one sink, one by the window, one at the shower. You can also hang it using mesh material.

✔️Hang some fresh mint leaves

One way on how to keep bathroom smelling fresh naturally is by hanging some mint leaves. A bunch of mint leaves still on the branch is a good way to add a refreshing touch to your bathroom.

You can hang the leaves on your shower head, so it will give off a nice whiff while you’re showering. You can pinch some of the leaves for the best results to unravel the juices and odor. I noticed that the mint smell is stronger when taking hot showers, which is a good thing if your bathroom is really stinky.

If you’re worried about the leaves falling and blocking the drain, you can place it inside a mesh bag before hanging. You can also pound it a little bit for a stronger odor.

✔️Squeeze orange juice into the toilet tank

If the bad smell is coming from your toilet, one way to solve it is to squeeze a slice of orange into the water tank. With this, your bathroom will have a sweet citrus smell every time you flush. You can also try lemon if you’re worried about ants.

However, I don’t recommend leaving the citrus slices into the tank as it may cause a blockage. Just squeeze the juice, and it should do its magic.

Some opt for fabric conditioners, though it’s not really a natural method. Nevertheless, it comes in handy as an alternative if you run out of lemons.

✔️Place baking soda jars

Baking soda is a popular cleaning agent. Its popularity is due to its safe and natural properties that can neutralize bad odors.

To use this, simply pour baking soda powder into jars and leave it inside the bathroom. This will act like activated charcoal that will absorb foul smells in the air.

Another method you can try is using the foot of your old pantyhose so that you can hang the baking soda into your shower head. Simply add the powder into the pantyhose, tie the end, and hang it. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to enhance the odor of your bathroom.

✔️Stash some coffee beans

Are you a coffee lover? If so, you’ll surely love having your bathroom smell like a coffee shop. Place coffee beans in a mason jar and leave it on your bathroom sink. You can also ground some of the beans to unleash their full aroma.

If you have a large bathroom, you can place coffee beans in a mesh bag to hang on the showerhead.

You can also pair the coffee beans with a scented candle for a warm atmosphere in your bathroom. Some of the best pairs for the coffee scent are lavender, cardamom, and even orange. It depends on your taste and the scent that you enjoy.

✔️Mix a homemade air freshener spray

You can mix a homemade air freshener using rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and your choice of essential oil. Citrus scents are a big hit, but you can also explore other odors like chamomile, lavender, and so on.

Mix all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake. Make sure that you add the essential oil last. You can also add more of the ingredients to achieve your desired scent and amount.

After that, you can spray the concoction all over your bathroom. Just avoid putting it on varnished surfaces since the alcohol content may ruin its finish.

✔️Use some dryer sheets

If you don’t have time to make DIY air fresheners, you can use dryer sheets instead. Simply hang dryer sheets in your bathroom, and the scent will waft inside. You can place multiple sheets to neutralize bad odors. After a few hours, your bathroom will surely smell fresh.

✔️Keep your dirty laundry out

Aside from diffusing scents, it’s important to keep dirty laundry out of your bathroom. It’s best to store the dirty clothes in your laundry area so that the smell won’t be trapped inside your bath.

Since bathrooms are typically enclosed, trapping dirty laundry odors inside are guaranteed to ruin the air quality. The sweat on the clothes will cause a stinky smell together with other sources of odor inside your bathroom.

✔️Cover the bins!

Lastly, you should use a trash bin with a cover inside your bathroom. Used tissue paper can form a nasty odor that will wreak havoc in your bathroom. And if you have pets, there’s a chance that your furry friend will dumpster dive into the stinky bin.

You can also add a few drops of essential oils into the garbage bin to mask its odor. Still, you should make it a habit to take the trash out before it forms a bad smell, whether the bin is full or not.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a stinky bathroom bad for your health?

A: The unpleasant odor of your bathroom will not directly harm you. However, the source of the odor could pose potential health threats. For example, if your bathroom’s bad smell is coming from mold growth, it can cause mold poisoning if you fail to clean up the infestation. Those with respiratory problems are also more sensitive to various odors.

Q: Why does my bathroom smell like rotten eggs?

A: A rotten egg smell in your bathroom might indicate that there’s a deposit of grease on the drain. This happens if you use your bathroom sink to wash the dishes or flush food leftovers. This should be avoided at all costs, even in your kitchen sink. Over time, the stuck pieces of food will develop a rotting smell, which will waft all over your home.

Q: Can I pour bleach down my bathroom sink?

A: Bleach is a potent cleaning agent that must be used properly. Pouring it into your bathroom sink isn’t a good idea as it can react with the substances on the pipes. In fact, bleach can react explosively to the chemicals on your sink. This can lead to injuries as the exploding substance gets into your skin.

Q: How do you tell if your bathroom drain pipes are clogged?

A: If the water is slow-draining and there are gurgling sounds coming from the bathroom drains, there’s a high chance that it’s clogged. It’s best to get it inspected by a professional, so you’ll also receive the proper solution. Declogging the drains on your own must be done cautiously as the use of harsh chemicals can cause more problems.

Q: Why does my bathroom stink even after I clean it?

A: If you’ve cleaned your bathroom and there’s still a bad smell, it might be emanating from the drain pipes. Your bathroom might be due for a plumbing checkup. There could be blockages or deposits producing a bad smell.

Q: How do I freshen up my bathroom?

A: Aside from eliminating bad odors, you should also remove the clutter in your bathroom. Switching to brighter lights will also help since it will reveal dirt you don’t usually see under warm or dim light. Sanitizing and cleaning are also crucial steps.

Final words

Knowing how to keep bathroom smelling fresh shouldn’t be a difficult task. There are simple hacks you can do to get rid of the foul odor without the use of harsh chemicals. You just have to be creative using a few household items.

Do you have other tips to add here? Share it with us in the comment section!