17 Tips On How To Make Your Bedroom Colder Without Air Conditioners

Are you tossing and turning because of your uncomfortably hot bedroom? Instead of waking up all sweaty in the middle of the night, there are ways on how to make your bedroom colder. The good news is that there are some simple hacks you can use to keep your sleeping area cool without air conditioners.

While the easiest way to beat the heat is turning your AC on, it’s not always the most economical choice. Air conditioners consume tons of power that will surely jack up your monthly energy bill.

If you’re trying to save some bucks, the following tips will help lower the temperature in your bedroom:

1. Use your electric fans wisely

how to make your bedroom colder

The easiest way to drop the temperature in your bedroom is to use electric fans. However, you should do so strategically to achieve the utmost comfort.

I suggest using box fans directed towards the windows so that they will expel hot air out of your room. To pair that, you should set up a ceiling fan that runs counterclockwise. This will allow the ceiling fan to suck the hot air upward.

Take note that it’s not about getting the strongest electric fan. A full-blast fan will just increase the discomfort in a hot room as you’ll feel the warm air more. Instead, opt for moderate speed as if a slight breeze is touching your skin.

2. Turn the lights off.

Turning the lights off won’t just help you doze off faster. It’s also a great way to feel cooler in your bedroom.

Since we associate indoor lighting with warm sunlight, we somewhat feel warmer when a light bulb is on. However, it’s a trick you can use to keep yourself comfortable during summer or hot days.

Also, it’s wise to switch to LED bulbs if you’re still using fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. The latter is notorious for producing excessive heat. In fact, an EnergyCircle test showed that an incandescent bulb could go as hot as 327 degrees! Meanwhile, LED bulbs remain cooler at 107 degrees.

These numbers prove how much your choice of lighting can affect the temperature in your room.

3. Shut down your electronics

Electronic devices produce heat, which will contribute to the warm feeling in your bedroom. To help reduce the temperature, consider turning off all electronic devices and appliances you’re not using.

Aside from keeping you cool at night, shutting off your electronic devices will also prevent distractions. It’s hitting two birds with one stone when it comes to your sleep quality.

4. Stay low

how to make your bedroom colder

Always remember the basic science behind air temperature: hot air rises, cold air sinks. This is because the cool air is denser and heavier than hotter ones. With this, sleeping low and close to the floor will help keep you more comfortable in your bedroom.

If you’re sleeping on the top bunk of a double-deck bed, try putting the mattress on the floor. You’ll notice a big difference, especially during summer. However, it only entails a small inconvenience if you’re keen to feel cool in your bedroom. 

5. Use some ice cubes

If the temperature is becoming unbearable, you can fix it the traditional way. Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan. The cold temperature coming from the ice will give you temporary relief in your bedroom. Unfortunately, it also has a misty feel that will make your bedroom colder.

This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have an air conditioner or if you’re trying to save money from electricity bills. The only hassle here is you’ll have to replace the melted ice cubes after a few hours.

6. Dress smartly

During summer, it will help a lot if you dress light. Skip your precious satin pajamas for now. Instead, opt for loose bamboo fabric or cotton that will help absorb sweat. You can also shop for high-tech fabrics that are cool to touch.

The goal here is comfort. If you feel cooler wearing nothing but your undergarments, then be it. Your only enemy here is mosquitoes.

7. Open your windows

how to make your bedroom colder

Opening your windows at night will allow cool outdoor air to enter your bedroom. In addition, the night breeze will easily dissipate hot temperatures trapped in your room.

If you’re worried about bugs, you can place a thin screen. This will block insects while allowing air to penetrate.

While you open your bedroom windows, make sure that you close your kitchen door. This will prevent hot air, especially after cooking, from entering your bedroom.

8. Be strategic with cooking.

Speaking of cooking, consider preparing dinner using a crockpot and electrically powered stovetops. Unlike gas stoves, these cooking methods don’t heat your home that much. You should also use your kitchen vent to suck out cooking odors and hot temperatures.

9. Choose the right mattress.

Have you tried everything, but you still feel hot and sticky when sleeping in your bedroom? Your mattress might be the reason why!

Memory foam is a no-no during summer since it conforms and hugs your body. This will make you feel hotter while sleeping, especially if you don’t have an AC unit.

To solve the problem, you can use a topper with a stiffer profile. This will prevent the memory foam from getting into your skin. In the most desperate situations, sleeping on the floor will prove more comfortable.

10. Use blackout curtains

Blackout curtains will prevent sunlight from entering your room and increasing the temperature in the daytime.

My room’s window is directly located in the sun’s direction, making it extremely hot during summer. I used thick blackout curtains that helped lower my bedroom’s temperature by as much as four degrees Celsius. Blinds will also work if you don’t find curtains attractive.

11. Work out away from bedtime.

One mistake you should avoid is working out close to your bedtime schedule. Exercise will increase your internal body temperature, which will make you feel hotter than normal. Taking a shower right after working out will help, but it will not fully bring your temperature to normal levels instantly.

If you work out at night, schedule it at least 2 to 3 hours before you sleep. This will allow your body to cool down, so you’ll have a more comfortable sleep.

12. Hang a wet sheet

Another way to make your bedroom colder is by hanging a wet sheet. Position this right next to an open window, so the breeze will blow into it and make the room cooler. You can also soak it in diluted essential oil to make your room smell good.

13. Move less

When it’s hot, we tend to feel restless. We toss and turn on the bed, which just adds up to the warm feeling. While it can be uncomfortable at first, try to stay still and allow your body to cool down. In a few minutes, you’ll feel more comfortable.

14. Freeze a hot water bag

Freeze hot water bags and place them on your feet. This will help keep your body cool throughout the night, especially during summer.

The good thing about hot water bags is it doesn’t sweat. This will prevent a soaking mess on your bed. Paired with other methods, you’ll surely feel colder without the use of air conditioners.

15. Sleep solo!

Cuddling with a loved one feels good, but not during the sweltering heat of the summer season. Skin-to-skin contact will create more heat, which will make you feel warmer and uncomfortable. Try sleeping on a different bed or simply observe distance to keep yourself comfy.

16. Take a cold shower before bed.

The sweat clinging to our skin will make us feel uncomfortable and warmer than normal. A cold shower before bedtime will help fix this if you’re feeling really miserable with the heat.

However, avoid going for a cold shower right after coming from hot temperatures. For example, if you just finished cooking, rest for a few minutes before hopping into the shower. This will prevent your body from experiencing shock due to the sudden change in temperature.

Aside from keeping you cooler in your bedroom, a quick shower will also help you doze off faster.

17. Tie up your hair

It’s annoying to wake up sweaty with your long hair all sticking to your face and neck. Also, sleeping with your long hair splayed into your face will make you feel warmer.

With this, it’s best to tie it up to keep your neck and temple ventilated. It will also prevent nasty tangles in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my bedroom so hot?

A: Poor airflow, clogged vents, and the heat from appliances will make your bedroom hotter than usual. These problems are easy to fix without the use of air conditioners. You have to focus on ventilation and ensuring that your appliances aren’t overheating.

Q: Why is my upstairs bedroom so hot?

A: Remember, hot air rises. This will explain why upstairs bedrooms are often hotter than those located on lower floors. The key here is keeping the airflow and ensuring that your vents are functioning properly. It’s possible that carbon dioxide is getting trapped in the room, especially if there are multiple occupants.

Q: Does a fan cool a room?

A: Electric fans are a big help in keeping ventilation inside a room. However, make sure that there are exit points where the hot air can dissipate, and the cool air can enter. This will keep your bedroom cooler even if you have an air conditioning unit.

Q: How do I reduce heat in my house?

A: To reduce heat in your home, it’s important to switch to LED lights. You should also control humidity levels and keep direct sunlight out. Consider installing an exhaust fan on your bathroom and kitchen where heat and humidity tend to be the highest.

Q: What temperature is too hot for a house?

A: Anything hotter than 80F is already uncomfortable for a household setting. You should try to keep it lower by observing proper ventilation and minimizing heat-producing appliances in your house. You should also be wise in the positioning of your doors and windows.

Q: How can I make myself cooler at night?

A: During humid nights, you should switch to cotton nightwear. This will absorb sweat while remaining breathable. In addition, you should consider taking a shower before hopping to bed. Electric fans and cold packs are also a big help to cool down your body at night. You should also unplug devices that will produce heat as well as your bedroom lighting.

Final words

Knowing how to make your bedroom colder without using air conditioners are big power-savers. It will also slash your energy bills in the long run. A little patience and creativity will go a long way to help reduce the temperature of your home. Before you know it, summer has already passed.