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Industrial Ozone Generator Cost: Know the Average Price for High Quality Ozone Solutions


Discover the low cost of industrial ozone generators with prices starting at just US$ 150. Get the benefit of powerful, state of the art ozone water generators with our selection of high quality, portable industrial ozone generators at prices that won’t break the bank.

Quick Summary

The average cost of an industrial ozone generator will depend on the specific needs and specifications of your project. High quality ozone generators typically range from $150 to $50,000 per unit, depending on the capacity and function of the unit. Generally speaking, a larger capacity for ozone production will cost more. Other factors, such as wattage and maintenance, can also affect the cost of an industrial ozone generator. Before deciding on the right ozone generator, you should consider the specific needs of your project and the size of the area that needs to be treated. When looking for an industrial ozone generator, it’s important to look for one that’s tailored to your specific needs. Ozone generators with higher wattage have longer run times and more ozone production power — helping you get more ozone for your money. Additionally, higher quality ozone generators often have less maintenance and longer lifespans. This makes their higher cost worthwhile in the long run. No matter what your needs are, it’s important to remember that high quality ozone solutions can help you clean air, fight bacteria and viruses, and help improve water quality. You should choose an industrial ozone generator based on your specific needs and goals — making sure to balance cost and performance.

Industrial Ozone Generator Cost: Average Price for High Quality Solutions

For businesses looking for high quality ozone generator solutions, the cost of industrial ozone generators can vary greatly. The main factors influencing cost are the quality of the ozone generator, size and type of ozone generator, and other features and benefits the ozone generator may have such as portability.

Factors Affecting Industrial Ozone Generator Cost

  • Quality: The quality of the ozone generator plays a major role in its cost. Higher-quality ozone generators will cost more, but provide longer life and higher reliability. On the other hand, lower-quality ozone generators are cheaper but may have shorter life cycles and be less reliable.
  • Size and type: The size and type of ozone generator affects cost. Larger ozone generators cost more than smaller ones, and certain types such as portable ozone generators may be more expensive than those designed to be permanently installed.
  • Features and benefits: Ozone generators can be available with a range of features and benefits. These may include adjustable output, remote control, automatic shutdown, filters, timers, and more. The more features and benefits an ozone generator has, the more expensive it will be.

Average Prices

The average price of a high-quality industrial ozone generator ranges from US$150 to US$50,000 for a single unit. Prices for larger units and those with additional features and benefits can be significantly higher. When selecting an ozone generator, it is important to weigh the benefits and features with the cost, and make sure the price is within the budget.

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1.) BaseAire 15,000 mg/h Ozone Generator, O-UVC3 Pro Commercial ozone machine with Digital Display, Carry Handle, Timing, for Large Rooms, Cars, Pets

Make your customer’s health and happiness the top priority with the BaseAire™ 15,000 mg/h Ozone Generator. This industrial-grade ozone generator offers commercial-grade performance and is designed to fit the needs of larger rooms, cars, and even pets. With features like digital display, timing, and a carry handle, this ozone generator is an ideal cost-effective solution for industrial spaces.

  • Digital Display for easy monitoring and operation
  • Timing capacity for flexible use of ozone
  • Carry handle for easy portability
  • 15,000 mg/h Ozone Generator
  • Great for larger rooms, cars, and pets
  • Industrial-grade ozone generator at an affordable cost

The BaseAire 15,000 mg/h Ozone Generator is the perfect industrial ozone generator at an economical cost. Make sure you’re keeping your customer’s environment and health in check with this powerful ozone generator.

2.) BaseAire 10,000 mg/h Ozone Generator, O-UVC2 Pro Commercial O3 Air Purifier with Adjustable Settings, Carry Handle, Heavy Duty Air Cleaner, for Large Rooms, Cars, Pets

The BaseAire 10,000 mg/h Ozone Generator, O-UVC2 Pro Commercial O3 Air Purifier with Adjustable Settings, Carry Handle, Heavy Duty Air Cleaner, for Large Rooms, Cars, Pets is an industrial ozone generator that offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. This heavy-duty air cleaner offers efficient and affordable ozone purification for large spaces, cars, and pet areas. With an adjustable setting feature, it can be used to purify the air in any room, car, or pet space. Additionally, it was designed with a carry handle for convenient transport.

  • Efficient and affordable
  • Designed with adjustable settings
  • Carry handle for transport
  • Excellent industrial ozone generator cost
  • Perfect for large rooms, cars, and pet areas

The BaseAire 10,000 mg/h Ozone Generator is the perfect choice for an economical and efficient industrial ozone generator. With adjustable settings and a highly affordable cost, it can be used to purify the air in any environment. Experience the ultimate air purification with this powerful industrial ozone generator cost-effectively.

3.) Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer (11,000mg – Black)

The Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer is the ultimate solution for providing clean air for any business or industry. With 11,000mg of ozone, it can easily filter and eliminate any odors from the environment. The ozone generator is a cost-effective way to keep the air clean and safe while being easy to maintain and install. With an industrial ozone generator, businesses can save money in the long run due to its low cost, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance. It is designed with a black finish and a modern look to fit any decor.

  • Low Cost: The industrial ozone generator cost is lower than other air purifiers and its long-term performance is unbeatable.
  • Energy Efficiency: The ozone generator can easily filter and eliminate any odors from the environment without wasting energy.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The 11,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer is designed for extended use to ensure its efficiency.
  • Modern Look: The black finish and modern look will fit any environment.

4.) Commercial Ozone Generator 10,000mg/h, Industrial Ozone Machine Odor Remover, High Capacity of Multipurpose Ozone Purifier, with Carry Handle, for Home, Bar, Farm and Restaurant (Blue)

This Commercial Ozone Generator 10,000 mg/h, is the ideal choice for Industrial Ozone-based Purification needs. It is an effective Odor Remover with a Multipurpose ability and a High Capacity. Distinguished by its handy Carry Handle, it is suitable for Home, Bar, Farm and Restaurant (Blue & White) applications. It provides an economical Industrial Ozone Generator Cost solution to a number of air purification issues.

  • High Capacity with 10,000 mg/h Ozone output
  • Handy Carry handle for easy portability
  • Multipurpose ability for a variety of uses
  • Economical Industrial Ozone Generator Cost

5.) Enerzen O-UVC3 – HEPA + UV Light + 40,000 mg/h Industrial Ozone Generator – O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Ionizer Sterilizer for Home, Room, Smoke, Mold, Car, Pet

The Enerzen O-UVC3 – HEPA + UV Light + 40,000 mg/h Industrial Ozone Generator is an amazing air purifier that neutralizes odors, eliminates germs, and purifies the air in your home, room, smoke, mold, car, or pet. This cost-effective industrial ozone generator uses the power of ozone and UV light to clean and purify air, and its advanced ozone production technology is sure to impress.

This industrial ozone generator cost is unparalleled with its top of the line features:

  • HEPA + UV Light filtration to eliminate germs, bacteria, smoke, and odors
  • 40,000 mg/h ozone production for quick and complete air purification
  • Portable design for easy transportation and use in any environment
  • Low energy consumption to save money on energy bills

Purchase the Enerzen O-UVC3 industrial ozone generator to enjoy a clean, safe environment for you, your family or business, and reap the rewards of cost-effective air purification.

Personal Experience

  Industrial Ozone Generator Cost: Average Price for High Quality Solutions

When it comes to industrial ozone generators, cost is a major factor that must be taken into consideration.The cost of an industrial ozone generator will vary depending on size, type and manufacturer.For instance, the cost of a portable ozone water generator with a 5kg capacity ranges from US$150-$50,000 per piece. This price range is relatively good, as they are often capable of producing high-quality ozone output with a much longer lifespan compared to smaller models.

It is important to factor in the quality of the parts used, as well as the level of customer service when shopping for an industrial ozone generator. A generator with quality parts and good customer service will generally cost more than one with lower quality parts and minimal customer service, but it will be well worth the investment. Maintenance should also be taken into consideration when budgeting for an industrial ozone generator, as proper maintenance will increase the longevity of the unit.

When looking for an industrial ozone generator, it’s important to shop around for the best deal. Doing research beforehand can help ensure that you get the best product at the best price. There are many websites offering cost comparison services, allowing you to easily compare prices from different manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people buy ozone generators?

People buy ozone generators because they are an effective way to remove strong odors, mold, and mildew from living and work spaces. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that can quickly render odors and pollutants harmless, resulting in an improved indoor air quality. However, the use of ozone generators can cause serious health issues and should thus be used with caution and only with air purifiers that do not emit ozone gas.

Why can’t ozone generators be shipped to California?

Ozone generators cannot be shipped to California because the state has banned their use due to the evidence that ozone is an irritant to the lungs, especially for those with allergies or asthma. In 2009, California became the first state to issue the ban on these devices, in order to protect consumers from false marketing claims that ozone generators are safe, effective air purifiers. As a result, the sale and distribution of ozone generators is prohibited within the state.

Will an ozone machine get rid of cat **** smell?

Yes, an ozone machine is an effective way to get rid of cat **** smell. It works quickly and safely without causing any harm to your pets. This process typically takes 8-24 hours and you and your pets need to evacuate the area for the duration of the cleaning.

Do ozone machines work to remove smells?

Yes, ozone machines work to remove smells, but they do so by deadening the sense of smell, rather than actually removing the odorant molecules. Ozone machines are not recommended for use in residential or industrial settings due to their potential to cause health problems, as well as harm materials made from rubber and plastic.

How long can you leave an ozone generator on in a car?

The optimal time for operating an ozone generator in a car is 30-120 minutes, depending on the strength of the odor. The gas should also be allowed to disperse by leaving the car doors open afterwards. If the odor remains, the process can be repeated.

Will an ozone generator hurt my car?

No, an ozone generator will not hurt your car. Ozone is generally safe to use with most car interiors as long as the ozone generator emits less than 6000 mg/h, with machines rated from 3500-6000 mg/h being suitable for use up to 2 hours. It is important not to overuse ozone as too much ozone can damage rubber seals inside the car.

Will an ozone generator get rid of cigarette smoke smell in a car?

Yes, an ozone generator can help to get rid of cigarette smoke smell in a car. Ozone is an effective method to eliminate odors, bacteria, and viruses and is the most efficient way to remove smoke odors. Make sure to close all the doors before the ozone machine is turned on, and keep it running for at least 30 minutes, but no more than two hours.

What are the dangers of ozone generators?

Ozone generators can be dangerous and should be used with caution. Exposure to ozone can irritate and inflame the lining of the respiratory system which may lead to coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and impaired breathing. People who use ozone generators should be aware of the potential risks and take necessary precautions.

Can ozone generators be used safely?

No, ozone generators cannot be used safely. The EPA has denounced their use and several scientific studies have shown they can be harmful to health and ineffective at removing airborne contaminants, which is why no federal agencies have approved their use in occupied spaces. It is therefore advised to avoid using ozone generators for safety reasons.

Can you be in the house while using a ozone machine?

No, you should not be in the house while using a ozone machine. Ozone in high concentrations can irritate the lungs, which could have serious health consequences for you. Therefore, it is best to close off the area and leave the room to avoid any potential health risks.

What happens if you are in a room with an ozone generator?

Being in a room with an ozone generator can lead to a variety of respiratory problems. It can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. Furthermore, it can worsen existing respiratory diseases such as asthma and hinder the body’s ability to fight off respiratory infections. To stay safe, it is best to avoid the use of ozone generators.

How long can you be in a room with an ozone machine?

It is not recommended to stay in a room with an ozone machine when it is in operation. The timer on the machine can be set up to 120 minutes, but treatment times only take between 10-60 minutes depending on the size of the space. You can use the “HOLD” mode to keep the machine running, but safety precautions should be taken to ensure no people or pets are in the room when the machine is running.

What is a large scale industrial ozone generator?

A large scale industrial ozone generator is an ozone production system designed for water and air treatment applications. It produces a high concentration of ozone at a rate of up to 50,000 g/h and utilizes a patented Microgap dual corona discharge method. It must be fed with oxygen or dry air in order to achieve its operation.

How do ozone generators work?

Ozone generators work by converting oxygen in the air into ozone. They are built with an ozone generation cell and oxygen concentrator, which produces ozone when plugged into an electrical power source. Ozone generators have many uses in industrial settings, providing a simple and effective way to create ozone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ozone generator?

The advantages of an ozone generator are that the gas flow rate does not need to be taken into account and natural air can be used as the feed gas, reducing costs. The disadvantage is that only 21% of oxygen present in the air will be ionized, impacting the amount of ozone created. Overall, ozone generators are a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to create ozone.

What is ozone generation with oxygen as the feed gas?

Ozone generation with oxygen as the feed gas is the process of using oxygen as the ionizing object to generate ozone gas. This method has the advantage of producing ozone but it produces a lower oxygen flow than using air as the feed gas. Overall, the process of ozone generation with oxygen as the feed gas helps to create ozone gas.

Final Thoughts

Ozone generators are becoming increasingly popular for water treatment and industrial process applications. The cost of an ozone generator depends on the type, quality, size, and many other factors. Generally, good quality ozone generators cost between US$150 and US$50,000 per piece. Many manufacturers offer a variety of ozone solutions, such as portable generators and larger scale systems. By doing research and keeping up with industry trends, buyers can make an informed decision when purchasing an ozone generator.