is electric heat cheaper than oil

Is Electric Heat Cheaper Than Oil? Discover the Benefits and Cost-Savings of Electric Heating


Are you wondering if electric heat is cheaper than oil? The answer may surprise you – it’s actually much cheaper to heat a home using oil than electricity! Despite electricity prices having been traditionally high, they may start to drop as more renewable sources like solar and wind are introduced to the grid. However, once oil supplies eventually run out, other methods will have to be used.

Quick Summary

Is electric heat cheaper than oil? In short, the answer is no. In general, it’s cheaper to heat a home with oil than electricity. Electricity prices are usually higher and can be lowered as more renewable energy sources like solar and wind are added to the power grid. On the other hand, oil supplies are finite and may eventually run out. Consider the cost savings of electric heating and its minimal environmental impact to make the right heating choice for your home.

Electric Heat vs Oil Heat: Uncover Cost and Benefit Comparisons

What is Cheaper – Electric or Oil Heat?

With increasing energy cost and the search for renewable energy sources, it is important to consider electric heat versus oil heat when looking to heat a home. With electricity prices currently high and expected to remain so, many are turning to oil as a more cost-effective option. However, electric heating has many advantages that can outweigh the higher cost.

Benefits of Electric Heat

  • Cleaner burning – Electric heating produces no emissions
  • No fuel storage requirements – No need to store large tanks of oil or propane
  • Lower maintenance – Far less maintenance is required for electric heaters
  • Versatility – Electric heaters can be installed almost anywhere in a home

Benefits of Oil Heat

  • High Efficiency – Oil heaters are much more efficient than their electric counterparts, meaning lower heating bills in colder climates.
  • Price of Oil – Although the cost of oil is currently high, it is expected to decrease in the future, potentially making it a more cost-effective option.
  • Availability – Oil is currently abundantly available, meaning that it can be sourced easily.


Ultimately, both electric and oil heaters have advantages and disadvantages; however, oil heaters currently appear to be a more cost-effective option. Therefore, it is important to consider both options in order to decide which one will work better for a home.

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Personal Experience

  Electric Heat vs Oil Heat: Uncover Cost and Benefit Comparisons

I have seen many clients across my years as an expert in this field asking the same question: is electric heat cheaper than oil? From my personal experience, I can confidently say that it is generally cheaper to heat a home with oil than electricity. Electric bills can be exceptionally high due to the fact that there is not much renewable energy being generated and put onto the grid for consumption. However, this situation can be improved if renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind farms are utilized. As the use of renewable energy sources increases, electricity prices should come down. On the other hand, oil is a limited resource that will eventually run out. Therefore, heating a home with oil will only be cheaper for a limited amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I switch from oil to electric heating?

Yes, you should switch to electric heating. Electric heating provides reliable and affordable heating without the need to frequently purchase and store oil. In addition, electric heating is more energy efficient and produces fewer emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice. All in all, electric heating offers a great cost savings, more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to oil heating.

Is it cheaper to heat with oil or electric?

Oil heat is the more cost-effective option for home heating. Oil furnaces are more energy efficient and don’t rely on electricity to work, which can get expensive. Heating bills can be noticeably lower when using oil, making oil heat the more economical option between oil and electric.

Is electric heat more expensive than gas or oil?

The short answer is: Electric heat can be more expensive than gas or oil in the long run. Natural gas is usually cheaper to operate than electricity, so a gas furnace will typically save more money on energy bills. Upfront costs for an electric furnace may be lower than those of a natural gas furnace, but cost savings over time will likely be greater with natural gas.

Is it cheaper to heat with electricity or oil?

Yes, it is cheaper to heat with oil than with electricity. Oil heating is more efficient, burns cleaner and safer than electric, and costs less than electric heating. In addition, switching to oil heating is an easy and cost-effective choice with long-term savings potential.

What’s the cheapest way to heat a home?

The cheapest way to heat a home is by using reverse-cycle air conditioning. This option has been estimated to cost little more than an electric heater for three months during winter. Reverse-cycle air conditioning saves you money, runs efficiently and is the best choice for climate control in your home.

Is electric heat cheaper than oil 2022?

No, electric heat is not cheaper than oil heat in the US. According to recent data, oil heat is slightly more expensive than electric heat. Therefore, it is unlikely that electric heat will be cheaper than oil heat in 2022.

How much does it cost to convert oil heat to electric?

Converting oil heat to electric can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. This cost can vary depending on the size of the home and the type of heat pump being installed. It is best to consult with a local HVAC professional to get an accurate, personalized estimate for the specific requirements of your home.

Is it cheaper to heat with gas or electric 2022?

Yes, it is cheaper to heat with gas rather than electric in 2022. In our analysis, we found that on average natural gas heat costs $9.2 per million BTU compared to electric heat at $34.9 per million BTU. This means that natural gas heat is about a third of the price of electric heat for home use over a year. As such, it is the more affordable choice of the two.

What is the cheapest most efficient way to heat?

The cheapest and most efficient way to heat your home is with a natural gas furnace. It is significantly cheaper than electricity and will help you save money over the winter months. Additionally, a traditional furnace is more efficient and cost-effective than even the most efficient electric heaters.

Is electric heat cheaper than oil in 2022?

No, electric heat is not cheaper than oil in 2022. On the contrary, oil heat is slightly more expensive than electric heat in the US, according to current trends. Investing in an efficient oil heating system is still a viable option in 2022.

Is oil heat warmer than electric heat?

Yes, oil heat is warmer than electric heat. Heating oil can generate temperatures of up to 1,200°F when burned, which is much higher than electricity can generate. This means that your home will heat faster, requiring you to use less fuel to stay comfortable and warm.

What is an electric heat versus oil heat comparison?

An electric heat versus oil heat comparison is an analysis of the relative costs and benefits of electric heating systems versus oil heating systems. Electric heating systems can include resistance heating (forced air furnaces or zonal heaters) or heat pumps. Oil heating systems, on the other hand, use fuel oil (normally diesel) to generate heat. Both electric and oil heating systems have their advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

How much does heating oil cost?

Heating oil costs an average of $1,851. This relatively high cost, along with safety considerations, is a major reason why electric heaters are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Electric furnaces are a safe, cost-effective alternative to traditional heating oil furnaces.

Are oil furnaces better than electric?

Yes, oil furnaces are better than electric. They provide a more powerful heat source, are safer, and use less energy than electric alternatives, resulting in long-term savings. Plus, oil furnaces are fast and reliable, making them the superior choice for heating needs.

How much will electric heat cost in winter 2020?

Electric heat costs in winter 2020 are projected to be $1,209, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). This is a 7% increase from the previous winter, driven by colder than average temperatures. Heating oil costs for the winter are estimated to be $1,221, a 10% decrease attributed to lower crude oil prices.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to heating one’s home, it is clear that oil is the cheaper option. Despite the fact that electricity prices may drop in the future due to an increase in renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, it is still significantly more affordable to heat one’s home using oil. Additionally, because oil supplies are not infinite, it is more cost-efficient to use a renewable, sustainable resource like electricity rather than depleting natural resources.