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The Benefits of Old Space Heaters and How to Choose the Right One


Are you looking for a more efficient alternative to traditional space heaters? Halogen heaters may be the answer. Offering up to 86 percent energy conversion, they are able to deliver greater efficiency than other older space heaters while still operating at a lower temperature than incandescent bulbs.

Quick Summary

In today’s world, space heaters can greatly benefit both home and business applications. Old space heaters, in particular, offer a variety of advantages such as flexibility in installation, affordability, and energy efficiency. Halogen heaters are one such type of space heater that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. They feature tungsten filaments enclosed in quartz envelopes, and are mounted in front of metal reflectors inside a plastic case. Compared to nichrome-wire heaters, these operate at a higher temperature but not as high as incandescent light bulbs. Generally, halogen heaters can convert up to 86 percent of their input power to radiant energy. When selecting a space heater, it is important to consider factors such as the size of the space in which it will be installed, the need for temperature control, and the available energy sources.

The Best Old Space Heaters: Benefits & How to Choose the Right One

Benefits of Old Space Heaters

Old space heaters offer many benefits, including:

  • More energy efficient than newer space heaters.
  • Uses a tungsten filament to generate heat, not just electricity.
  • Doesn’t put out as much excess heat into the house as some newer models.
  • The metal reflector helps to distribute heat evenly.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them easily adjustable for different rooms.

Choosing the Right Old Space Heater

When selecting an old space heater, there are a few things to consider:

  • Size: Make sure the size of the heater is appropriate for the room you are using it in.
  • Power: Choose a model with the right amount of power for the space you are heating.
  • Safety: Look for a model with auto shut-off features so that it won’t keep running if it gets too hot.
  • Heat Output: Make sure that the heater is able to put out enough heat to adequately heat the space.
  • Cost: Consider the cost when selecting a model.

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1.) Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Atom One Portable Heater with 70°Oscillation, 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat, Fast Safety Heat, Remote, 1-12h Timer, Upgraded Small Heater for Office Home

No matter how much you love the old space heaters, you need to consider modern technology because you don’t want to compromise your safety and also use less electricity. Dreo Space Heaters provides the perfect solution as they are safe, modern and consume minimal electricity.

Our Dreo Space Heaters are equipped with Atom One Portable Heater which gives you 70° of oscillation and temperature control with Thermostat & Regulator. It provides fast heat along with remote control and 1-12 hours long timer. These space heaters are lightweight and are easy to carry, providing comfortable warmth in every corner of your home or office. Perfect for indoor use, these upgraded small space heaters provide 1500W of PTC electrical heating for energy efficient heating.

  • Atom One Portable Heater with 70°Oscillation
  • 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat
  • Fast Safety Heat
  • Remote, 1-12h Timer
  • Upgraded Small Heater for indoor use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Energy efficient heating

2.) Space Heater, 1500W Electric Heaters Indoor Portable with Thermostat , PTC Fast Heating Ceramic Room Small Heater with Heating and Fan Modes for Bedroom, Office and Indoor Use

Upgrading to a newer digital space heater with the features of a 1500W Electric Heater is great compared to the traditional, old space heaters. This indoor heater is equipped with unique features like a portable design, thermostat control, PTC fast heating ceramic element, and adjustable heating and fan modes, that is perfect to keep your office or bedroom warm throughout the colder months.

  • Portable design: Easily move the heater around your home to place it in a convenient spot.
  • Thermostat control: Pre-set the heater to a desired temperature and power it on or off as required.
  • PTC fast heating ceramic element: Reaches and maintains the desired temperature much faster than traditional, old space heaters.
  • Adjustable heating and fan modes: You can customize the ideal settings to control the temperature and fan speed.

This 1500W Electric Heater is the perfect and hassle free solution to replace your outdated, old space heaters.

3.) Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Portable Electric Heater for Bedroom Large Room Office Garage, 1500W Fast PTC Ceramic Heating with Remote, Thermostat, Oscillating, Timer, Multiple Safety Protection

Dreo Space Heaters offer a safe, modern alternative to old space heaters. This portable electric heater is perfect for bedrooms, large rooms, offices, and even garages. It boasts a powerful 1500W PTC ceramic heating element and a variety of useful features, including a remote, thermostat, oscillation, timer, and multiple safety protection mechanisms. With Dreo Space Heaters, you can enjoy reliable, powerful heating without the safety concerns of outdated space heaters.

  • Fast and efficient 1500W PTC ceramic heating element
  • Portable electric design is perfect for any room
  • Remote, thermostat, oscillating, and timer features
  • Multiple safety protection mechanisms
  • Modern alternative to old space heaters

4.) Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 23 Inches, 1500W, Silver, 755320

This Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater is the perfect solution for replacing your old space heaters with a modern, effective, and efficient option. With a 23-inch wide design, this heater uses only 1500W of power and comes with an adjustable thermostat, timer, and remote control. Say goodbye to your bulky, old space heaters – this new, silver tower is designed to provide continuous warmth and heat up quickly, so you don’t waste any energy.

  • Adjustable thermostat, timer and remote control
  • 23-inch wide design
  • 1500W of power
  • Quickly heats up your desired space
  • Continuous warmth

Bring your living space up to date with this efficient and sleek Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater. Don’t waste energy—invest in a modern and effective replacement for your old space heaters now!

5.) Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Atom One Portable Heater with 70°Oscillation, 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat, Fast Safety Heat, Remote, 1-12h Timer, Upgraded Small Heater for Office Home

Traditional old space heaters are heavy and large and take up a lot of space. But Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use come with an Atom One Portable Heater that offers a 70° oscillation to heat up your space fast. It has a 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat and upgraded safety features to guarantee your safety, including a remote and a 1-12h timer. This small, lightweight and upgraded heater is perfect for office and home use, making it a great replacement for your old space heaters.

  • 70° Oscillation: for fast and efficient heating
  • 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat: perfect temperature setting
  • Fast Safety Heat: adjustable and upgraded heating safety
  • Remote: convenient control from a distance
  • 1-12h Timer: save energy and control the heating time
  • Small Size: perfect for office and home use, replacing your old space heaters

Personal Experience

  The Best Old Space Heaters: Benefits & How to Choose the Right One

I remember growing up with old space heaters in our homes. The heaters were typically halogen heaters that had tungsten filaments enclosed in a quartz envelope and mounted in front of a metal reflector in a plastic case. These halogen heaters would operate at a higher temperature than the nichrome-wire heaters, but not as hot as incandescent light bulbs. Halogen heaters would efficiently convert up to 86% of their input power to radiant energy. As a kid, I liked the cozy warm atmosphere these heaters produced with the infrared radiation. In addition, the metal reflector in the back redirected radiant energy, creating an efficient electric atmosphere in our homes. Still, as an adult, I understand the lack of safety measures in some of these old space heaters, as they might have been a safety hazard. Yet thinking back to that time, I appreciate the nostalgic warmth these heaters added to our homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are old space heaters safe?

No, old space heaters are not safe. 86% of home heating fire deaths involve using one, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Therefore, regardless of the age of your space heater, it is important to use safety measures when using it.

Are space heaters OK to run overnight?

Yes, space heaters are typically safe to run overnight, provided that they are certified by one of the major testing organizations and have necessary safety features such as automatic shutoff, tip over protection, a shut off timer, and adjustable thermostat. These features help protect users and their homes from potential fire and other hazards, so it’s important to make sure that your heater meets the safety standards before running it overnight.

What are the 4 main types of home heating systems?

The four main types of home heating systems are furnaces, boilers, radiant heating systems, and space heaters. Furnaces use air to warm a home, while boilers use water to provide heat. Radiant heating systems use hot water or steam to heat through pipes embedded in walls and floors. All these offer different solutions to meet a home’s heating needs.

What is the heating system for an old house?

The heating system for an old house is a traditional boiler and radiator system. It consists of a central boiler that circulates steam or hot water through pipes to radiator units which are located around the house. This system is commonly used in older homes and apartment buildings in North America.

Are space heaters ever safe?

Yes, space heaters can be safe. However, it is important to take the appropriate safety measures, such as making sure the space heater is placed away from any combustibles and is never left unattended. Additionally, it is advised to purchase a space heater with an automatic shutoff feature to avoid any potential fire hazards.

What are the four types of heating systems?

The four types of heating systems are warm-air, hydronic, steam, and electric. Warm-air systems use vents and heat-pumps for heating your space. Hydronic systems use hot water circulating through pipes and radiators to warm a room or home. Steam heating systems use boilers to create steam for heat through radiators. Finally, electric heating systems use electric resistance and radiant infrared heat. All four of these systems can bring warmth and comfort to your home.

What are the old gas heaters called?

Old gas heaters are known as radiator heaters. These are traditionally installed in homes and workplaces for providing heat during cold months. They typically use natural gas or propane, and some may still be in use today.

Why are space heaters not allowed?

Space heaters can cause workplace fires due to inadequate safety features, placement near combustibles, and improper plugging in. Such fires can be difficult to contain and could cause extensive damage and injury. For this reason, space heaters are not allowed to ensure the safety of employees and property.

What is the oldest type of heating system?

The oldest type of heating system is a campfire. A campfire is a naturally occurring heating source and has been used by humans for thousands of years. Campfires are easy to assemble and provide a warm source of heat, making them an attractive choice since the early days of civilization.

What are the 3 types of heating systems for a house?

Answer: Heating systems for a house include furnaces, boilers and hydronic heating, and heat pumps. Furnaces provide warmth through the burning of fuels. Boilers and hydronic heating provide heat through the circulation of hot water or steam. Heat pumps are used to circulate air, both cooling and heating the environment. Electric radiative heating and direct vent heating are two other types of heating systems.

How many fires a year do space heaters cause?

Space heaters cause an estimated 21,800 residential fires each year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), this figure amounts to 300 deaths annually as a result of these fires. With this in mind, it is important to take precautionary safety measures when using space heaters.

Are space heaters worth it?

Yes, space heaters are worth it! They are a convenient and affordable way to provide extra warmth to a space that may be hard to heat with a typical furnace. Space heaters can provide a great solution during cold weather months while helping to lower energy costs. Space heaters can help maintain a comfortable temperature while allowing you to customize the warmth to your own needs.

What should I look for in a space heater?

When looking for a space heater, consider the size of the space it needs to heat and the type of heater. Look for a space heater with the right output based on the size of the space. Additionally, consider ceramic heaters for quick and efficient heating.

How many square feet can a space heater heat?

Space heaters can effectively warm up to 200-300 square feet, depending on the type of heater. The Lasko 754201 Ceramic Portable Space Heater can heat up to 300 square feet, while the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater can warm up to 200 square feet. This makes space heaters ideal for warm comfortable spaces such as offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.

What to do with old heaters?

The proper way to dispose of an old heater depends on the material it is made from. Infrared and ceramic heaters can be thrown away in the regular garbage, but metal heaters should be taken to a scrap dealer or special waste disposal unit. Recycling old heaters is the best way to protect the environment and keep hazardous materials out of landfills.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, halogen heaters are a great option for old space heaters because of their energy efficiency, durability and ability to provide infrared heat. Halogen heaters are also great because they can be fitted into nearly any space, so they’re easy to install and use. When choosing a halogen heater, look for one with a long life expectancy and a good balance of power and efficiency. By researching the features and cost of each heater, you can make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.