Pelonis dehumidifier review

Pelonis Dehumidifier Review: Does It Really Work?

Anyone fighting molds at home should have a dehumidifier in his toolkit. Dehumidifiers help remove moisture in the air to starve the spores and help eliminate them. Nowadays, there are many dehumidifier options in the market, including the brand Pelonis. And in this Pelonis dehumidifier review, we will discuss its three main model series and whether it’s a good choice for your money.

Pelonis is a brand that belongs to the Midea Group of Companies. They specialize in home comfort products, including dehumidifiers, fans, air conditioners, and heaters. All of which are priced competitively and cheaper than bigger names in the market.

While Pelonis’ product line isn’t as massive as other brands, they have a few gems to be proud of. Some of these are their dehumidifiers, which we reviewed below.

Read on and see if the Pelonis dehumidifiers are a perfect match for your needs.

Pelonis dehumidifier reviews

Currently, Pelonis offers five dehumidifier models in its lineup.

Three of which are in the same series and only differ in terms of capacity. These are the PAD20CIAWT, PAD30CIAWT, and PAD40CIAWT.

Meanwhile, the other two are PAD50C1ABL and PAD60C1AGR, which we also reviewed below. All of these dehumidifiers promise to eliminate excessive moisture in the air.

While these units have a lot of similarities, there are also differences that could be a make-or-break aspect for you. Below, we discussed a comprehensive review of each unit to help you decide which one you should get.

Pelonis PAD50C1ABL 50-Pint Dehumidifier

Pelonis dehumidifier review

The Pelonis PAD50C1ABL is a 50-pint model, which is one of the biggest offerings of the brand in the dehumidifier department. It has a sleek build similar to every other model under the brand.

With this capacity, the Pelonis PAD50C1ABL 50-Pint Dehumidifier can be used in large rooms. It’s also a good choice for rooms with water damage since it can suck out moisture from the air really fast.

Overall, this unit is a great pick for those who need a large dehumidifier with a slew of features.

Key features

Here are the key features of the Pelonis PAD50C1ABL:

  • Built-in pump. This dehumidifier has a pump for the continuous drain. It means that you no longer have to use gravity just to keep the water flowing. The pump will push out the moisture, so you don’t have to babysit the unit.
  • Auto-defrost. This Pelonis model is also equipped with an auto-defrost feature, so you can use it even in low-temperature conditions. This will prevent ice from forming on the coils, so the unit can keep taking moisture out of the air.
  • 24-hour timer. You can also utilize the 24-hour timer if you just want to run the dehumidifier for specific periods. This way, you can leave the unit running even if you’re leaving the house or going to sleep.
  • Adjustable humidistat. The PAD50C1ABL has an adjustable humidistat that allows you to set a target humidity. This way, the Pelonis dehumidifier won’t make the air too dry.
  • Intuitive control panel. On top of the dehumidifier, there’s a soft-press control panel. It’s also equipped with a small LED screen that displays the current humidity level of your room. This includes a full bucket notification in case you’re using the manual drain option.


  • Energy Star certified. The Pelonis PAD50C1ABL is certified to be energy-efficient. This means that you can use the unit continuously without increasing your power bill drastically.
  • Automatic safety features. This has an auto defrost and auto on/off for your safety. These are just simple features, but it adds a layer of safety, especially when you’re leaving the dehumidifier running overnight.
  • Limited warranty. This Pelonis unit is covered by a one-year limited warranty, which is reasonable enough considering its price. It’s an added value for your purchase as well as peace of mind.
  • Built-in filter. This has a built-in filter that can trap several airborne particles. Still, you should remember that this is not an air purifier. 


  • The Turbo mode is noisy. If you’re using the highest setting of this dehumidifier, expect higher noise levels. This is expected for a unit of this size and capacity.
  • No backlights on buttons. One niggle we have over this unit is it doesn’t have a backlight on the buttons. So if you’re trying to change settings in the middle of the night, you’ll have to turn on the lights or use a flashlight.
  • Small water tank. For a dehumidifier designed to remove 50 pints of moisture per day, a 12.66-pint water tank is very small. This means that you have to empty the tank frequently if you’re not using the continuous drain.
  • Not available in white. The Pelonis PAD50C1ABL is only available in black color. It would be more appealing if it’s at least available in white.

Pelonis PAD40CIAWT Dehumidifier

Pelonis dehumidifier review

For those looking for a small unit than the PAD50C1ABL, the Pelonis PAD40CIAWT Dehumidifier is a great choice. This is available in 20, 30, and 40-pint versions with the same features. The only difference is the amount of moisture it can remove per day.

This dehumidifier has the same sleek design as all Pelonis units. The good thing is that this unit is offered in both black and white colors.

If you have a smaller room to dehumidify, these models might be the perfect fit for you. However, it comes with some downsides, which we discussed below.

Key features

Here are the key features of Pelonis PAD40CIAWT:

  • Auto shutoff and restart. Like the 50-pint model from Pelonis, this unit has an auto-restart and shutoff feature. This means that the unit will shut down once it reaches the target humidity and restarts once the moisture level rises again. This prevents over-humidification of your room and is something that will let you leave the unit running unsupervised.
  • Auto defrost feature. The auto defrost feature prevents ice from forming on the coils of the PAD40CIAWT. However, it’s important to note that this model isn’t made for very low temperatures, which is something to keep in mind.
  • Continuous and manual drain options. For this dehumidifier, you also have the option to use a continuous drain or manual drain. These options are available in all three sizes, even the 20-pint unit.
  • Washable filter. Inside the dehumidifier, there’s a washable mesh filter. It can trap dust and dirt, so it doesn’t recirculate in the air. Make sure that you clean this regularly to ensure proper airflow.
  • Adjustable humidistat. The Pelonis PAD40CIAWT has an adjustable humidistat just like the other models from the same brand. This allows you to set a target humidity level, so you won’t make the air too dry.


  • Energy Star certified. This Pelonis dehumidifier is Energy Star certified, much like the other options from this brand. It’s a big advantage, especially if you’re going to run the dehumidifier regularly and for long periods. This will help you save up on your electric bill.
  • Easy to move. All three models under this series have wheels that allow you to move the unit around the house with ease. It’s a convenient feature, especially for the 40-pint model that’s quite bulky and heavy.
  • Safety features in place. Another thing that we like about this Pelonis dehumidifier is the safety features they added. It prevents excessive dehumidification and there’s also a full bucket indicator when you’re using the manual drain. The unit will also shut down once the bucket is full to avoid spillage.
  • Adjustable timer. While it’s not really a new feature, the adjustable timer of this dehumidifier allows you to set the unit running for a specific period. There’s no need to turn it off manually, which is convenient when running it overnight.


  • No built-in pump. The biggest downside we have over the PAD40CIAWT unit is it doesn’t have a built-in pump. The same goes for its 20 and 30-pint versions. With this, you have to elevate the dehumidifier and use gravity to drain the water into the hose. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it works nonetheless.
  • Small bucket capacity. We also find the manual rain buckets of the 20 and 30-pint versions too small for just 6.33 pints. Meanwhile, the 40-pint model has a 12.66-pint which is decent enough but can still be bigger considering its build.
  • It can’t function at very low temperatures. Also, this unit isn’t made to function in freezing temperatures lower than 5C. Very low temperatures could make the coils freeze even with the auto defrost feature.
  • No backlight on control buttons. Like most Pelonis models, the PAD20CIAWT, PAD30CIAWT, and PAD40CIAWT don’t have backlighting on their control buttons. It’s hard to change settings in the dark.

Pelonis PAD60C1AGR 60-Pint Dehumidifier

If your place has a severe moisture problem, the Pelonis PAD60C1AGR 60-Pint Dehumidifier might be the perfect choice for you. It can remove up to 60 pints of moisture per day, perfect for basements with water damage as well as homes with high humidity levels.

For this capacity, it’s not surprising that it has a continuous drain option. There’s also a manual drain in case you’re using the unit in an enclosed room with no chance for drainage.

Also, this dehumidifier is a good option if you’re dealing with water damage. It’s also ideal for commercial settings and business use.

While this is quite a pricey unit, every dollar is worth the splurge. After all, this dehumidifier delivers top-notch moisture removal and better features than other Pelonis models reviewed here.

Key features

The following are the key features of Pelonis PAD60C1AGR:

  • Innovative evaporation system. This large dehumidifier is equipped with an innovative evaporation system, which eliminates moisture efficiently. It helps prevent the growth of molds and mildew. Aside from that, it can help reduce asthma triggers and allergens in the air.
  • Built-in pump. The built-in pump of the PAD60C1AGR pairs its large capacity very well. You can eliminate lots of moisture without having to manually drain it. Nevertheless, this unit is still equipped with a water bucket in case the continuous drain isn’t possible to use.
  • Large bucket capacity. Unlike other Pelonis dehumidifiers with very small buckets, this one has an upgrade. It has a 21.1-pint size, which is the biggest of all the dehumidifier models from the brand. This way, you can use the manual drain without having to empty it too often.
  • Adjustable humidistat. The adjustable humidistat ensures that the dehumidifier won’t make the air too dry. You can set your target humidity level and the unit will automatically start and stop to maintain this setting.
  • Auto defrost. With the auto-defrost feature, this dehumidifier will not easily freeze even when used on a cold day. It guarantees efficient dehumidification all the time.


  • Perfect for large spaces. If you need to dry a large space, you’ll never go wrong with the Pelonis PAD60C1AGR. It’s one of the largest portable dehumidifiers you can find in the market for a reasonable cost. 
  • Stable and durable design. We also like the durable and stable build of this dehumidifier. It’s also complete with wheels for easy moving around the house.
  • Washable filter. At the back, this unit has a removable and washable filter. Just remember that this filter can only trap large particles and must not be considered an air purifier.
  • One-year warranty. This Pelonis dehumidifier together with other models of the brand is covered with a one-year limited warranty. This is to protect your purchase against manufacturer defects.


  • It’s not Energy Star rated. According to the Pelonis page, the PAD60C1AGR unit isn’t Energy Star rated. This is a bummer for such a large and power-hungry appliance. Nevertheless, this is a trade-off for the larger capacity and convenient features you’ll enjoy. 
  • Quite bulky and heavy. Due to its capacity, expect this dehumidifier to be bulky and heavy. Storage can be an issue if you have a small space. Overall, this isn’t really a make-or-break part considering that its size is related to its functions. 

Which one should you get?

All the Pelonis dehumidifiers are functional and effective in removing excess moisture in the air. But if you’re not sure what to get, here are a few questions you should answer:

How much moisture are you dealing with?

If you’re faced with a post-flooding situation, consider getting the 40-pint or 60-pint model. These are powerful enough to suck in as much moisture as possible per day. By removing the moisture fast, molds and mildew won’t have enough time to form.

How much is your budget?

If you’re trying to get the cheapest Pelonis dehumidifier, the 20-pint model is the best choice. Just remember that it’s more affordable since it has a smaller capacity.

What is the size of your home?

Bigger rooms or homes usually need an equally larger dehumidifier. This is to ensure that the appliance can keep up with the demands of removing moisture in a large space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Pelonis a good brand?

A: Pelonis is a durable and reliable brand for dehumidifiers and other home comfort devices. They have been in the industry for 25 years and are trusted by many homeowners. Aside from that, their dehumidifiers are priced lower than bigger brands, which makes them a more economical choice. But despite the lower cost, Pelonis managed to deliver quality and functionality on their products.

Q: Why is my dehumidifier running but not collecting water?

A: If your dehumidifier is running but not collecting moisture, you should check for issues with its compressor. There might be insufficient refrigerant, which makes the unit unable to condensate as much moisture as possible. This is a common problem among old dehumidifiers as well as units that aren’t maintained well despite heavy use.

Q: How do I clean a filter on a Pelonis dehumidifier?

A: Most Pelonis dehumidifiers use a simple mesh filter, which you can detach from the appliance. After that, you can clean it on the sink using water and mild detergent. If possible, use a spray nozzle but don’t use too much pressure as it may damage the mesh material. After that, let the filter dry before snapping it back to place in your dehumidifier.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a dehumidifier?

A: Most dehumidifiers should last for 10 years or more, depending on the level of usage and maintenance. Also, the quality of the dehumidifier will affect its lifespan. So if you want one that will last for long, you might as well invest in a trusted brand.

Q: Is Pelonis an American brand?

A: Pelonis, the one that sells dehumidifiers, is part of the Midea Group, which is a Chinese electrical appliance company. Still, they have an office in Parsippany, New Jersey under the Midea America branch. This way, American consumers can contact them for support and inquiries easily.

Final words

We hope that this Pelonis dehumidifier review helped you decide whether this brand is the right choice for your home. Feel free to choose which model matches your needs based on size, capacity, features, and budget.

What do you think of Pelonis dehumidifiers? Share your thoughts with us below!