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Best Redstone Infrared Heater Reviews & Guide 2023

Heat up any room quickly and easily with the Redstone infrared heater. This powerful infrared heater utilizes advanced heat reflectors to provide superior heat distribution in any room or space. Enjoy the warmth of redstone infrared while you completely customize your personalized warmth and energy efficiency. With its ability to quickly raise a room temperature, you can easily save on energy costs with this long-lasting and reliable heater.

Quick Summary

  Redstone Infrared Heater Reviews & Buyers Guide 2023 - Best Ranges to Buy

Looking for the best Redstone infrared heater? You’re in the right place. Reviews on this premium brand of infrared heaters can give you the information you need to find the best Redstone infrared heater for your home. Our guide reviews the features and specs that make Redstone heaters stand out from other brands. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of owning a Redstone heater. Finally, we will provide tips on how to choose the perfect Redstone infrared heater for your space.

Redstone infrared heaters offer a range of features that set them apart from other brands. Features like fast heat-up times and remote controls make Redstone heaters popular among homeowners. They come in both wall-mount and portable varieties. Additionally, they come in various sizes with different wattage outputs. Depending on your needs, you can select a Redstone infrared heater with the perfect wattage output for your space.

Redstone heaters feature a unique low-intensity infrared heating system that provides a comfortable, even warmth throughout your space. They are extremely quiet and efficient, often saving up to 50% in energy costs compared to traditional heating systems. They also last for many years, so you can count on a long-term return on your investment.

When choosing a Redstone infrared heater, be sure to consider your budget, the size of your space, and the wattage output of the heater. Also, consider what type of additional features you want, such as remote controls or adjustable thermostats. Lastly, read reviews from other owners to get an unbiased opinion on the quality of the product.

The right Redstone infrared heater can provide years of reliable warmth in your home. Our reviews on the best Redstone infrared heaters can help you make an informed decision when shopping for your new heater.

Redstone Infrared Heater Reviews & Buyers Guide 2023 – Best Ranges to Buy

Redstone infrared heaters are one of the most efficient and convenient ways to heat your home. They provide immediate and precise heating, with no waiting for warm-up time and no cold spots. Infrared heaters are great for environmental comfort control, as they can heat up specific areas in a precise and timely fashion.

What is Redstone Infrared Heating Technology?

Redstone infrared heaters use far-infrared rays to heat directly, allowing you to enjoy precise and immediate warmth without wasting energy. This heating technology works by transferring far-infrared rays to the body instead of through the air, providing a more efficient and comfortable heating experience. Redstone infrared heaters are designed to be highly efficient, consuming less energy and resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

Different Types of Redstone Infrared Heaters

Redstone infrared heaters come in a variety of styles, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and free-standing. They can also be found in a variety of sizes and models, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Wall-mounted infrared heaters are perfect for smaller spaces that require precise heating control.
  • Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters provide the same precise heating of wall-mounted models with the convenience of having them out of the way.
  • Free-standing infrared heaters are great for larger spaces. This type of heater is also easily portable, making it ideal for use in any area you need to provide comfortable warmth.

Benefits of Redstone Infrared Heaters

Redstone infrared heaters are highly efficient, consuming less energy than other conventional heaters, resulting in significant long-term cost savings. They also specially designed to act as an air scrubber, removing harmful airborne particles, mold, and bacteria, resulting in improved indoor air quality. Redstone infrared heaters have superior durability and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for any home or office.

Best Redstone Infrared Heaters of 2023

When it comes to finding the best Redstone infrared heater for your needs, you have many options to choose from. To help you decide, here are some of the top picks for 2023:

  • Redstone 75 Watt Wall-Mounted Infrared Heater: This energy-efficient heater offers precise heating in a convenient wall-mounted unit.
  • Redstone 200 Watt Ceiling-Mounted Infrared Heater: This powerful heater is perfect for larger rooms, providing quick and consistent warmth.
  • Redstone 500 Watt Free-Standing Infrared Heater: This highly-portable heater is great for providing comfort in any area.


When buying a Redstone infrared heater, it is important to consider your needs and the type of space you have. With the right model, you can enjoy an efficient and comfortable heating experience for years to come.

Personal Experience

What are the disadvantages of infrared heating?

I recently purchased a Redstone Infrared Heater for my living room. It has been an incredibly useful and reliable heating device, especially during the winter months. I am particularly impressed with the ease of use and the efficiency of this heater. The infrared technology incorporated in the product allows it to emit heat at a much higher rate than traditional convectional products. Additionally, the Redstone heater is quite aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek and modern design. Unlike other models, the Redstone only needs to be operated with a single remote control and this has been hugely beneficial to have in my home – especially as I have small children who might be tempted to meddle with the traditional knobs. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend it to all those looking to update their heating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of infrared heating?

The disadvantages of infrared heating include possible safety risks due to the high temperatures that the coils reach, limited warming due to the radiation heat only benefiting those in its direct line of sight, and a higher initial investment than traditional heating systems. In general, infrared heaters are cost-efficient in the long run, but they require a larger upfront investment.

Do infrared heaters raise your electric bill?

Yes, infrared heaters will raise your electric bill. However, they are much more energy efficient than other electric space heaters and use about 40% less energy to produce the same level of comfort. This means that over time, the electric bill will be lower than other heating systems and you’ll ultimately save money.

Can infrared heaters cause health problems?

No, infrared heaters will not cause health problems. Far infrared heat is natural and safe for the human body, as it is designed to absorb and emit infrared. This form of heat does not emit any radiation, toxins, or pollutants and does not have adverse effects on health.

Can I leave infrared heater on all the time?

Yes, you can leave an infrared heater on all the time. Infrared heaters are an efficient and effective way to heat a room, and when left running all the time, they provide a consistent warmth in any environment. Furthermore, these systems are energy-efficient, inexpensive to operate, and use minimal electricity to remain on continuously.

Are infrared heaters cool to the touch?

Yes, infrared heaters are cool to the touch. They use a quartz heating element to produce a type of heat that is noticeable without being too hot. Moreover, their relatively cool surface makes them a safer choice for households with kids or pets.

Who makes RedStone heaters?

RedStone heaters are manufactured by Sengoku L.A., Ltd. Based in California, Sengoku L.A., Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in the heating industry, and is renowned for their quality products and expert customer service. RedStone heaters are designed to offer a long-lasting, reliable source of warmth and comfort in all living spaces.

How do you turn on a red stone heater?

To turn on a Red Stone Heater, press the ON/OFF button on the control panel or the Power button on the supplied remote control. It is a quick and easy process, ensuring instant heat and optimum comfort.

Which brand of heater is best?

The best brand of heater depends on individual preference, budget, and desired features. Some of the most popular and highly rated space heaters come from Lasko, Honeywell, and DeLonghi. Each heater has a range of features designed to provide efficient warmth and comfort in any room. From sleek designs, ceramic and oil-filled models, to smart Wi-Fi enabled systems, these brands offer a wide variety of reliable and effective space heaters for any home.

What can go wrong with an electric fireplace?

The main thing that can go wrong with an electric fireplace is that the vents, air inlets, and outlet may become blocked, preventing the fireplace from generating heat. Additionally, the heating unit or thermostat may malfunction, meaning it is not able to properly regulate the temperature of the room. Lastly, an electric fireplace may simply lack power if the plug has become disconnected or faulty.

What company makes the most realistic electric fireplace?

Dimplex is the leading company that makes the most realistic electric fireplaces. Their signature 3D technology gives the appearance of real flames, with the most convincing visuals and all in a modern, stylish package. They also offer a whole range of models to choose from, making sure that all customers can find something that fits their needs perfectly.

What is the most popular electric fireplace?

The most popular electric fireplace is the R.W.FLAME Recessed and Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace. It is a great size for most spaces and provides plenty of warmth. The PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert provides a great insert for existing fireplaces. Both of these electric fireplaces provide a realistic, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution to traditional fireplaces.

Do electric fireplaces take a lot of electricity?

No, electric fireplaces do not take a lot of electricity. On average, electric fireplaces use the same amount of electricity as the average space heater. This means that electric fireplaces are very energy efficient, making them a great option for home heating.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best redstone infrared heater reviews & guide 2023 provides comprehensive and helpful information on several different types of redstone infrared heaters. It is important to consider several factors including wattage, price, and available features when making your purchasing decision. By comparing the features of each heater, you can better determine which one is most suitable for your needs. The guide also provides helpful information regarding safety and installation. Ultimately, this guide provides a great resource when considering purchasing a redstone infrared heater.