smoke smell in house from fireplace

Remove Smoke Smell from Fireplace in Your House

The pungent, acrid smell of smoke in your house can be a nuisance. Whether it’s coming from your fireplace or elsewhere, dealing with the smoky odor can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to know how to tackle the problem of smoke smell in house from fireplace.

Quick Summary

  Eliminate Smoke Odor from Fireplace in Your Home | Solutions for Smoke Smell in House from Fireplace

Getting rid of the smoke smell from a fireplace in your house can be tricky, but possible. First, douse the fireplace with plenty of water to ensure the fire is extinguished and any ash is properly cooled. Once the ashes and embers are cool to the touch, use a fireplace brush or vacuum cleaner to remove ash and soot residue. Make sure to pick up the ashes completely. If you have an ash vacuum, use it to clean up ash more effectively.

Be sure to open any windows in the room and remove any curtains or other materials that have been exposed to smoke. Wash these items with a gentle detergent and cold water in a washing machine or on a delicate cycle. If the smell doesn’t diminish, consider using a smoke-eliminating spray or spray-on odor remover on the window treatments, walls, and other places where smoke has entered your home.

Finally, if all else fails, consider hiring a professional clean service to come in and set up an ozone machine. This machine works to neutralize smoke smells and can be used in all affected areas to help clear out the smell. Use this as the last step for the most successful removal of the smoke odor.

Eliminate Smoke Odor from Fireplace in Your Home | Solutions for Smoke Smell in House from Fireplace

Are you having issues with smoke smell in your house from the fireplace? Don’t worry! There are some easy solutions and tips to eliminate the smoke odor quickly and safely. Here, we have put together a few ways in which you can eliminate smoke odor from your fireplace and keep your home smelling great.

1. Open the Doors and Windows

The absolute easiest way to try and reduce the smoke smell from the fireplace is by opening the windows and doors in the house. The fresh air will help circulate the smoke smell. Make sure to open all your windows and the doors for about 10-15 minutes, and then recheck the smell.

2. Use an Odor Absorber

Using an odor absorber such as charcoal, baking soda, activated alumina, and so on can be helpful in eliminating the smoke smell in the house. Place the absorber in the fireplace or near it, and leave it in there for at least 24 hours. Replace it with a fresh absorber once it has been used.

3. Clean the Fireplace and Chimney Regularly

It is important to keep the chimney and fireplace clean in order to minimize the smoke smell in the house. Check the cleanliness of the chimney regularly and do a thorough cleaning whenever necessary.

4. Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great way to eliminate the smoke smell from the fireplace in your home. There are numerous options available in the market for air purifiers, such as HEPA filters, Ion generators, Activated carbon filters, and so on. Choose one according to your needs. Air purifiers can be used as a preventive measure to reduce the possibility of smoke smell building up in the house.

5. Use Scented Candles or Incense Sticks

Lighting a scented candle or an incense stick can help in eliminating the smoke smell from the fireplace. This will also enhance the aroma of the house and make it more pleasant. However, make sure to use these with caution, as the smoke from the candles or incense sticks can also accumulate in the house and lead to further smell.

6. Use Essential Oils or Natural Sprays

Essential oils and natural sprays can be an effective solution to eliminate smoke odor from a fireplace. These can be used to freshen up the air in the house while masking the smell of smoke.

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Citrus essential oils
  • Peppermint essential oils
  • Eucalyptus essential oils
  • Rosemary essential oils

7. Vacuum the Room

Vacuuming the rooms of your home regularly can help to get rid of the smoke smell from the fireplace. Vacuum cleaners help to remove dust particles, which can be a major contributor to the smoky odor.

8. Use Natural Odor Neutralizers

Natural odor neutralizers such as white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda can help to reduce the smoke smell from the fireplace. You can put these items in the fireplace or burn them as incense to help eliminate the smoke odor.

  • Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water and boil it.
  • Cut 1 lemon into 4 pieces and place it in the fireplace.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the fireplace.
  • Spray natural essential oils in the fireplace and room.
  • Personal Experience

    Why does my house smell like smoke after fireplace?

    I recently discovered the smoke smell in my house from the fireplace during the cold season. I thought that the smoke must have escaped through the chimney and was finding its way back into the house. So, I decided to take some preventive measures to get rid of the smoke smell. The first thing I did was to clean the chimney, remove the ashes and soot, and seal the joints and cracks. This helped to ensure that no smoke was escaping through the chimney. Secondly, I made sure to open all the windows in the house to reduce the smoky smell in the air. I also put some fans inside the house to take away the smokey odor and increase air circulation. Lastly, I placed a few air purifiers throughout the house to eliminate as much smoky air as possible. These simple steps helped a great deal in reducing the smoke smell in my house from the fireplace.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my house smell like smoke after fireplace?

    Your house may smell like smoke due to creosote buildup in the chimney. Chimney cleaning can help remove this buildup and reduce the smoky odor. Additionally, pressure imbalances within the house can affect chimney draft and create a smoky smell.

    How do I stop my house from smelling like smoke from the fireplace?

    To stop your house from smelling like smoke from the fireplace, use a deodorizing solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Spray the fireplace area with the mixture to deodorize at the source. Another solution is to wave a towel sprayed with vinegar throughout the area to further eliminate the smoke odor.

    Is smell from fireplace toxic?

    Yes, the smell from a fireplace can be toxic. Inhaling wood smoke over short or long periods has been known to cause headaches, irritations, and even chronic lung disease or cancer. It is important to practice safe use of your fireplace and ensure proper ventilation in your home to limit exposure to potentially toxic smoke.

    Why do I smell smoke in my house but there is no fire?

    There is no fire in your house; you are likely experiencing an olfactory hallucination known as dysosmia. Common causes of dysosmia may include head and nose injury, viral damage to the smell system, or exposure to certain chemicals and medications. If the sensation persists, it’s best to contact a medical professional to rule out any underlying health issues.

    Why does my fireplace smell like smoke after it rains?

    After a rainstorm, air is drawn into your home through the chimney due to greater exterior pressure. This can cause a smokey odor in your home as particles are drawn into the airspace of your home. To reduce the smell, it is recommended to check that your chimney is clean and free from blockages.

    Is it normal to smell some smoke from fireplace?

    Yes, it is normal to smell some smoke from a fireplace. This is typically because the wood is burning and releasing smoke which is natural. If you notice an unusually strong odor of smoke, this could be a sign of a problem with your fireplace and you should contact a professional to investigate.

    How do I stop my fireplace from smelling like smoke?

    To stop your fireplace from smelling like smoke, use a vinegar spray to neutralize odors at their source. Make a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz the fireplace area regularly. Alternatively, wave a vinegar-soaked towel around the area to deodorize.

    Why does my wood stove smell when it rains?

    The foul odor from a wood stove when it rains can be caused by a buildup of soot and creosote in the chimney and fireplace. This buildup of residue is generally caused by improper maintenance and not regularly cleaning out the soot and creosote from the fireplace and chimney. If you find you smell the odor from your wood stove when it rains, it may be a good idea to contact a professional chimney sweep for a regular inspection and cleaning.

    What if your house smells like smoke?

    The best way to get rid of the smoke smell in your house is to clean all affected surfaces, air out the house, and use air fresheners or scented candles. Start by wiping down all furniture, walls, floors, and other surfaces with white vinegar. Then, open the windows to let fresh air in. Lastly, use air fresheners or scented candles to neutralize the smoke smell in the room.

    Why does my house smell like smoke for no reason?

    It’s possible that your house is smelling like smoke for no reason due to electrical smoke from behind a wall or in a ceiling. If you only smell the smoke-like odor occasionally when you turn on certain lights or appliances, then it may be the case. Have an electrician inspect the wiring in your house to further investigate the situation.

    Can you get secondhand smoke from someone who smells like smoke?

    Yes, secondhand smoke is possible when someone who smells like smoke is present in a room. Secondhand smoke is composed of the same gases and particles as those emitted directly from cigarettes and other tobacco products. To reduce exposure, it’s best to avoid being in close proximity to people who smoke or have recently smoked.

    How do professionals remove smoke smell from house?

    Professionals remove smoke smell from houses by first opening windows and airing out the space; secondly, by using baking soda to absorb odors, and thirdly, by neutralizing smoke odors with a vinegar wash and trapping stale smoke with activated charcoal.These three steps allow professionals to quickly, effectively, and safely remove smoke smell from any house.

    Final Thoughts

    Removing the smoke smell from a fireplace in your house does not have to be an arduous task. With some simple steps such as deep cleaning the area and using natural odor absorbers, the smoke smell can be gone in no time. However, if the smell is persistent, and more of a fire damaged odor, it is best to reach out to a professional to safely get rid of any hazardous fumes. By taking the necessary steps to clean your fireplace and remove the smoke smell, you can enjoy a fresh and inviting home again.