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Best Space Heaters with Low Wattage: Reviews and Comparisons


Space heaters are a great way to heat small spaces without raising your energy bill. But space heaters with low wattage offer great results with low electricity usage. Our selection of low wattage space heaters includes Brightown Mini Heater, Lasko MyHeat Heater, Honeywell HeatBud, and Amazon Basics Mini, with wattages ranging from 200 Watts to 500 Watts and heating outputs of 682 BTU to 1706 BTU with Amps at a maximum of 4.5 Amps (At 110V).

Quick Summary

  Best Space Heaters with Low Wattage Reviews: A Comparison of Top Rated Models

When shopping for space heaters, wattage and amperage are important considerations for safety and efficiency. Some of the best low wattage and low amp space heaters on the market include the Brightown Mini Heater at 400 Watts and 3.6 Amps, the Lasko MyHeat Heater at 200 Watts and 1.8 Amps, the Honeywell HeatBud at 250 Watts and 2.3 Amps, and the Amazon Basics Mini at 500 Watts and 4.5 Amps. These four heaters all offer great heating output, with BTU ranging between 682 and 1706.

The Brightown Mini Heater is a great choice for those on a budget. At 400 Watts, it offers 1365 BTU, making it great for an individual room or smaller areas. It is also very energy efficient, consuming only 3.6 Amps of electricity.

The Lasko MyHeat Heater is the most energy-efficient of the four space heaters. It is rated at only 200 Watts and 1.8 Amps, but still produces 682 BTU, making it suitable for use in small to medium-sized rooms. This heater is great for those with limited space and tight budgets, as the lower wattage helps to reduce energy costs compared to traditional space heaters.

The Honeywell HeatBud is an excellent choice for those looking for a basic, low-wattage heater. It offers 250 Watts and produces 853 BTU, which is more than enough heat for a medium-sized room. The 2.3 Amps of electricity ensures efficient heating and helps to keep energy costs low.

Finally, the Amazon Basics Mini is a great space heater for larger rooms. It is rated at 500 Watts, producing 1706 BTU, and consumes 4.5 Amps of electricity. This heater is perfect for those needing plenty of heat output and still managing efficiency. With its low wattage and low amperage, the Amazon Basics Mini is one of the best space heaters on the market.

Best Space Heaters with Low Wattage Reviews: A Comparison of Top Rated Models

The Top Rated Models

When it comes to space heaters with low wattage, there are many different models to choose from. In this article, we will be looking at four of the top-rated models and compare their wattage, heating output, and amps. Let’s get into it.

  • Brightown Mini Heater: This model has a wattage of 400 Watts, heating output of 1365 BTU, and 3.6 Amps at 110V.
  • Lasko MyHeat Heater: This model has a wattage of 200 Watts, heating output of 682 BTU, and 1.8 Amps at 110V.
  • Honeywell HeatBud: This model has a wattage of 250 Watts, heating output of 853 BTU, and 2.3 Amps at 110V.
  • Amazon Basics Mini: This model has a wattage of 500 Watts, heating output of 1706 BTU, and 4.5 Amps at 110V.

The Reviews

We have taken a close look at the four models and their respective features, so let’s see what consumers have to say about them.

Brightown Mini Heater

The Brightown Mini Heater is one of the most popular in its category. It is relatively affordable and can heat a small room effectively. Customers praise its low wattage which makes it energy efficient and economical to run.

Lasko MyHeat Heater

The Lasko MyHeat Heater is another top choice due to its compact size and quiet operation. This small heater is ideal for a home office or bedroom, and it is easy to use and clean. It has been praised for its low wattage and low noise levels.

Honeywell HeatBud

The Honeywell HeatBud is a great choice for a low wattage space heater. It is built with safety in mind, and has cool-touch exterior. Customers note its slim design and low wattage make it perfect for small spaces.

Amazon Basics Mini

The Amazon Basics Mini is a reliable space heater for low wattage. Customers rave about the low wattage and efficient heating generated by this model. It is also noted that it is easy to use and takes up minimal space.

Related Products

  • Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Atom One Portable Heater with 70°Oscillation, 1500W PTC Electric Heater with Thermostat, Fast Safety Heat, Remote, 1-12h Timer, Upgraded Small Heater for Office Home
  • For those who are looking to heat their indoor space efficiently with low wattage, the Dreo Space Heater for Indoor Use provides a great option. This Atom One portable heater uses only 1500W of electricity and boasts a 70° oscillation for quick heating coverage. It also has a thermostat for temperature control, as well as timer and fast safety heat functions that can be manage via an included remote control. This upgraded small heater is perfect for your office or home and provides excellent value.

    • Space Heaters low wattage: Uses only 1500W of electricity.
    • Oscillation: 70° oscillation for quick room coverage.
    • Thermostat: Comes with thermostat for temperature control.
    • Timer: 1-12h timer function makes it easy to set and forget.
    • Design: Upgraded small heater design provides excellent value.

  • Portable Electric Space Heater 1500W/750W, Ceramic Room Heater with Tip-Over and Overheat Protection, Heat up 200 Square Feet in Seconds, Safe and Quiet for Office Home Room Desk Indoor Use, Black
  • When it comes to space heaters low wattage, the Portable Electric Space Heater 1500W/750W is an excellent choice. This ceramic room heater is designed with safety and convenience in mind. It features tip-over and overheat protection that ensures it won’t accidentally overheat, as well as a low wattage system that quickly and quietly heats up to 200 square feet in seconds.

    • Portable:This space heater is easily transportable and has a lightweight design, making it perfect for any room in your home or office.
    • Safe and quiet:The overheat and tip-over protection ensure that the unit will shut off if it becomes too hot or gets knocked over, while the quiet fan ensures that you can use it without noise disruption.
    • Quick heating:Using its low wattage system, this space heater can quickly and efficiently heat up nearly any room in a matter of seconds.

    If you’re looking for a safe and low wattage space heater, the Portable Electric Space Heater 1500W/750W is an excellent choice. With its efficient design, it can quickly and quietly heat up any room in your home or office with ease.

  • Portable Ceramic Electric Space Heater for Bedroom and Office Indoor Use with Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection and Easy Carrying Handle, 750W/1500W (Black)
  • This Portable Ceramic Electric Space Heater is perfect for low wattage heating needs. This powerful heat source is designed for indoor use and offers a 750W/1500W adjustable thermostat for maximum efficiency. With overheat protection and an easy carrying handle, you can take this space heater anywhere with ease.

    • Portable and adjustable thermostat.
    • Designed for indoor use with low wattage power.
    • Overheat protection.
    • Easy carrying handle.


    This space heater has all you need for efficient low wattage heating in any bedroom or office. Get yours today and enjoy cozy comfort with adjustable temperature control.

  • Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use, Portable Electric Heater for Bedroom Large Room Office Garage, 1500W Fast PTC Ceramic Heating with Remote, Thermostat, Oscillating, Timer, Multiple Safety Protection
  • Introducing the Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use – perfect for any space or room! This portable and electric heater operates at a low wattage – 1500W – and features fast PTC ceramic heating with a remote, thermostat, oscillating, timer, and multiple safety protections. Enjoy a warm, comfortable home with space heaters that operate at a low wattage, for maximum energy efficiency!

    • PTC ceramic heating provides fast, efficient warmth
    • 1500W low wattage provides maximum energy efficiency
    • Remote, thermostat, oscillating, timer, and multiple safety protections
    • Portable and electric – perfect for small places, bedrooms, large rooms, offices and garages

    Enjoy a comfy and warm home with the Dreo Space Heaters – perfect for today’s modern, energy efficient lifestyles. Make sure to grab yours today and enjoy the low wattage benefits of space heaters.

  • Small Space Heater for Indoor Use – 400W Low Wattage Mini Heater with Overheat Protection, Portable Personal Heater with Tip Over Protection, Low Noise Desk Heater for Office Bedroom Home Use
  • Experience low wattage, high comfort with this 400W low wattage mini space heater! This small heater is perfect for indoor use and comes loaded with high-end features, such as overheat and tip-over protection, making it safe and reliable. As an added bonus, this novel space heater produces very low noise, making it the perfect companion for your bedroom or office. With low wattage and excellent features, this space heater is a great choice for individual cold-weather comfort.

    • 400W low wattage mini heater
    • Overheat and tip-over protection
    • Low noise desk heater
    • Ideal for indoor use in offices, bedrooms and homes.

    Personal Experience

    Which space heaters use the least power?

    As an expert in the field of space heaters low wattage, I can confirm that having a heater that has the lowest wattage and lowest amperage can be extremely effective and efficient. By having a heater with a low wattage and amperage, such as the Brightown Mini Heater with a wattage of 400 and a amperage of 3.6 (At 110V), it will provide you with the safe and efficient heating output of 1365 BTU, while consuming less electricity than a more powerful heater. Moreover, the Lasko MyHeat Heater with a wattage of 200 and an amperage of 1.8 (At 110V) provides an effective heating output of 682 BTU while still conserving electricity. Furthermore, the Honeywell HeatBud with a wattage of 250 and an amperage of 2.3 (At 110V) provides an effective heating output of 853 BTU. Last but not least, the Amazon Basics Mini with a wattage of 500 and an amperage of 4.5 (At 110V) provides an effective heating output of 1706 BTU.

    In conclusion, having a space heater with a low wattage and amperage can provide you with an efficient and effective way of heating any room or space. Therefore, having a heater with certain wattage and amperage may be essential for anyone looking to conserve energy while properly heating any room.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which space heaters use the least power?

    Electric infrared heaters use the least amount of power. They are energy-efficient models that warm people and objects directly, not the air around them. This means no energy is wasted, making them the most efficient space heater option.

    How many watts does a space heater use on low?

    A space heater typically uses 1,500 Watts of electricity on average when set at a low level. This amount of electricity is usually enough to keep an average sized room warm and cozy. While additional energy might be needed to heat a larger space, 1,500 Watts is usually a good starting point.

    What is a safe wattage for space heater?

    A space heater should have a wattage of 10 watts per square foot of floor area. This means that for an area up to 150 square feet, a 1,500-watt space heater is the minimum level of heat required to heat the space safely. It is also recommended to check with local building codes or other safety measures to ensure that the wattage used is adequate.

    Are there heaters that use less electricity?

    Yes, there are types of heaters that use less electricity. Infrared quartz model space heaters are the most energy efficient and can help you save money on your electricity bills. Other types of space heaters such as ceramic models, oil-filled radiators, and convection models are also available, but not as energy efficient as infrared quartz models.

    Which type heater is best for small room?

    The best type heater for a small room is a fan heater. Fan heaters are portable in size and easy to carry, making them ideal for small rooms. They use an electric coil that generates heat, which is then blown out by a fan. Fan heaters are the most popular choice for small rooms in India.

    What are the safest small heaters?

    The Vornado MVH Vortex is the safest small heater available. It has an array of safety features, including a cool-touch exterior and automatic shut-off for overheating and tip-overs. It also has three heat settings and a built-in thermostat for improved efficiency. This makes it the ideal choice for safely heating small spaces.

    Which small heaters are the most energy efficient?

    The most energy efficient small heaters are the COMLIFE PTC 900W/1800W Ceramic Space Heater, Dyson AM09 Fan Heater, and the DOUHE Portable Space Heater. All three of these space heaters provide efficient energy use and improved comfort. The COMLIFE PTC Ceramic Space Heater is a high-tech heater that provides fast, adjustable and energy efficient heating. The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater uses advanced high-velocity airflow technology to ensure efficient temperature control and energy use. The DOUHE Portable Space Heater is a lightweight, portable space heater that utilizes a PTC ceramic heating element for energy-efficient and fast warming. All three of these heaters are small, easy to use and efficiently conserve energy.

    Do small space heaters work?

    Yes, small space heaters work. They are a great source of supplemental heat to help keep a drafty room warm. However, they should not be used as a primary heat source.

    What wattage of infrared heater do I need?

    You will need a 350 – 400 watt infrared heater to heat your room. Infrared heaters come in carbon fibre or glass finishes. Hang the heater on the wall to heat an area of 5m2 or suspend it from the ceiling to cover an area of 7m2.

    What heater uses the lowest wattage?

    The Lasko MyHeat is the perfect desktop electric heater for those looking for low wattage heating. This pocket-sized heater produces 200 watts of power and is the smallest electric heater on the market. If you need to produce additional heat in your office with the lowest wattage possible, Lasko MyHeat is the perfect choice.

    What is the most economical infrared heater?

    The most economical infrared heater is Herschel Infrared, which has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to A or B rated Gas Central Heating, air source heat pumps, and digital electrical radiators by up to 50%. All of these factors make Herschel Infrared an ideal choice for both cost and efficiency. Additionally, Herschel Infrared also offers quick installation and easy long-term maintenance to ensure its operation.

    What should I look for when buying an infrared heater?

    When buying an infrared heater, look for one with a high watt output rating to provide more heat in larger rooms. Many heaters are equipped with a low setting to switch between higher and lower watt outputs. Consider the size of the room and the need for warmth when selecting the wattage to ensure the best results.

    What is the best electric heater for a large room?

    The best electric heater for a large room is the LifeSmart 6 Element. This heater is an all-around pick that offers quick and efficient heating capabilities. It features 6 elements that allow for a wider temperature range, making it ideal for bigger rooms. It is also user-friendly, with adjustable thermostat and fan speed settings for maximum comfort and convenience.

    Which is the best heater to buy?

    The best water heater to buy depends on your specific needs. For reliability and longevity, the top brands to consider are O. Smith, Rheem, Bosch, American Standard, and Eco Smart. These trusted water heater brands are known for their quality and their ability to satisfy a variety of customer needs. In addition, Kenmore, Bradford White, Noritz, American Water Heaters, and Navien are highly recommended for their dependable products that are designed to last.

    What is the most efficient heater?

    The most efficient type of water heater is a smart water heater. It is a combination of a conventional electric water heater, an electronic thermostat, and a power vent. Smart water heater features better energy efficiency than conventional storage tanks, making them the ultimate choice when it comes to saving energy and money.

    How many watts are in a space heater?

    A space heater typically consumes 1,500 watts of energy on average. However, it can lower its wattage consumption to 750 watts due to lower or eco-friendly settings. In conclusion, a space heater has a wattage of up to 1,500 watts.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the best low wattage space heater depends on your needs and preferences. While the Brightown Mini Heater has the highest wattage output of 400 Watts, it also has the highest amps of 3.6 Amps at 110V. If that is too much for you, then the Honeywell HeatBud with 250 Watts and 2.3 Amps might be the better choice. Whatever your needs may be, these low wattage space heater selections will give you the perfect amount of heat you need.