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25+ Best Wall Fireplace Ideas You Will Enjoy

Looking to spruce up your living room? Check out these interesting wall fireplace ideas to create an eye-catching centerpiece in any room! With unique styles, versatile materials, and energy efficient features, wall fireplaces offer an easy and practical way to add a warm, cozy feeling to your home.

Quick Summary

  25+ Best Wall Fireplace Ideas - Enjoy Home Comfort and Style

Want to introduce a fireplace to your home but feeling overwhelmed with the options? Don’t worry, here are some of the best wall fireplace ideas you will enjoy! Wall fireplaces are a great way to add a cozy, stylish ambience to any room, and with our selection of wall fireplaces, there’s something for any home. Whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, you’ll find the perfect one to match your space. We’ve included an array of hanging fireplaces, wall-mount electric fireplaces, and recessed fireplaces to choose from. There’s something for every budget and style!

For contemporary homes, the Chevron wall-mounted electric fireplace is a must-buy. Crafted with a bold geometric design, the Chevron will look stunning in modern spaces. It produces realistic-looking flames and is crafted with a sleek black corner cabinet. Plus, it includes a remote control, so you can adjust the heat from anywhere. If you’re looking for a more traditional design, look no further than the Bruno wall fireplace. This charming fireplace comes with a white mantel shelf and a lifelike gas-burning flame insert. Plus, it’s easy to install.

These are just a few of our favorite wall fireplaces, and there are plenty more to shop from. Whether you look for design or function, there’s bound to be a wall fireplace to match your home. Check out our selection now and find the perfect one for your living space!

25+ Best Wall Fireplace Ideas – Enjoy Home Comfort and Style

The wall fireplace is the best way to bring warmth and comfort to any home. With its sleek and modern design, you can add the perfect ambience to any room.

Wall fireplaces provide a unique look, bringing style and coziness to your living space. From classic brick and stone designs to contemporary modular models and custom-built options – the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a wall fireplace that perfectly fits your home’s decor.

Here Are 25+ Best Wall Fireplace Ideas for Your Home:

  • Contemporary wall fireplace – Add a modern look with a sleek wall fireplace in your living room or on a feature wall in your outdoor space.
  • Brick wall fireplace – This timeless style looks classic and stylish in any setting. Choose classic white or add a touch of color with different shades of brick.
  • Stone wall fireplace – Take your fireplace design to the next level with natural stone in different shapes and patterns.
  • Wood-burning wall fireplace – Add warmth and charm with a traditional wood-burning wall fireplace.
  • Electric wall fireplace – Get the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace without the hassle of smoke and upkeep with an electric wall fireplace.
  • Linear wall fireplace – An ideal choice for a modern living space, without taking up too much space.
  • Glass wall fireplace – Create a stunning display with a sleek and stylish wall fireplace with a large glass panel.
  • Hanging wall fireplace – Hang your wall fireplace for a simple yet elegant look.
  • Corner wall fireplace – For an innovative and creative corner fireplace, this is the way to go.
  • Built-in wall fireplace – For a classic and customized look, install a built-in wall fireplace.
  • Stylish Wall Fireplace Ideas

    • Go rustic with a brick or stone wall fireplace and complete the look with wooden accents.
    • Mix modern and vintage by pairing a cool metal fireplace with industrial-style furnishings.
    • Opt for a classic design and paint your wall fireplace in white or light gray to add subtle style to your living space.
    • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a wall fireplace painted in a classic color such as gray, black or brown.
    • Choose a unique color to make your wall fireplace stand out – from bright and bold hues to subtle pastels.
    • Combine two different wall fireplaces in one living room for an interesting mix of styles.

    Personal Experience

    Do wall fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

    Having reviewed many wall fireplace ideas over the years, I’ve found nothing more aesthetically pleasing than the sight of a beautifully designed wall fireplace as the centerpiece of a room. From modern, minimalistic designs meant to help a room feel more open and spacious, to more intricate designs with detailed masonry, a wall fireplace can add a touch of elegance and class to any interior. My personal favourite innovation is the vibrant, energy-efficient LED wall fireplace which brings a warm feeling and creates a modern aesthetic. The best part is that these electric fireplaces can provide nearly instant ambiance and comfort without the mess and clean-up associated with conventional appliances. Additionally, electric fireplaces can also be installed without having to worry about venting and smoke, making them an ideal choice for any room.

    There are several ways to incorporate a wall fireplace into an interior space. One of my favourite ideas is the use of stone to create the surrounding walls. Using stones such as granite or marble will create an inviting space that feels luxurious and timeless. Other simpler finishing touches like painting the wall around the fireplace or angling the fireplace for a unique look can also help add to the overall appeal. Wall fireplaces can also be further accentuated with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plaster, adding texture and depth to the room.

    To ensure safety, there should always be a minimum clearance between the wall-mounted fireplace and the combustible wall. Additionally, proper insulation should be used to ensure that the exterior walls near the fireplace do not reach dangerously high temperatures when the fireplace is on. When designing a wall fireplace, always take into account the local building codes and consult with a certified building inspector or professional to ensure your design is safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do wall fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

    No, wall fireplaces typically do not use a lot of electricity. Most electric fireplaces are equipped with efficient heating elements and modern technology, allowing them to use far less electricity than the average space heater. Additionally, the electricity usage of electric fireplaces is compensated for by the lack of the need for a chimney or other ventilation, making them a very economical choice for heating a room.

    What do you put on a fireplace wall?

    For a fireplace wall, hang a mirror as the centerpiece and place two sconces on either side. Add a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller items like candles, fine art prints, and frames for a cozy, inviting look.

    What are the four types of fireplaces?

    The four types of fireplaces are wood, gas, electric, and pellet. Wood burning fireplaces provide warmth and a traditional ambience. Gas fireplaces are cost-effective and energy-efficient, while electric fireplaces offer a convenient and clean option. Finally, pellet fireplaces are a modern and eco-friendly choice, burning wood pellets to produce heat.

    What are the best wall-mounted fireplaces?

    The best wall-mounted fireplaces are those that provide elegance and warmth to any space. Dimplex DLGM29 Opti-Myst Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is a great choice for its realistic flickering flames and smoke effect, adjustable heat output, and ability to be placed at any angle. Regal Flame AVON Ventless Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a great alternative, with its tempered glass front, 3D flames, adjustable heat and remote. Both of these solutions offer a convenient and inexpensive alternative to traditional fireplaces.

    How do you layout a room with a fireplace and TV?

    Start by positioning your sofa opposite the TV set or the fireplace. Then, place the TV on a perpendicular wall to the sofa. If you have extra room, place a second seating piece across from each, so you can create two separate conversation areas.

    What do I need to know before mounting a TV over a fireplace?

    Before mounting a TV over a fireplace, it is important to ensure that the temperature in that area does not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to ensure the fireplace produces less heat and has a deep mantle that keeps the TV from getting too close to the flames. Finally, it is important to mount the TV correctly to ensure it is stable and secure.

    Should fireplace and TV be the same size?

    No, a fireplace and TV should not be the same size. The general rule of thumb is to make the fireplace slightly wider than the TV (6-8 inches) to ensure it is the primary focus. Additionally, making the fireplace wider than the TV allows for proper distance from the fireplace for safety and comfort when enjoying a fire.

    Can you mount a TV on a wall with a fireplace?

    Yes, you can mount a TV on a wall with a fireplace. However, you must be careful if the fireplace is gas or wood burning as these can produce heat that can affect the functionality of your TV. It is also important to consider the size of the TV and the mantel.

    Where should a fireplace be placed in a living room?

    A fireplace should be placed in the middle of a wall in a living room. It can be accompanied by matching bookshelves, built-in cabinets or windows on each side, and there should be symmetrical seating arrangements.

    Are wall mounted fireplaces safe?

    Yes, wall mounted electric fireplaces are safe. The heating element produces heat safely and securely inside the fireplace, meaning there is no danger of harm to people near it. All modern electric fireplaces have been carefully tested and meet all safety requirements, ensuring they are a safe and enjoyable heating source.

    What is the current trend for fireplaces?

    The current trend for fireplaces is clean and minimalist. Homeowners are seeking simpler details that don’t take away from the design, such as fireplaces that finish directly to the glass. This minimalistic approach is becoming increasingly popular in 2022.

    Do wall mounted fireplaces need to be vented?

    No, wall mounted electric fireplaces do not need to be vented, as they do not produce any hazardous fumes. Electric fireplaces use efficient LED lighting, or imitation logs and flames, to create the look of a real fireplace without the fire itself. Therefore, venting is not necessary.

    Final Thoughts

    A fireplace adds character to any room, and having a wall fireplace can be an excellent way to integrate it into your home. The 25+ Best Wall Fireplace Ideas You Will Enjoy list provides a wide range of ideas that could suit the needs of any homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek design or a more traditional-style fireplace, you can find something that fits in with your home’s existing decor. Further, with a wall fireplace, you have the added benefit of having the ability to change up the space to accommodate whatever the season or the occasion may be. With the right ideas and careful consideration, you can create a memorable and cozy atmosphere for your home.