wall mounted fireplace under tv

Enhance Your Home with a Wall Mounted Fireplace Under Your TV

Bring the cozy warmth of a wall mounted fireplace to your home and enjoy it from the comfort of your sofa while catching up on your favorite TV shows. With one of these modern solutions, you can keep your living room warm and stylish all year round.

Quick Summary

  Transform Your Home with a Wall Mounted Fireplace Under Your TV

Give your home an inviting warmth and natural ambiance with a wall mounted fireplace. This modern, energy efficient furnishing provides a striking addition to any living room, bedroom, or office. With minimal installation, and straightforward setup, you can experience the calming effects of an electric fireplace. No matter what décor you desire, you will be able to find the perfect size, shape and style to enhance your home.

Wall mounted fireplaces are especially convenient when installed beneath your television. This low profile, wall-mounted design eliminates the need for a bulky mantel or hearth. With many models featuring adjustable flame brightness, temperature, and timer settings, you can customize the fireplace to the perfect setting to match your design desires. The fireplaces provide excellent supplemental heating, perfect for a chilly winter night. In the summer, you can turn off the heat while keeping the cozy ambiance.

Ferguson Fireplaces is proud to provide a wide variety of wall mounted fireplaces in every finish imaginable. Whether brushed bronze, black, or brushed steel. Our expert sales team is available for advice on finding the perfect wall mount fireplace for your home remodel, renovation, or design project. Browse through our selection and let us help you make your home the coziest spot on the block.

Transform Your Home with a Wall Mounted Fireplace Under Your TV

A wall mounted fireplace under your TV can bring an amazing transformation to your home. Whether you are remodeling an existing space or building a new one, these fireplaces offer fascinating aesthetics, easy installation and the perfect addition to your home. Read on to learn more about the advantages of wall mounted fireplaces and how to select one for your home.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Fireplaces

  • Easy Installation: A wall mounted fireplace is easy to install and requires minimal effort. They come in different designs and sizes and can be easily attached to any wall in your home.
  • Multiple Uses: A wall mounted fireplace isn’t just for heating – it can also be used for cooling your home in the summer, creating an inviting atmosphere and providing light.
  • Great Aesthetic Appeal: With its sleek design and smoky appearance, the wall mounted fireplace is sure to add an interesting visual impact to your living space.

How to Choose a Wall Mounted Fireplace for Your Home

  • Choose the correct size: Wall mounted fireplaces come in different sizes and it’s important to choose the one that fits your space the best.
  • Choose the right fuel type: Wall mounted fireplaces can be powered by electric, wood, or gas.
  • Check safety features: Be sure to check safety features such as automatic shut-off, flame sensors and temperature sensors when selecting a wall mounted fireplace.
  • Choose the right design: There are many different designs available, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your home’s décor.
  • A wall mounted fireplace under your TV is the perfect way to transform your home. With their easy installation, multiple uses, and great aesthetic appeal, these fireplaces make for an amazing addition to any living space.

    Personal Experience

    Is it okay to have fireplace underneath TV?

    I’ve had great experiences with my wall-mounted fireplace under my television. I wanted a way to lounge in style while still having a cozy spot to relax, and this was the perfect choice. Not only does the wall-mounted fireplace under the tv look great, but it provides some nice warmth that makes it even more comfortable. Not to mention the convenience of not having to worry about sweeping up the ashes or cleaning out the bottom of the fireplace. The options for style and customization are pretty impressive too, with various colors and design options that can fit any home décor style. I’ve never been disappointed with this type of installation and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy and stylish way to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in their own home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it okay to have fireplace underneath TV?

    Yes, it is okay to have a fireplace underneath a TV, but care must be taken to ensure that any heat generated by the fireplace is redirected away from the television in order to protect it from any potential damage. Placing an insulation layer between the TV and the fireplace, as well as maintaining a safe distance between the two, can help minimize exposure to heat. Additionally, always ensue to regularly clean and inspect the television for any signs of damage.

    Why you shouldn’t mount your TV above your fireplace?

    Mounting a TV above a wood-burning fireplace is not recommended as the heat and smoke from the flames can cause serious damage. High temperatures can warp or melt plastic and electronic components, leading to costly and potentially dangerous repairs. Additionally, inhalation of smoke can damage and corrode internal components.

    How big should a fireplace be under a TV?

    A fireplace should be at least 6-8 inches wider than the width of the TV to maintain a safe distance and to prevent the risk of heat damage. The recommended height of the fireplace should be lower than the center of the TV, so viewers can comfortably look up and watch the TV without having to crane their necks. To ensure proper safety, it is best to consult a certified contractor who specializes in fireplace installation.

    Are TV stands with fireplace safe for TV?

    Yes, TV stands with fireplaces are safe for TVs. They are designed to protect your home and electronics by preventing smoke and smells and producing no mess. Many models also come with fire prevention technologies to ensure your safety.

    Can you put a gas fireplace below a TV?

    No, you should not install a gas fireplace below a television. Doing so could put the TV at risk of damage due to the heat from the gas fireplace and the risk of moisture could also damage electrical components in the TV. It is always better to install the TV at least a few feet away from the gas fireplace for safety.

    Can a fireplace be under a TV?

    Yes, a fireplace can be installed under a flat-screen TV or other electronics with a minimal distance between the two. Electric fireplaces with the bottom and front heat vents can provide safety when properly installed and maintain the optimal distance. With careful planning and attention to safety, you can enjoy the benefits of a fireplace and a TV in the same room.

    How close can a TV be to a gas fireplace?

    A TV should be placed at least 12 inches away from a gas fireplace. This distance should be maintained even when the TV is stored in a recessed niche. To ensure proper safety and prevent damage, it is best to keep a TV at least 12 inches away from a gas fireplace.

    Why shouldn’t you put a TV above a fireplace?

    No, you shouldn’t put a TV above a fireplace due to the risk of high heat and smoke. Wood fires generate both of these, and the heat and smoke can damage the TV and any electronics in the vicinity. In addition, materials used in the TV and fireplace may be flammable, creating a significant fire hazard. To ensure safety and prevent potential damage, always keep TVs away from a fireplace.

    Is it a good idea to put a TV above the fireplace?

    No, it is not a good idea to put a TV above the fireplace. Excess heat from the fireplace can damage the electronics of a TV, so it is not recommended. Furthermore, because the area above a fireplace is often hotter than other walls, it can cause the TV to overheat, leading to further damage and decreased performance.

    Is above fireplace too high for TV?

    No, above the fireplace is not too high for a TV. Mounting it as low as possible is best to ensure comfortable viewing, while still taking into account the aesthetics of your firebox and mantle. Ensure that the height is set properly and that the TV is in an ideal position for you to enjoy your content.

    What size TV looks good over a fireplace?

    An optimal size for a TV placed over a fireplace is ****-65 inch TV. The viewing distance may influence the size, so make sure the TV is proportional to the distance away. To achieve the best viewing experience, choose the TV size that fits the space and seating distance of the room.

    Final Thoughts

    Every gathering space needs a focal point, and a wall-mounted fireplace beneath your TV can make for a stunning centerpiece for your home. Not only does it provide a functional heat source to keep your family cozy, but it also creates ambient illumination, giving you the opportunity to create a warm, inviting environment for your family and friends. With a vast array of style and design options to choose from, there is no limit to what you can do to enhance your home with a wall mounted fireplace.