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Walmart Ceramic Heaters | A Guide to Shop the Best Heat Solution


Walmart ceramic heaters offer a range of heating options in an energy-efficient, compact design. With adjustable thermostat settings and two different wattage outputs, you can enjoy the warmth and benefits of ceramic heating without sacrificing space. Plus, fan-only setting and a power indicator light add convenience to the mix!

Quick Summary

  Best Walmart Ceramic Heaters - An Essential Guide to Shop for the Perfect Heat Solution

Walmart offers a range of ceramic heaters that can meet everyone’s needs. These heaters come with a variety of features, such as adjustable thermostats, two heat settings (750W and 1500W), fan-only setting, and a power indicator light. Safety tips like tip-over & overheat protection are in place to protect the user and their home. Ceramic heaters are known to be energy efficient, reliable, and compact in design, making them a great choice for a variety of heating needs. Whether it’s for a bedroom, kitchen, or any other room in the house, ceramic heaters can provide the best heating solution.

No matter the size or shape of the room, ceramic heaters offer a great option for zone heating. By quickly and evenly heating the area, one can customize their heating requirements for their living space. Ceramic heater technology has great energy efficiency, helping to noticeably reduce heating costs. All Walmart ceramic heaters come with a wide variety of features and safety protections, making them the perfect option to keep any room safe and comfortable.

Best Walmart Ceramic Heaters – An Essential Guide to Shop for the Perfect Heat Solution

When shopping for Walmart ceramic heaters, it can be overwhelming with all the options available. We have created an essential guide to shopping for the perfect heat solution so that you can have the best possible experience when selecting your Walmart ceramic heater.

Features to Look for When Buying a Walmart Ceramic Heater

When selecting your Walmart ceramic heater, there are several features to consider. To make the process easier, here are a few features to look for when purchasing your Walmart ceramic heater:

  • Energy efficient, compact portable design.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 2 heat settings: 750W/1500W.
  • Fan only setting.
  • Power indicator light.
  • Safety tip-over & overheat protection.

Benefits of Using Walmart Ceramic Heaters

Walmart ceramic heaters offer a great range of benefits, such as:

  • Decreased energy consumption.
  • Quick response in heating up.
  • Portable and easy to move.
  • Economical, efficient, and quiet.
  • User friendly.


Walmart ceramic heaters are a great way to provide reliable and efficient heat in any space. With a variety of styles and features to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect ceramic heater to fit your needs. With this essential guide, you can make sure you get the best Walmart ceramic heater for your home.

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  • Walmart ceramic heaters offer an amazing portable electric space heater option. This 1500W/750W ceramic room heater comes with great features like tip-over and overheat protection, enabling it to heat up 200 square feet in seconds. It is incredibly safe and quiet for any kind of office, home, room, or even desk indoor use.

    • 1500W/750W ceramic room heater
    • Tip-over and overheat protection
    • Heats up 200 square feet in seconds
    • Safe and quiet for any office/home/room/desk indoor use

  • Space Heater, Small Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W/900W PTC Ceramic Space Heater with Thermostat, 3 Modes, Safety Quiet Heating, Multiple Protection, Portable Heater for Office Room Desk Use
  • The Walmart Ceramic Space Heater is an ideal appliance for keeping you warm, whether it be in an office, bedroom, or living room. This small heater is easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature with a thermostat, while simultaneously giving you three modes of heating to choose from, depending on your needs. You can trust this device to be safe and quiet, as it’s designed with multiple protective functions built-in to protect you and your family. This space heater is also portable, so you can take it with ease when needed. Don’t worry about your temperature dropping, stay warm and comfortable with the Walmart Ceramic Space Heater.

    • 1500W/900W PTC Ceramic Space Heater with Thermostat
    • 3 Modes – Adjustable Temperatures
    • Safety Quiet Heating – Multiple Protection Built-in
    • Portable Design – Easy to Move and Re-Position

  • Portable Electric Space Heater, 1500W/750W Ceramic Heater with Thermostat, Heat Up 200 Square Feet in Minutes, Safe and Quiet for Office Room Desk Indoor Use ( Black )
  • Introducing the Walmart Portable Electric Space Heater, the perfect ceramic heater for your office, room, or desk! This 1500 Watt Electric Space Heater with a 750 Watt Thermostat can heat up to 200 Square Feet in minutes, making any space you need it to warm quickly. Plus, the ceramic heater is both quiet and safe, perfect for any indoor use. Plus, it’s in a sleek and stylish black design – making it a small, yet powerful addition to your home.

    • 1500 Watt Electric Space Heater with a 750 Watt Thermostat
    • Heats up to 200 Square Feet in minutes
    • Quiet and Safe for any indoor use
    • Stylish Black Finish

    Forget the rest when it comes to Walmart Ceramic Heaters – get the the Portable Electric Space Heater now!

  • BLACK+DECKER Portable Space Heater, 1500W Room Space Heater with Carry Handle for Easy Transport
  • The BLACK+DECKER Portable Space Heater is an ideal choice for those looking for convenience and portability in the form of a ceramic heater. With its 1500W Room Space Heater and Carry Handle, this Walmart ceramic heater is easy to carry from one place to another. With thermostat control and safety features, i.e. auto-shut off and tip-over protection, this heater comes with several benefits such as:

    • 3 Quiet Settings: High Heat, Low Heat, Fan Only
    • Safety Features: Auto-Shut Off and Tip-Over Protection
    • Easy Carry Handle, Lightweight and Compact Design
    • Heats up to 200 sq. ft.

    Experience all-around warmth and comfort with the BLACK+DECKER Portable Space Heater for your home or office.

  • Space Heater for Indoor Use, 1500W PTC Ceramic Heater with Thermostat, Small Space Heater 2S Rapid Heating, 3 Modes, Electric Portable Heater with Safety Protection for Bedroom, Quiet Office
  • This Walmart Ceramic Heater is the ideal solution for keeping your bedroom, office, or room warm during the cold winter months. This space heater features a 1500W PTC ceramic heating element with an adjustable thermostat and three heating settings – low, medium, and high. It heats up quickly, yet it runs quietly so that you won’t be disturbed by noise. Moreover, this small space heater is lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to move it around. It also has safety protection built-in so it’s always safe to use.

    • 1500W PTC ceramic heating element with adjustable thermostat.
    • 3 heating settings (low, medium, and high).
    • 2S rapid heating.
    • Lightweight and portable.
    • Safety protection built-in.
    • Quiet operation.

    Personal Experience

    Does a ceramic heater use a lot of electricity?

    The WebCeramic Heater I purchased from Walmart is an energy efficient, compact and portable design with an adjustable thermostat. It has two heat settings; 750 watts and 1500 watts with a fan only setting and a power indicator light. With the safety tip-over feature, I felt secure in leaving the heater on unattended. This is a great ceramic heater that enabled me to take it out with me wherever I go. It has proven to be an invaluable source of heat wherever I am.

    I really like that the WebCeramic heater has easy-reach controls located at the front of the unit which can be adjusted to the desired temperature. It also has a cool-touch housing that ensures safe use and I feel confident that the heater won’t overheat or cause a fire. It took very little setup and instructions were easy to follow.

    I was extremely pleased with my purchase; the WebCeramic heater performed as expected and above. It delivers too much heat for its small size. I initially opted for this heaters due to its compact size and easy maneuverability. The small size also made it easier to store away when it was not in use.

    I must admit that this WebCeramic heater really exceeded my expectations. It is ideal for travelers or those who are constantly on the move. It provides enough warmth and is suitable for any size of room. I highly recommend this heater and have been using it ever since.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a ceramic heater use a lot of electricity?

    Yes, a ceramic heater uses a lot of electricity. On average, they require 1,500 Watts of electricity per hour and cost 15¢ an hour to operate. This can add up quickly if the heater is left on for several hours a day, so electric bills can rise substantially.

    Which is better fan heater or ceramic heater?

    Ceramic heaters are generally considered better than fan heaters because they require less energy and can provide more heat. The ceramic plate used in these types of heaters retains heat, allowing them to remain warm even after they have been turned off. This means they are more efficient and can be used for longer periods of time. Additionally, their design helps to spread heat more evenly, making them a great choice for large spaces.

    Are ceramic heater any good?

    Yes, ceramic heaters are very good. They offer more resistance and generate more heat per watt than traditional metal units, making them highly energy-efficient. They come in the form of fan heaters, which use a small fan to distribute hot air around your room to ensure even heating.

    Can you leave ceramic heaters on all the time?

    No, you should not leave ceramic heaters running unattended. It poses a potential fire risk and should always be switched off when leaving the room. Heaters can easily become unstable and may make contact with flammable materials such as curtains, bedding and furniture. Never operate a ceramic heater without oversight or without remaining in the same room.

    Is Lasko ceramic heater safe?

    Yes, Lasko ceramic heaters are safe. They are equipped with multiple safety features, such as overheat protection and cool-touch exteriors. As well, their self-regulating ceramic element ensures safe operation and even heat distribution. Lasko ceramic heaters are a reliable and safe choice for home heating.

    Can you leave a ceramic heater on all the time?

    No, you cannot leave a ceramic heater on all the time. For safety reasons, it is best to manually shut off a ceramic heater when leaving a room so that nothing flammable can come in contact with the heating element and the appliance does not accidentally tip over. In other words, never leave your heater running unattended.

    How long can you run a Lasko ceramic heater?

    You can run the Lasko ceramic heater for up to 8 hours at a time. It ensures safety with an automatic overheat protection and cool-touch exterior. This feature plus its portability makes it convenient and easy to use.

    Can you leave a comfort zone heater on all night?

    No, it is not recommended to leave a space heater on all night. Space heaters need to be monitored when used and can cause a fire hazard if left unattended. It is safer to turn the heater off when you are leaving the room for an extended period of time.

    Can you leave a ceramic heater on all night?

    No, you should not leave a ceramic heater on all night. It is much safer to turn it off when you leave the room, as space heaters can be a fire hazard if not attended to. Doing so will ensure that nothing flammable comes in contact with the heating element and that it does not tip over.

    Is comfort zone a good heater?

    Yes, Comfort Zone is a good heater. It offers great heating performance and distributes heat efficiently even without oscillating. It also has a small footprint, making it an ideal choice for small spaces. All in all, Comfort Zone Oscillating Digital Tower is among the best space heaters in the category.

    What is a floor ceramic heater?

    A Floor Ceramic Heater is a traditional space heater, typically lightweight and easily portable. This compact heating unit sits on the ground and emits heat in all directions. Tower heaters are a great alternative for tight spaces.

    How much does a ceramic heater cost?

    Ceramic heaters for home use can cost anywhere from $20 to $100. You can get a good quality, durable unit with programmable thermostats and other advanced features for less than $50. So, a ceramic heater typically costs under $100.

    What is the best space heater at Walmart?

    The best space heater at Walmart is the Lasko 1500W Oscillating Ceramic Tower Space Heater With Remote. Providing 1500W of power, this space heater is capable of quickly heating small and large rooms. It oscillates for efficient coverage and includes a remote for easy control. Walmart currently offers the most affordable price on this top-rated space heater.

    Is a ceramic space heater safe?

    Yes, a ceramic space heater is safe. It is a popular choice that can quickly and efficiently heat a room, and is known for its durability and ability to self-regulate temperature. Ceramic space heaters are considered safe and are a good option if you want to stay warm in the winter without cranking up the thermostat.

    Final Thoughts

    Walmart Ceramic Heaters offer a great energy-efficient and compact heating solution for any space. They come with an adjustable thermostat, two heat settings, a fan-only setting, and a power indicator light for added safety. With their many features and affordable prices, Walmart Ceramic Heaters could be the perfect way to keep your home warm. Be sure to research all of your options before making a purchase to make sure you are getting the most suitable heater for your unique situation.