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Walmart Portable A/C – Find the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

If you’re looking for an efficient way to beat the heat this summer, one of the best options is a Walmart portable air conditioner. Not only are they affordable, but they are also good for cooling an entire room to get relief from the hot temperatures. Get your air conditioning unit today and enjoy cool and comfortable air in no time!

Quick Summary

  Find the Perfect Walmart Portable A/C for Your Home

Stay cool and comfortable at home with a portable air conditioner from Walmart. Whether you’re looking to cool off a small bed or living room, or prefer a model that can move with you from room to room, find the right air conditioner for your home today.

Our range of air conditioners feature a variety of room sizes and cooling power. Find a portable air conditioner that can handle a large room, as well as an option with whisper-quiet operation and remote control to adjust settings without ever leaving the sofa. We also offer air conditioners with a variety of features like timer control and energy-saving settings. Get the right fit and keep your cool during hot summer months.

Shop Walmart’s selection of portable air conditioners and find the perfect fit for your home. Expect everyday low prices and free shipping on orders $35 and up.

Finding the Perfect Walmart Portable A/C for Your Home

A Walmart portable air conditioner can be an ideal solution for efficient cooling in your home. With its portability and flexibility, a Walmart portable air conditioner can be an excellent cooling system for any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a single-room option or something that can cool multiple rooms simultaneously, Walmart has the perfect portable air conditioner solution for your home.

Considerations Before You Buy

  • How much space do you have in the room you want to cool?
  • Do you need a single-room solution or one that can cover multiple rooms?
  • How much noise does your chosen Walmart portable air conditioner make?
  • Do you want a model that can also heat the room?

Types of Portable Air Conditioners Available at Walmart

At Walmart, you’ll find a wide range of portable air conditioners that can provide cool relief for your entire home. From single-room units to models that are able to cover multiple rooms simultaneously, Walmart has the perfect solution for your home.

Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners from Walmart

  • Portable air conditioners from Walmart are designed for efficiency and ease-of-use.
  • Models from Walmart come with features that make it easy to customize your cooling experience.
  • Walmart offers a wide selection of portable air conditioners to suit any budget.
  • Some models come with heaters as well, allowing you to use the same unit for both cooling and heating.
  • Personal Experience

    What is the best portable air conditioner to buy?

    I recently purchased a Walmart Portable Air Conditioner for my home office. I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful the unit proved to be. With its 8,000 BTUs, this portable unit significantly improved the comfort level in my room. The compressor was also surprisingly quiet, which was a welcome surprise.

    Installation went quickly with no problem. All I had to do was attach the exhaust hose to the back of the unit and plug it into a wall outlet. I was able to set the temperature and fan speed easily with the convenient LED buttons. I also enjoyed the timer function, which is extremely handy for those times when I need to momentarily leave the office.

    My Walmart Portable A/C also provides additional benefits beyond just cooling. It comes with a dehumidifier that can conveniently remove up to 66 pints of excess moisture from the air per day. An added bonus is the filter, which helps “catch” dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris before they become airborne.

    So far, I am very pleased with my purchase of the Walmart Portable A/C. This unit is a great value for the cost and offers a powerful performance that rivals that of many larger and more expensive air conditioners.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best portable air conditioner to buy?

    The Midea Duo MAP1 is the best portable air conditioner to buy. It features powerful cooling and dehumidification capabilities, a compact design, and easy-to-operate controls. The self-evaporating system prevents condensate buildup and is suitable for any space. It is an ideal solution for cooling small rooms quickly and efficiently.

    How much electricity does a portable AC use?

    A portable air conditioner typically uses 2900 watts per hour. Particularly large units may exceed the electricity usage of central air conditioning systems, using up to 4100 watts per hour. Electricity usage will vary depending on the size and type of portable air conditioner.

    Why are portable air conditioners not popular?

    Portable air conditioners are not popular because they often require more BTUs and electricity to cool the same square foot space as a window unit, are noisier than other types of air conditioners and usually lack features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or energy-saving modes. Additionally, they can be more expensive than a standard window unit, making them less cost-efficient.

    Are small portable air conditioners worth it?

    No, small portable air conditioners are not worth it if you need to cool a larger space. They are not as efficient and do not provide the same cooling power as a properly sized split system. Furthermore, split systems are generally more cost effective over the long run, making them a better choice for most people.

    What is the best smallest portable air conditioner?

    The Arctos Portable Air Conditioner Fan is the best smallest portable air conditioner. This system is only 6.5 inches wide and 9 inches high, making it ideal for small spaces. It’s an air chiller rather than an air conditioner, and is perfect for providing relief from hot temperatures.

    What is the disadvantage of portable AC?

    The primary disadvantage of a portable AC is that it typically uses more energy to cool the same space as a window unit, due to the increased number of BTUs needed. Additionally, there can be limitations on where a portable AC unit can be placed, making it difficult to install in spaces with minimal ventilation. Lastly, they tend to be noisier when running than window models.

    Do small portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

    Yes, small portable air conditioners do use a lot of electricity. A standard 8,000 BTU portable unit with 250 square feet of cooling power can use up to 3.5 kW of power, which is about the same amount of power an average refrigerator uses. Additionally, these air conditioners tend to be less energy-efficient than other types of air conditioning systems, resulting in higher energy costs.

    What are the cons of a portable AC?

    The cons of a portable AC include lowered efficiency, higher electricity usage, and increased noise levels. Portable ACs require more BTUs to cool the same sized space as window units, leading to higher electricity bills. The units also tend to operate at higher decibel levels, creating increased noise in the area.

    Do portable AC units use a lot of electricity?

    No, portable air conditioners do not consume a lot of electricity. Although they typically require more power than a window unit, they still operate much more efficiently than traditional central systems. Energy efficiency ratings (EERs) for most portable AC units are typically around 8.5 or higher, meaning that for every watt of energy used, the AC produces 8.5 BTUs of cooling power.

    Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room with no windows?

    Yes, you can use a portable air conditioner in a room with no windows. Portable air conditioners typically have a single hose that can be used to vent out hot air. The hose can be directed to an exterior wall or roof, or to an open window in another room. Additionally, some portable air conditioners are equipped with evaporative coolers and can be vented out through a dryer vent.

    What is the most popular portable air conditioner?

    The most popular portable air conditioner is the Honeywell MN12CES. It features a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity and convenient portability, making it perfect for smaller spaces. It also has a 4.2-star average rating from more than 1,600 customers, making it reliable and well-loved by users.

    Final Thoughts

    The Walmart Portable A/C unit is an ideal choice for those looking to cool their homes cheaply and conveniently. It provides a compact, efficient and easy-to-use unit that fits any budget. It is easy to install, even for people without much experience in home repairs or maintenance. Its cooling power offers a degree of flexibility for those with more intense cooling needs. Its portability allows it to be easily moved to any room in the house with no effort. Overall, the Walmart Portable A/C is the perfect solution for making your home cool and comfortable during the summer months.