What Is A DSCR Loan? (2022)

Hello yet again my good readers! This is your boy, coming at you with another article. To be more specific, this is all about what is a DSCR loan! I have been gone for three days, and now I’m back to earn me some money—, I mean back again to teach you all about loans!

What Is A DSCR Loan?
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The image above is actually very fitting, seeing as all the topics in the articles I have been writing have all been related to somehow acquiring loans! Well, anyway, to give you more context on today’s topic. We are going to be diving right into the loan’s side of things that people in real estate or mortgage might actually be interested in!

The DSCR in “What Is A DSCR Loan?”

Alrighty, getting right into the thick of things, you might be wondering what the hell the DSCR in the question, “what is a DSCR loan,” even is. Well, my good reader, if you really wanted to know, the DSCR stands for, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).

Basically, the debt service coverage ratio is the measure of one’s cash flow in terms of their debt obligation. When I say one, these are usually entities such as companies and corporations. But! It can also be income-producing properties.

To put it in layman’s term, when we ask what is a DSCR loan, usually, we are asking for the borrower’s capacity to repay and or service the annual debt payment that pertains to the Net Operating Income (NOI) generated by the discussed asset/entity. The higher the debt service coverage ratio of the asset, the more money is available to be allotted towards repaying the debt.

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The Loan in “What Is A DSCR Loan?”

What Is A DSCR Loan?
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Heh, well, this one is already pretty heavily talked about in my previous articles, and technically we are STILL talking about it with the “what is a DSCR loan” thingamajig, so I will try and give a short summary instead! Or maybe even quote them! (I won’t, don’t worry boss.)

A loan, by definition, means something that is borrowed, typically an amount of money that is to be paid back with interest (a small percentage of initial borrowed amount slapped on to the total sum to be paid). In finance, it is the lending of money by one or more individuals, maybe organizations, select firms, etcetera. The borrower or the recipient would then be indebted to them, and liable to pay back the interest on that debt until the debt has been fully repaid.

As a genre encompassing a wide selection of loans, we have the consumer loan! It basically has a lot going for it. I suppose when you asked what is a DSCR loan, to answer, I believe it is a type of loan covered by the consumer loan. Like, literally, there are so many other loans shadowed by the consumer loan, it should not surprise you if the DSCR loan is under it too!

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Combining the DSCR and Loans in “What Is A DSCR Loan?”

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Okay, I admit, only now we are getting into the meat of the question. But, what is a story without a little exposition, aye? I just had to give you more context on the components that form the question, “what is a DSCR loan?”

Anyway! I previously said that DSCR loans might pique the interests of real estate investors, as well as mortgage brokers. You might see where I am going with this. It is because as defined above, the DSCR or Debt Service Coverage Ratio, is the borrower’s capacity to pay off any debt based on their asset’s net operating income.

You might be wondering why the hell does it even matter to have a separate loan type for investors and such? Well, because in standard loans, all of your properties are gauged, as well as the expenses brought by them. So people that are into real estate investing and mortgage brokering might not seem initially fit to even qualify for any standard loan types, because the expenses that are deducted from their properties might make them look incapable.

Essentially, with the help of a DSCR lender, these people that seemed initially incapable to the eyes of the standard loan may now be deemed qualified based on the DSCR lender’s view, and they do not even require income verification or any personal information! On a side note, I keep using real estate investors and mortgage brokers as examples, but really, any person that invests while wanting to keep personal information such as employment details, tax returns, pay slips, etcetera, to themselves.


If you are a person that is in need of a loan that is quick, easy and without needing any income-verification, then the DSCR loan is definitely the right loan type for you! All you need is some sort of property or asset that generates income or anything of the sort, and you are good to go!