what size room is 300 square feet

What Size Room is 300 Square Feet? | Complete Guide for Room Sizing


Are you wondering what size room is 300 square feet? On average, a room measuring 300 square feet would be approximately 27-30 square meters – so approximately 10-12 meters squared. This means the average size of a room in square meters is 27-30 square meters.

Quick Summary

The average size of a room measuring 300 square feet is approximately 27-30 square meters. 300 square feet is equivalent to around 27.871 square meters and is the equivalent of a 10-12 square meter room size. Knowing the square footage helps to easily calculate the size of a room in square meters. To determine whether 300 square feet falls within standard room sizes it’s important to take into account the measurements of the room. For example, a room measuring 22′ x 14′ would be considered a standard room size, however, a room measuring 10′ x 30′ would be considered more of a hallway or walkway. No matter the shape or size of the room it’s important to remember that a standard room size is roughly 10-12 square meters.

What is the Size of a 300 Square Foot Room? An In-depth Guide for Room Measurements

Room measurements can be difficult to understand, so to make it easier to understand the measurements of a 300 square foot room, we’ve put together this helpful guide. By the end, you will understand what a room measuring 300 square feet looks like and how the measurements are calculated.

Understanding Room Measurement Basics

To understand how much space is included in all 300 feet square of a room, first consider a standard room size. Generally, a room measuring 10 to 12 square meters has all the room inside to easily fit a bed and a couple of chairs for sitting in. This means that a 300 square feet room is equal to approximately 27 to 30 square meters.

Calculating for Area

An area is the amount of space a room contains, and is measured in square meters. To calculate the size of a 300 square foot room in square meters, multiply the width of your room by the length of your room, then divide by 10. To ensure accuracy, always take a few measurements around the room and average out the results.

Breaking Down a 300 Square Foot Room

Now that you know the average size of a 300 square foot room, let’s look at a few ways to think about the dimensions of this room. As mentioned, a room measuring 10-12 square meters is the standard room size. To get the same dimensions in a 300 square foot room, the room should be 10 meters by 9.14 meters or a little bigger or smaller depending on the exact measurements.

You can also break down a 300 square foot room based on its standard parts, such as the bedroom, kitchen, and living area. In this room, the bedroom should measure at least 8 square meters, the kitchen should measure at least 5 square meters, and the living space should measure at least 10 square meters.

Calculation Tips

If you are calculating the surface area for a room, here are some important tips to remember:

  • Measure the length and width of the room.
  • Calculate the area by multiplying the length by the width.
  • Divide that area by 10 to get square meters
  • Measure all corners of the room, averaging out the final results to get an accurate calculation.


By understanding the basics of room measurements, it’s easy to see what a 300 square foot room looks like and how it’s calculated. Knowing the size of a standard room, as well as the right calculations and tips, can help you figure out the perfect size for your next room.

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Personal Experience

  What is the Size of a 300 Square Foot Room? An In-depth Guide for Room Measurements

In my experience, a room that is 300 square feet (approximately 27-30 square meters) is considered to be an average size room. However, every room is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all answer since the size of a room depends on the purpose, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Some general guidelines for a standard room size are around 10-12 square meters. It is always good to double-check the measurements of the room before deciding on furniture or any other type of design elements.

The 300 square feet size room offers a lot of versatility and flexibility when it comes to design. It is large enough to fit multiple pieces of furniture and can accommodate a seating area, as well as other decorative items like rugs, curtains, or artwork. Furthermore, this size room offers a good amount of space so you can use it for multiple purposes, like hosting visitors, working from home, or watching movies.

In conclusion, a 300 square feet room is a great size that offers a lot of potential in terms of design and functionality, while still providing a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. It is worth taking the time to measure and plan the layout carefully to make the best use of this size room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size room would be 300 square feet?

An apartment of 300 square feet is roughly the same size as a single-car garage, and a bit smaller than the average hotel room in the United States. A 300 square foot room is about the size of a large bedroom or a small studio. In short, a room of 300 square feet is big enough for a bed, a small sitting area and other necessary furniture.

How many square feet is a 20×20 room?

A 20×20 room is 400 square feet. The square footage of the room is found by multiplying the width (20 ft) and the length (20 ft) together. This yields 400 square feet. Thus, a room that is 20 feet wide and 20 feet long has 400 square feet.

How many square feet is a 12×12 room?

A 12×12 room is 144 square feet in size. This can be calculated by measuring the length and width of the room in feet, then multiplying these two measurements. Multiplying 12 feet by 12 feet yields 144 square feet.

How many square feet is a 15×15 room?

A 15×15 room is 225 square feet. To find the size of a room in square feet, simply multiply the room’s length and width. For example, a 15×15 room is 15 x 15 = 225 sq ft. Therefore, the square footage of a 15×15 room is 225 sq ft.

Is 300 square feet livable?

Yes, living in 300 square feet is possible. This type of living may require adjustments, such as forgoing a full-sized sofa or dining table, but with some strategic thinking, it can be livable. This space can become a cozy home with the help of clever design, furnishings, and the right organization of items.

How many square feet do 2 people need?

Two people living in a home typically need between 400-800 square feet of living space. This amount of space gives plenty of room for two people to live comfortably, with enough space for a kitchen, living room, and one or two bedrooms. The cost to build a home of this size will range between $294,000 and $872,000.

Does a covered porch count as square footage?

No, a covered porch does not count as square footage. These areas are not added to the square footage count of a residence because they do not form part of its living area, even if they are at the same level as the rest of the residence. A covered porch is a type of outdoor space that typically features an open-air structure, usually covered with a roof, which often adds visual appeal and outdoor living space to the property, but does not contribute to the overall square footage of the home.

Do bathrooms count in square footage?

Yes, bathrooms count in square footage. Most homes calculate their square footage by including any finished room that has a ceiling, walls, and a floor. This includes living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and finished basements. Therefore, bathrooms are included in this calculation.

Do closets count as square footage?

Yes, closets are generally counted as finished square footage when determining a home’s total square footage. Unfinished spaces such as attics and garages, as well as three-season porches, are typically not counted as part of the total square footage. Jan 7, 2020

How do you visualize 300 square feet?

Visualizing 300 square feet is easy! Imagine a square of 400 square feet. Then, subtract a space around the size of a small bedroom. This will leave roughly 300 square feet of space. This is the visual of what 300 square feet looks like.

How many square feet per person should a house have?

For a family of four to live comfortably, a house should have a minimum of 800 square feet per person. This means a home should be no less than 2400 square feet, as it is widely believed that each person needs 200-400 square feet of living space. Therefore, the answer to the question of how many square feet per person a house should have is 800 square feet.

What is the size of a 60000 square foot room?

A 60000 square foot room has a floor area of 60000 square feet. The size of a room that has 200 square feet is 20 feet x 10 feet and a room that has 180 square feet is 15 feet x 12 feet. Therefore, a 60000 square foot room is 600 feet x 100 feet.

What is the size of 300 square feet?

The size of 300 square feet is approximately the same as one basketball court, or 2.6 football fields, or 173.2 square meters. It would also be a square area with sides of about 17.32 feet. In other words, it is a relatively large area, enough to accommodate many activities.

How do you measure a 300 square foot apartment?

To measure a 300 square foot apartment, start by separating the space into the individual rooms – a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Then, measure the length and width of each room and calculate the square footage. Add up all the measurements to get the total square footage of the apartment. Remember, all measurements should be made in feet for accuracy.

How do you measure square footage of a room?

There is no single standard size for a room. The square footage of a room is measured by taking the length of the room and multiplying it by the width. For example, a 10 foot by 10 foot room would be 100 square feet. To measure the square footage of any room, simply multiply the length by the width.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that a room of 300 square feet would be of an average size and would measure approximately 27-30 square meters. Different room sizes may require different amounts of area depending on the purpose of the room but, in general, a room of 300 square feet would be of a comfortable and appropriate size for most room designs.