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Window AC with Vent: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Cooling Unit for Your Home


When dealing with hot days, a window air conditioner with a vent is the perfect solution to keep your home cool. The vent on the window AC will draw hot air out of your home, allowing cooler air to enter, creating a comfortable indoor environment. Not only does the vent bring in fresh air, but it also helps keep your electricity bill down by reducing the amount of energy used.

Quick Summary

A window air conditioner with a vent is an ideal way to cool your home. The air conditioner draws in hot air from outside, cools it, and then moves it inside. The vent on the unit is where the outdoor air enters and the indoor air is discharged. To make sure your air conditioner is efficient and effective, consider factors such as energy efficiency, size, noise level, and performance when choosing a cooling unit. Keep in mind that the size of the unit should be based on the square footage of the space it will cool. The more efficient the unit, the lower the energy bills. The noise level of a unit, specifically its decibels, is also important. Some units are quieter than others. When considering performance, look at the CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute). The higher the CFM, the more quickly the unit will cool the room.

Buy Window AC with Vent: Guide to Find the Best Home Cooling Unit

Having a window air conditioner with a vent is essential when you are looking for a cooling unit for the home. A vent on a window air conditioner is an opening in the unit where outdoor air can enter the room and where indoor air can be discharged out of the home. It is important to find a window AC with a vent that is suitable for your home in order to get the best cooling performance. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a window AC with a vent:

Measure Your Window

Before buying a window AC unit, it’s important to measure the window it will be installed in so that you can choose the correct model. Make sure to measure the dimensions of the outside of your window frame and the height of the sill. Once you know these measurements, you can check the specs of the unit you are interested in to make sure it will fit your window.

Choose the Right BTU Rating

BTU or British Thermal Unit is a measure of the energy a window AC unit will consume to cool your room. Generally, a higher BTU rating means higher cooling capacity but also more energy consumption. To get an accurate estimate of the BTU rating you need, you should measure the size of the room in square feet and then use a BTU calculator to get the right size of window AC.

Check for Energy Efficiency

When selecting a window AC unit with a vent, you should make sure to check for energy efficiency ratings. To determine the energy efficiency of a unit, you should consider the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. This scale measures the amount of energy used by the unit in relation to the amount of cooling delivered. Higher SEER ratings indicate better energy efficiency.

Look for Installation Options

The installation process for a window AC unit with a vent can be tricky. When selecting your unit, it is important to consider the installation options available. Some units may come with installation kits and instructions to help you with the process. Additionally, you can look for units that offer slide-out chassis so that you can easily install them without the help of a professional.

Check for Comfort Features

When buying a window AC with a vent, it is important to consider the features available to improve your comfort. Some window AC units come with different temperature modes and temperature settings to customize the cooling performance to your needs. Additionally, some models come with built-in humidifiers to help reduce humidity levels in your home.


By taking into account the tips discussed above, you can be sure to find a window AC with a vent that is perfect for your needs. Be sure to research and compare various models to determine the one that offers the best performance and energy efficiency for your needs.

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1.) Storystore Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit, Window Seal with 5.1″ Diameter Coupler, Ac Window Kit with Adjustable Slide Seal Plates for AC Unit (SWK-11)

Featuring a unique Window Vent Kit included with an Adjustable Slide Seal Plate, the Storystore Portable Air Conditioner is an excellent window AC with vent option for your AC Unit (SWK-11).

  • 5.1″ Diameter Coupler helps provide maximum efficiency
  • Adjustable Slide Seal Plates allows for a tight seal when facing window surfaces of any size
  • Portable design makes installation and storage a breeze
  • Premium durable construction ensures a long-term solution to your air conditioner

Whether you’re looking for a window AC with vent, or just an additional option to keeping your house cool, the Storystore Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit offers an efficient, reliable window seal solution.

2.) NWESTUN Portable Ac Window Kit for Vertical Window – Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit for Vertical Window Adjustable Portable Ac Window Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose with 5.1″/13cm Diameter

Introducing the NWESTUN Portable Ac Window Kit for Vertical Window, the perfect window ac with vent solution to keep cool air in and hot air out! This adjustable kit transforms your window into a powerful air conditioner vent with no tools required. It offers a 13cm/5.1″ diameter hose ideal for both the supply and return of air.

  • Portable AC window kit designed for vertical window panels
  • No tools required
  • 5.1″/13cm diameter exhaust hose for greater ventilation
  • Adjustable design allows for tight, easy fit to the window
  • Easy to setup and operate

Create a cool, comfortable environment in any room with the NWESTUN Portable Ac Window Kit for Vertical Window. Keep the hot air out and cold air in with this easy to install window ac with vent solution. Get the perfect fit and easy adjustment in any room.

3.) LBG Products Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit, Vertical AC Window Unit, Adjustable Seal AC Window Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose, Universal for Ducting with 5 inches Diameter

Keep the comfort of your household cool with LBG Products Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit. This Vertical AC Window Unit is the perfect solution for air conditioning fitting. It is simple to install and comes with an adjustable seal AC Window Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose that is universal for ducting with 5 inches diameters.

This window AC with vent has many benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable seal
  • Universal for ducting with 5 inch diameters
  • Portable and compact design
  • Reasonable and affordable price

For those who want to keep their home cool in a more convenient and efficient way, LBG Products Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit is the perfect solution. Get it now for an affordable and reasonable price.

4.) SIKADEER Universal Window Seal Kit for Portable Air Conditioner of Exhaust Hose 5.1 Inch Diameter with Coupler Adjustable AC Vent Kit PVC Seal for Sliding Window

Are you looking to upgrade your window ac with a vent kit? The SIKADEER Universal Window Seal Kit is the perfect choice. This kit includes everything you need to properly ventilate your AC unit, including a 5.1 inch PVC-paper exhaust hose, coupler, and adjustable AC vent kit. It is simple to install and fits for sliding windows without much effort.

This product has several benefits:

  • Easy to install – no assembly required
  • Strong, yet adjustable windproof seal
  • Compatible with most portable AC units
  • Universal design fits almost all sliding windows
  • Quick and easy to remove and replace when needed

The SIKADEER Universal Window Seal Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their window ac with a vent kit. It is strong, adjustable and easy to install, making it the ideal solution for providing proper ventilation for your AC unit.

5.) Forestchill Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit for 5.9″ Diameter Exhaust Hose, Universal AC Vent Kit for Sliding Windows and Hung Windows, Adjustable Length Sealing Panels for Mobile A/C

The Forestchill Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit offers a perfect solution for window ACs with vent! Ideal for windows of 5.9″ diameter and adjustable length panels for more convenience, this kit only takes a few minutes and a few steps to seal your window AC vented unit, making sure that the warm air is kept out of the room.

  • Universal AC vent kit for sliding and hung windows
  • Adjustable length sealing panels
  • Easily assembled in a few simple steps
  • Keeps warm air out of the room
  • Accomodates a window AC with vent of 5.9″ diameter

Install the Forestchill Portable Air Conditioner Window Seal Plates Kit in a few minutes and you can be sure your window AC with vent is properly sealed and you get the best performance from your unit! Get your kit today and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures.

Personal Experience

  Buy Window AC with Vent: Guide to Find the Best Home Cooling Unit

My experience with window AC with vents is that it has been an essential appliance for me during hot summer days. Growing up in an old house, we were often subjected to unbearable and unrelenting heat. All of us kids in the family would be too hot and uncomfortable to play until mom brought in a window AC. The relief from these window ACs was immense and it allowed us to get back to our daily activities. When it comes to the vent on window ACs, I am thankful for all the cool air it lets in. The vents also help to circulate the conditioned air in the room which provides an even cooling experience.

I have also noticed that the vent of window ACs have a few additional benefits. They often double as an exhaust vent which helps to remove any humidity or unwelcome odors from the room. This helps to keep the air quality inside the room healthier. The vents also act as a way to filter out dust, pollen and other small particles that may accumulate in the room. It helps to keep airborne allergens under control.

I would highly recommend investing in a window AC with vent if you are looking to provide even cooling throughout your home. Make sure to monitor and regularly clean the air filter to ensure it is running efficiently. With proper maintenance and care, the window AC can bring a respite from the summer heat, and make your home more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which AC vents should be open in summer?

In the summer months, it is best to open the top vents of your air conditioning unit and close the bottom vents. This will draw air from a higher point in the room where it is hotter, allowing cooler air to settle at the bottom of the room. Closing the top vents and opening the bottom ones will draw in the cold air that has settled at the bottom of the room. This way, you can optimize your AC system and achieve maximum cooling.

Should vent on window AC be open or closed?

The answer to the question of whether the vent on a window AC should be open or closed is simple: it depends on the desired outcome. For maximum cooling, the vent should be closed; however, if fresh air is desired in the room, it should be open. Additionally, cool air can be drawn into the room by using the fan-only setting on the AC with the vent open.

Do all air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

No, not all air conditioners need to be vented out a window. Portable air conditioners can come with a ventless AC system, allowing you to cool the air without the need for a window vent. However, circulating the hot air from the room may be harder without one and you may need to come up with an alternative solution like a fan.

Can you vent a window AC?

Yes, you can vent a window AC. Portable air conditioners can be vented through windows, walls, ceilings, or doors. Plexiglas is typically used when venting a portable AC through a casement window and can easily be cut to the size of the window, with a 5″ hole cut in the middle.

Can I vent an air conditioner without window?

Yes, you can vent an air conditioner without window. There are a few different options for venting windowless air conditioners, such as through the wall, the ceiling, the door, or the dryer vent. It’s important to choose the option that is most convenient for your room.

What does close fresh air or vent mean on a window air conditioner?

Closing the fresh air vent on a window air conditioner will limit the air flow from outside into the room, instead recirculating the air already inside the room. To draw in fresh air from outside, switch the AC to the “fresh air” setting. This will allow outdoor air to flow in through the unit, cooling and circulating it within the room.

Is it better to have the vent open or closed on a window air conditioner?

The answer to this question is that it is better to have the vent closed on a window air conditioner for maximum cooling. If you would like to bring in fresher air, you can open the vent. Additionally, you can use the fan-only setting to draw cooler outside air into the room. In conclusion, the best way to set a window air conditioner is to have the vent closed for maximum cooling and open when you want to introduce fresh air.

Are ventless air conditioners worth it?

Yes, ventless air conditioners are definitely worth it. They are often portable and take up less room than conventional AC units, making them ideal for living spaces with limitations on space. Additionally, they are energy efficient, require little to no installation and are quiet. All these features combine to make ventless AC units a great choice for any home.

Should outside vents be open or closed in summer?

Yes, outside vents should be open in summer. It is important that outside air can circulate in the crawlspace to prevent moisture buildup. This helps prevents the deterioration of the exposed wooden structures caused by mildew and mold. Open vents are necessary to maintain a healthy environment underneath the house, ultimately preventing wood rot.

Can you run a portable air conditioner without venting it outside?

Yes, you can run a portable air conditioner without venting it outside. However, it should only be used in dehumidifier mode as it will actually heat the room up. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s manual for more information about proper usage.

What are the vents on the outside of my house for?

Foundation vents on the outside of a home are metal, rectangular openings. They are used to allow air flow and circulation in a tight crawl space, creating fresher and cleaner air. By using a level, the vents can be easily opened or closed.

Should a window AC vent be open or closed?

The answer to the question “Should a window AC vent be open or closed?” is that it depends on the situation. When more air circulation is needed or if fresh air is needed, the vents should be opened. Otherwise, they should be kept closed to ensure no stale air accumulates in the building. Vents can be opened occasionally to help reduce this stale air.

How do you install AC window unit?

Installing an air conditioner window unit is a relatively easy and straightforward job that requires basic tools and preparation. Begin by measuring the window to determine the right-sized A/C unit then check the circuit load to ensure that it is not overloaded. Next, install the AC unit in the window, making sure to add extra insulation and rain protection around the window beyond the A/C’s curtains.

What is the best window AC?

The best window AC is the Friedrich Chill Premier 8,000 BTU. This powerful and easy-to-install unit offers quick cooling and can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. It’s exclusively sold by a brand dedicated to cooling solutions and weighs in at 51 pounds.

Does an AC need to be through the window?

No, an AC unit does not need to be vented through a window. Portable ACs can be vented in four additional ways: through a sliding door, drop ceiling, wall or window kit. These alternatives make it possible to vent the collected heat without having to place the unit in a window.

Final Thoughts

The vent on a window air conditioner is the most important feature to consider when selecting a unit for your home. It provides outdoor air circulation to keep the air clean and breathable in your home. Installation of the vent should be done carefully and properly to maximize the efficiency of the cooling unit. By taking into account the factors outlined in this guide, you can find the best window AC with a vent for your home so you can enjoy a comfortable environment throughout the year.